Joseph Schooling Weight Gain: Before And After Photos

There are ongoing rumors about Joseph Schooling weight gain. To uncover the veracity of these claims, let’s delve into the news and investigate the reality behind the reports concerning it.

Joseph Isaac Schooling, hailing from Singapore, has made a name for himself as a proficient professional swimmer.

He showcased his remarkable skills in various disciplines, including butterfly, freestyle, and medley events.

One of the pinnacle moments of his career unfolded at the 2016 Olympics, where he clinched the gold medal in the intensely competitive 100m butterfly category.

This historic victory etched his name as the first Olympic gold medal recipient in Singapore’s annals.

Notably, his astonishing record-breaking 50.39 seconds left an indelible mark on the national level and shattered records at the Southeast Asian, Asian, and Olympic tiers.

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Joseph Schooling Weight Gain: Has He Put On Extra Pounds?

Amidst the demanding realm of athletics, the toll it takes on athletes’ well-being and outward appearance can be profound.

Joseph Schooling’s weight gain news caught the spotlight during the SEA Games 2019.

Observant reporters couldn’t help but compare his current appearance and his days of triumph at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Joseph Schooling weight gain
Joseph Schooling gained substantial weight compared to his 2016 Rio Olympics days. (Source:

Their curiosity drove them to approach Gary Tan, the esteemed head coach of Singapore’s national training center, seeking insights into Schooling’s visibly transformed appearance.

In light of the probing questions from the media regarding Schooling’s situation, Tan candidly stated that the swimmer was gearing up for substantial alterations.

At 24 years old, Schooling was committed to embarking on a journey of significant transformation, aiming to attain a more streamlined and physically fit stature.

Tan stressed that they had enough time to help Schooling achieve his desired condition before the upcoming Olympics next year.

The Straits Times confirmed Tan’s words, highlighting their determination to get Schooling in his best physical shape.

In the wake of the media’s coverage, a surge of reactions flooded in from the public, each echoing their perspectives on Schooling’s evolving appearance.

A common sentiment revolved around the term “chonky,” illustrating the visible changes that had caught their attention.

Curiously, amidst the chatter and commentary, Joseph Schooling himself chose to remain silent on the matter.

He opted not to address the discourse surrounding his altered physical presence.

This silence added another layer of intrigue to the ongoing conversation.

Post-Olympic Gold Medal: Joseph Schooling Earnings

The Singaporean government awarded Joseph Schooling a substantial sum of S$1 million following his Olympic victory.

However, a portion of this prize was directed toward the Singapore Swimming Association.

This significant cash award is believed to rank among the most sizable Olympic cash prizes ever bestowed upon an athlete by a nation.

Joseph Schooling Earnings
Joseph Schooling received great fortune following his Olympic win. (Source: Instagram)

This situation stirred up a contentious matter with the NCAA.

Notably, this issue arose due to the NCAA’s rigorous regulations regarding cash incentives for its athletes.

This policy discrepancy underscored the situation’s complexity and garnered attention in sports circles.

Adding to the celebratory atmosphere, a lavish parade was organized in Singapore in honor of Schooling shortly after his remarkable medal-winning achievement.

The parade served as a homecoming for the accomplished athlete.

Beyond his accomplishments in the pool, Joseph’s financial success extended into ventures outside the competitive area.

In an interview, he elaborated on his multi-faceted earnings.

Notably, he secured lucrative sponsorship deals with prominent entities such as Toyota, Hugo Boss, Tag Heuer, and DBS Bank, collectively amounting to a seven-figure sum.

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