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Who is Josie Totah?

Josie Totah is a 22 years old actress who was famously known as J.J. Totah. After coming out as a transgender person, Josie lives a free life surrounded by people who love and support her.

Like many child actors, Josie too started her career with Disney. She is highly praised for her acting in Disney’s show called Jessie. She has also starred in ‘2Broke Girls’, Glee,’ ‘Spiderman-Homecoming,’ ‘New Girls’, etc.

Josie Totah was also featured in a Moxie film written by actress and comedian Amy Pohler. The movie was released on Netflix in 2021. She is a talented actress and is currently studying at Chapman University. 

Josie Totah
Josie Totah Biography

quick facts

Full NameJosie Totah
Formerly known asJ. J. Totah, Joseph Jay Totah
BirthdayAugust 5, 2001
Age22 years old
Sun SignLeo
TraitsPositive: Active, inventive, and passionate
Negative: Egotistical, dominating, and stubborn
BirthplaceSacramento, California, U.S.A
Currently ResidingSacramento, California, U.S.A
NationalityPalestinian Americans, Lebanese Americans
EducationBachelors running- Dodge College, Chapman University
ParentsSuheil Totah (Father)
Christine Totah (Mother)
SiblingsAlex Totah (Brother)
Camille Totah (Sister)
Marital StatusSingle
Net WorthUSD 400,000
Social MediaInstagram

Interesting Facts

  • Josie Totah is also known as J.J. Totah. J.J. stood for Joseph Jay. She used this name while acting for her roles in Glee and Jessie.
  • Josie was often called a gay boy as a kid, which she disagreed with. People and reporters would ask her about her feeling about being a young gay boy. She even felt the pressure to be one. To be someone who she knows she isn’t meant to be.
  • After watching a Docuseries on TLC, Josie later realized that she was actually a transgender woman. The name of the show was I Am Jazz.
  • Her mother, Christine Totah, was very supportive of her child. She helped her daughter to be herself. She went to all the doctors, made an appointment, and took Josie for her treatments.
  • As a kid, Josie realized that she didn’t really fit in. She found out that her behavior and likes were not everyday things for a boy. This is something huge for a kid to deal with.
  • Josie knew she was different and not really a typical boy. She loves dresses and flowers, and she would always act like a girl because that is what she believed she was.
  • Before revealing her true gender, she was very nervous about it. It was a big thing, especially as a public person. She was worried about how the fans would react to this. But fortunately, they all loved and accepted her. They were very proud of her and praised her bravery.
  • She helps out with fighting for LGBTQ+ rights. As she is now a community member, she is always taking leads and doing work to make this community heard and better.

Josie Totah Early life and Childhood

J.J. Totah was born on August 5, 2001, in Sacramento, California. She is the daughter of Suheil Totah and Christine Totah. Moreover, she has two siblings named Camille and Alex.

Moreover, Josie was born as what society calls different. Josie wasn’t a she when born; she was a he. And due to this fact, she always felt like she wasn’t herself.

Ever since she could speak, she spoke about wearing dresses and playing with the girls. But as a young boy, it wasn’t considered normal. So many people assumed her to be a gay boy. 

But Josie knew what she was; she knew she was a transgender woman, which is normal too. After seeing a documentary called I am Jazz on TLC, the confused Josie finally found her identity. An identity that she felt defined her properly.

So she told her mother that she was transgender. As a very supportive mother, she did everything to make sure Josie lived her life as she was meant to be.

And due to her bravery and immense support from her parents, J.J. Totah finally became Josie Totah. She came out as a transgender woman in August 2018. The fans were shocked but were very supportive of her too. As a public figure, she inspired many young LQBTQ+ to be brave and together.


Suheil Totah (Father)

Suheil Totah is a father of three great children. He is of Palestinian descent. In total, he has two daughters and only one son. The family lives together in their home in Sacramento, California.

Josie Totah Parents
Josie Totah Parents

Christine Totah (Mother)

Christine Totah is the mother of J.J. Besides Josie, she has two more kids with her husband. Christine is one-quarter Irish, one-half Lebanese, and one-quarter Italian ancestry.

She is a very loving and supporting parent. And Josie is one of the lucky people to have her as a mother in her life. Josie has always spoken positively about her mother, and you can say that the bond that these two share is exceptional.


Camille Totah (Sister)

Camille is the oldest of the three. The information about Camille is also kept private. But there are some pictures on the internet where you can see Camille with Josie and Alex. 

Alex Totah (Brother)

Alex Totah is the only brother that Josie has. They all grew up together and thus share a great bond. However, as Josie values her privacy and her brother’s, there isn’t much public information.

Josie Totah with her siblings
Josie Totah with her siblings

Josie Totah Romantic Affair and Relationship

As of now, all the related affairs of Josie are unknown. But, of course, as a beautiful young girl, she must have someone in her life. But even so, she doesn’t feel the necessity to keep the public known in her private matters.

Josie Totah career

Josie joined show business ever since her childhood days. In 2013, she was finally cast as Jessie, a Disney show. Her acting was loved by many people, and soon she started to be recognized.

Later she appeared on many hit shows like ‘New Girl, ‘2 Broke Girls’, ‘Sophia the First, ‘Liv and Maddy,’ ‘Glee,’ etc. Her performance in Jessie was so impressive that she won the ‘2014 Young Artist Nomination for Best Performance in a TV Series.

Throughout the years, Josie was cast into many series and movies. Like in 2017, Netflix launched her in one of their movies called Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie. She is also seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming, released in 2017. 

In 2015, she played the role of Michael Patel in ‘Champions.’ The character was created by actress and comedian Mindy Kaling and Charlie Grandy. Even though the show didn’t really pick up, many people still praised her acting.


2016Time ToysBoomer
2016Other PeopleJustin
2017Spider-Man: HomecomingSeymour O’Reilly
2020Magic CampJudd

Television Series:

2012Kroll ShowBirthday Party Kid
2013–2015JessieStuart Wooten
2013–2014Back in the GameMichael Lovette
2014Nina Needs to Go!Frank
2014The ExesCooper
2014Sofia the FirstPrince Jin
2014New GirlTodd
20142 Broke GirlsElliot
2015GleeMyron Muskovitz
2016Tween FestStop the Preston
2016–2017Liv and Maddie: Cali StyleSkeeter Parham
2018ChampionsMichael Patel
2019The Other TwoElijah
2019No Good NickLisa Haddad
2020Saved by the BellLexi
2020Big MouthNatalie (voice)

Josie Totah net worth

As an actress that started young, Josie has earned a bit of net worth all by herself. Currently, her net worth stands at USD 400,000.

Social Media

Josie is very active on her social media account. The 22 years old actress posts about herself, her friends, and traveling. She also talks about the LGBTQ+ right publicly and shares some of her experiences as well.

Josie Totah Photo

The actress has over 868k followers on her Instagram (josietotah) and almost 25k followers on her Twitter account.


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