Joseph Lau Jin Hua LinkedIn: Charged For Singapore Chopper Attack

Joseph Lau Jin Hua LinkedIn account is being searched for details following his arrest in the chopper attack case.

In a shocking incident that unfolded on February 3, 20-year-old Joseph Lau Jin Hua allegedly attacked seven individuals with a chopper and a knife in the Commonwealth area.

The victims, identified as two men aged 40 and 76, a six-year-old girl, a 20-year-old man, a 21-year-old man, a 54-year-old man, and a 45-year-old woman, suffered varying degrees of injuries.

Moreover, the sequence of events began with Lau reportedly attacking the 45-year-old woman near Margaret Drive Hawker Centre, who did not immediately report the incident to the police.

While the motives behind Lau’s attack remain unknown, he faces several charges for attacking the public using dangerous weapons.

Furthermore, law enforcement authorities successfully arrested Lau around 7:20 pm at 1 Dundee Road, approximately 400 meters from the place of the attacks.

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Joseph Lau Jin Hua LinkedIn: Is He Active On Linked?

Following the recent distressing incident involving Joseph Lau Jin Hua, individuals and concerned citizens have turned to various platforms to gather more information about him.

LinkedIn provides insights into an individual’s professional experience, education, and employment history and is a popular platform providing professional details.

However, Joseph Lau Jin Hua appears not present on LinkedIn.

Despite the surge in online searches following the incident, there is no trace of a LinkedIn account under his name.

This absence has left those seeking more details about the alleged attacker’s professional life without any information.

Joseph Lau Jin Hua LinkedIn
Joseph Lau Jin Hua is not present on LinkedIn. (Source: CNA)

Due to the seriousness of the incident, some individuals turned to LinkedIn to find the attacker’s details and motives behind such activities.

However, the absence of a LinkedIn profile for Joseph Lau Jin Hua underscores the limited access to information about his professional life and connections.

Furthermore, it raises questions about whether he had a digital professional presence and what insights could be gained from such a platform.

As investigations into the motives behind the attacks continue, the lack of a LinkedIn profile for Joseph Lau Jin Hua adds another mystery to the unfolding events.

The focus now remains on law enforcement and authorities as they delve into the incident and work to find out more information about the attacker.

Joseph Lau Jin Hua Faces Several Charges

Joseph Lau Jin Hua, the 20-year-old suspected attacker who attacked seven people in the Commonwealth area, is now facing significant charges about that incident.

On February 5, he was charged with voluntarily causing bodily harm with a dangerous weapon.

According to court documents, Lau is accused of slashing Thurairaj Dharshana Kumar’s left forearm with a chopper on February 3 in the lift lobby of Block 31 Margaret Drive, resulting in severe cuts.

The charges came after Lau was held down by five brave members of the public, who used plastic chairs and poles to prevent more harm before the police arrived.

Joseph Lau Jin Hua LinkedIn
Three public were awarded for their efforts in detaining the attacker. (Source: Stomp)

Moreover, on February 4, three people, Mok Kwong Heng, 61, Mr. Gangatharan Saravanan, 28, and Mr. Emmanuel Ee, 21, were given the Public Spiritedness Award for their quick and courageous efforts.

To give authorities more time to gather evidence and look into the motivation behind the alleged attacks, Lau’s case has been postponed until February 19.

Intentionally causing harm with deadly weapons is a serious offense with severe consequences.

Nonetheless, convicted individuals may face up to seven years in prison, fines, and caning.

The charges highlight the seriousness of Lau’s actions and the potential legal consequences he may face as the case unfolds.

Till then, the community eagerly awaits Joseph’s following court hearings and prays for the victims.

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