Journalist Mavis Ackerley Illness And Health Update 2023: Is She Sick?

Many people are eager to get an update on Mavis Ackerley illness. The journalist is widely known as the ‘Dirty Rotten Scammer’ presenter.

Mavis is a well-known face on BBC programs, famous for being on “Watchdog.”

The journalist is a versatile reporter with a vivid professional background. 

The fans frequently ask the life coach, stylist, and TV presenter on BBC Morning Live, “Ask Mavis,” about her health.

 Continue reading as we shed light on Ackerly’s health.

Mavis Ackerley Illness 

The audience on BBC One is raising speculation surrounding the well-being of journalist Mitchelle Ackerley.

However, these rumors are untrue. Journalist Mavis Ackerley is completely fit and fine. 

She has never been linked to any noteworthy disease.

Mavis Ackerley Illness
Mavis Ackerley is one of the most health-conscious journalists. (Source: Instagram)

As per the information on the internet, Mavis has never been diagnosed with any life-threatening illness.

The reporter has kept a low profile, and information on her health has not been publicly recognized.

Apart from that, Mavis has been actively involved in various projects, sharing her expertise and inspiring others to lead a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Nonetheless, Mavis Ackerley has experienced the unfortunate loss of her husband due to chronic disease.

Continue reading as we unfold the story behind her husband’s death from cancer.

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Mavis Ackerley Health Update 2023

Being a life coach and personal trainer, Mavis clearly prioritizes her health and is completely fine.

The reporter maintains a balanced lifestyle while making plans for the future. 

Moreover, the reporter has started a joint business with her daughter Mitchelle.

Mitchelle, similar to her mother, is a well-known English television presenter and journalist.

Together they have produced the captivating program “Dirty Rotten Scammers.” 

Due to their individual experiences with hacking and information leaks, this series is a success.

Running on BBC One, it examines the worrying growth of online crime and cyber fraud.

Mavis Ackerley Illness
Mavis Ackerley posing after her daily morning walk routine. (Source: Instagram)

Mavis Ackerley aggressively investigates the world of hacking and cybercrime, using her platform to spread awareness.

Moreover, to prevent others from being victims of fraud, the documentary series asks viewers of all ages to share their interactions. 

Mavis Ackerley is 65 years old yet exudes strength and frequently confuses people with her youthful appearance.

Mavis Ackerley Husband Illness

Before his death, Marcus Ackerley, the devoted husband of Mavis Ackerley and the father of Michelle, fought valiantly against lung cancer.

After diagnosis, Marcus, his wife Mavis, and their kids met the terrible truth of the situation. 

They readied themselves for the arduous journey ahead with grit and resiliency.

However, Marcus responded better than anticipated to their course of treatment, which included chemotherapy and steroids.

He was diagnosed in the summer of 2017, and his health progressively worsened over time. 

The family’s early excitement and expectations for Marcus’ recovery were unfounded, and his disease soon progressed (to stage four).  

Mavis Ackerley Illness
In their early days, the Ackerley family had a lot of fun. (Source: Instagram)

His deteriorating condition became apparent during a family vacation in Majorca when the heartbreaking news was delivered.

Marcus sought medical assistance upon his return to the UK and was subsequently checked into Macclesfield Hospital.

Although Marcus showed signs of progress during treatment, his health began to deteriorate rapidly in the new year.

As the treatment got more complex, acute sickness and rapid weight loss resulted. 

He spent over a month at the hospice before he tragically passed away.

Ackerley was 62 years old at the time of his passing.

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