Julia Fox recently revealed that she ended her relationship with Kanye West at the “first sign of a red flag.”

Julia Fox reveals she left Kanye West at the 'first red flag'
Julia Fox reveals she left Kanye West at the ‘first red flag’

At the beginning of the year, Fox and Ye briefly dated after meeting at a New Year’s Eve party in 2021, and they had a short relationship.

However, Fox said in a recently deleted Instagram post that the couple broke up about a month later, in February.

During a new interview, Fox briefly explained why the two split up.

The 32-year-old model explained, “I was just going day by day and seeing where it went. [Then], it was just like, he still wants to hang out with me today, let’s do it.”

She added, “And then real life set in, and the lifestyle wasn’t sustainable. I couldn’t fly away once a week. And I tapped out at the first sign of a red flag.”

As Fox indicated, she would have stayed in the relationship longer if it had occurred before her son Valentino was born.

Valentino is the child she shares with her ex-husband Peter Artemiev. Nevertheless, she regarded Ye’s “unresolved issues” as a warning sign.

She said in an interview, “It just seems like he had a lot to work on, and I just don’t have time for it or energy. I don’t have the bandwidth or emotional capacity for it. [So] I am proud of myself for that.”

When Ye was dating Fox, he was in the process of a divorce from Kim Kardashian, his ex-wife.

While still dating Fox, he released a song with The Game in early January that referenced Pete Davidson, who had a romantic relationship linked to Kardashian at the time.

Around the time of Kanye’s separation from Fox, in late January and early February, he discussed their divorce and co-parenting.

Aside from that, he criticized the presence of his daughter, North West, on the TikTok platform.

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