Karima Jackson biography- Daughter of Ice Cube

Who is Karima Jackson?

Karima Jackson is one of the brightest kids of rapper and singer Ice Cube. Her father is among the established rappers in the world. 

However, Karima is not interested in walking in her father’s footsteps.

Surprisingly she has a whole plan for her future. However, there is no denying it would have been easier for her if Karima had pursued a career in Hollywood. But for some reason, Karima Jackson chose a different path. 

Among the five children of Cubes, today we will discuss his little darling Karima Jackson. First, let’s take a look at some quick facts:

Karima Jackson Biography
Karima Jackson Biography

quick facts

Full nameKarima Jackson
BirthdayFebruary 17, 1994
Age29 years old
BirthplaceThe U.S.A.
ReligionNot Known
Sun signAquarius
TraitsPositive: Loyal, intelligent, and visionary
Negative: Unpredictable, stubborn, and inconsistent
Father’s nameIce Cube
Mother’s nameKimberly Woodruff
SiblingsDarrell Jackson (brother)
O’Shea Jackson Jr (brother)
Shareef Jackson (brother)
Deja Jackson (sister)
Height5 feet 7 inches
Marital statusNot Married
ProfessionOwner of Organize Change Inc
Net worthUpdating Soon


Ice Cube with her daughter
Ice Cube with Karima Jackson

On February 17, 1994, Karima Jackson was born to Ice Cube and Kimberly Woodruff.

As per her birthday, she is an Aquarius. People with this sign seek freedom and follow her passion. She is calm, friendly, and has a different perspective. In contrast, they are unpredictable and stubborn.

Karima Jackson is 5 feet 7 inches. She has a dark complexion, short black hair, and black eyes. 

Karima has enrolled in Rutger’s University-New Brunswick.

Additionally, she received her bachelor’s degree in sociology. 

After that, she earned a master’s degree in child advocacy from Montclair State University. Her main objective in majoring in this subject was to concentrate on public child welfare.

In addition to this, Jackson also possesses a master’s degree in public administration from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Newark.

During her time there, she was a member of Pi Alpha Alpha. According to some resources, she is researching at the Rutgers School of Public Affairs and Administration, aka SPAA.

She aspires to be a philanthropist.


Parents- Ice Cube and Kimberly Woodruff
Karima Jackson Parents

Besides rap, Ice is famous for his hilarious and weird love story. According to him, it was his love with beautiful Kimberly Woodruff at first sight.

Her first sight made him believe she was his woman. However, Woodruff was in a relationship with another man, and their feelings weren’t mutual.

Half a year later, they met again, and this time they got to know each other better. Kimberly knew he was in love with her during their conversation.

Karima’s parents revealed that both of them met in college. Eventually, they began dating.

Ice proposed to her with the most romantic proposal ever. Ice Cube hid a lavish ring in the seat of the BMW 5 series he had planned on buying for her.

Ultimately, this lovey-dovey couple walked down the aisle in 1992. Since then, the couple has never looked back.

Surprisingly they have spent 29 years of their life together. Yet, despite that, their relationship is stronger than ever. Ice once stated that Kimberly still gives him butterflies whenever he sees her.

Kimberly Woodruff (mother)

Karima’s mother is a businesswoman who was born in September 1970. This year she has turned 52 years old and is more beautiful than ever.

As a result, Kimberly falls under the sun sign of Virgo. She spent most of her life in her hometown California, United States of America.

Growing up there, she worked a lot in her parent’s clothing store in Los Angeles. She had pursued her education at Phoenix Institute of Technology.

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Ice Cube (father)

Ice Cube photo
Karima Jackson’s father, Ice Cube

Karima Jackson was born to father O’Shea Jackson Sr., profoundly known as Ice Cube. He was born on June 15, 1969, and he will be 53 years old.

He has established himself as an actor and American rapper and is now a filmmaker. Ice Cube is critically acclaimed for making political rap albums such as Death certificate, The Predator, AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted, Lethal injection, War & Peace, and Laugh Now Cry Later.

