Juan Jumalon Death Livestream: Shooting Video Shocks Many

Juan Jumalon Death Livestream has shocked many people. In the Philippines, the radio anchor was shot and killed while doing a live broadcast.

Mr Juan Jumalon, 57, was shot in the head by a gunman while he was inside his home radio station on the southern island of Mindanao.

According to a police statement, the suspect entered the studio by feigning a wish to make an on-air announcement.

In addition, he made his getaway, and Mr Jumalon was declared deceased at a nearby hospital.

Mr. Jumalon is the fourth journalist slain since June 2022, when President Ferdinand Marcos assumed office.

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Juan Jumalon Death Livestream: Shot To Dead Video

man fatally shot a radio host inside his southern Philippine station on Sunday, in a daring act observed by people watching the program live on Facebook.

By posing as a listener, the gunman acquired access to the home-based radio station of provincial news announcer Juan Jumalon.

According to investigators, he then shot him again during a live morning broadcast in Calamba, Misamis Occidental province.

Juan Jumalon Death Livestream
Juan Jumalon’s death was observed by people as he was streaming on Facebook. (Source- Yahoo)

According to authorities, the attacker stole the victim’s gold jewelry before escaping on a motorbike with a companion who was waiting outside Jumalon’s residence.

An inquiry was underway to identify the shooter and determine whether the incident was work-related.

The Philippines has long been recognized as one of the most challenging places in the world for journalists.

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. publicly condemned the shooting and directed national police to find, arrest, and convict the perpetrators.

Juan Jumalon Wife: Was He married or not?

Yes, Juan Jumalon was married to his wife. After the news of the death of Jumalon spread on the internet, many were eager to know about his wife.

The specific information regarding his wife has yet to be made available. Juan Jumalon’s wife prefers to keep her life out of the media.

While he is a devoted family man, details about his wife, including her name, remain a secret.

The DJ’s wife rushed him to the hospital following the event, but physicians pronounced him dead upon arrival.

Mr Jumalon’s broadcasts are typically on the 94.7 Gold Mega Calamba FM Facebook page, which has approximately 2,400 followers. Police stated that they were unaware of any previous threats to his life.

The president stated on X that he has directed the police to conduct “a thorough investigation in order to bring the perpetrators to justice swiftly.”

According to the US-based Freedom House, the Philippines is one of the most dangerous places in the world for journalists.

Was Juan Jumalon attacker seen in Live Broadcast?

The attacker was not visible on the Facebook broadcast, but police said they were investigating whether security cameras installed in his home and at his neighbors’ homes captured anything.

A video of the attack shows Jumalon, 57, pausing and staring skyward at something away from the camera before firing two shots.

Juan Jumalon
Juan Jumalon’s attacker was not visible. (Source- ABS.CBN)

As background music played, he slumped back in his chair, bloodied. On the route to the hospital, the DJ was pronounced dead.

In a brazen execution-style attack in southern Maguindanao province in 2009, members of a solid political clan and their associates killed down 58 individuals, including 32 media workers.

While the attack was later attributed to a violent electoral competition endemic in many rural regions, it also highlighted the dangers that journalists face in the Philippines.

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