This talented rapper had been to George Washinton Preparatory High School, Wiliam Howard Taft High School, and Phoenix Institute of Technology. In addition, he owns a diploma in architecture.

Ice Cube’s older half-sister Beverly Jean Brown was killed in a gun violence-related incident at 22. The most distinct feature of Cube is four dotted marks near his right eye, raised eyebrow, and a fine beard.

In 2016, he received a Rock and Roll Hall of fame, being a member of N.W.A. In 1999, Ice Cube became part of the war comedy Three Kings and rose to prominence from his work on Ride Along, 21 Jump Street, and 22 Jump Street.

In 2015, Ice’s biopic, “Straight Outta Compton, ” featured his son. He is also the one responsible for promoting the upcoming rapper Yo-Yo.

Karima Jackson family
Karima Jackson family


Darrell Jackson (brother)

The eldest son of Ice was born in the year 1986 in December. They were to even married during that time.

Unlike other siblings, Darrell is not that active in the entertainment business. Karima’s brother did, however, briefly work as a rapper under the name Doughboy.

It is also the nickname of the character of Ice’s role in his first movie, Boyz in the Hood.

O’Shea Jackson Jr (brother)

Karima Jackson brother, O'Shea Jackson Jr
Karima Jackson’s brother, O’Shea Jackson Jr

O’Shea is one of the most famous of all the siblings. He was born on February 24, 1991.

He has established himself as an actor and rapper in the entertainment industry. However, O’Shea is often known as O.M.G. and became popular in the 2015 biopic Straight Outta Compton.

He went to William Howard Taft High School in Woodland Hills and graduated in 2009. O’Shea also studied screenwriting at the University of Southern California. He is famous for his roles n movie such as Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Ingrid Goes West, Den of Thieves, Long Shot, Just Mercy, and more.

Additionally, he has featured on the cubes’ album I am the West and brother Derrell under O.M.G. He debuted in the mixtape Jackin’ for Beats.

In 2015, O’Shea was featured in Pia Mia’s music video Touch ad and twenty88’s song “Out of Love.”

Shareef Jackson (brother)

This guy was born in June 2000. Comparatively, Shareef is not that available in the media. As a result, Shareef tends to stay away from the spotlight.

Deja Jackson (sister)

There has been some speculation that Karima Jackson has a twin sister. But it appears that the news is false. However, she indeed has another sister Deja Jackson. According to sources, Kimberly had another daughter born on the same day as Deja Jackson.

Contrastly, Karima is a few minutes older than Deja, and they are twin sisters. However, Cubes and Woodruff have not confirmed Karima and Deja are twins.


Horatio Joines (boyfriend)

Karima Jackson found the love of her life when she was working at Organize change Inc. She is the founding owner and met handsome Horatio there.

Their interest in providing a better future for the people worldwide brought them together. As a result, in 2016, they became headlines in the digital portal.

Karima was working to Clean up Woodland Cemetery, but she was involved in some dilemma with the cemetery board. It appeared that the board did not support her financially for her work.

Moving on, one member of the board, Warren Vincentz, misbehaved with her. Therefore she called the police along with her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend was willing to take a picture of Warren’s car number plate. While doing so, Vincent got furious, and some disputes surfaced between them.

Things got out of hand when Horatio punched Warren in the face. So the cop arrived, and Karima filed a complaint against him and claimed he was a bit violent.

Additionally, Karima Jackson did not hesitate to mention the mismanagement of funds and frauds of the cemetery board.

The net worth of Karima Jackson

Ice Cube daughter, karima Jackson
Ice Cube’s daughter, Karima Jackson

Karima Jackson is active as a child advocate. Hence, unlike her father or brother, she does not make a hefty amount of money. Instead, Karima makes handsome money from her work. However, she uses the money to help people in need.

In addition to this, there are no accurate details about Karima Jackson’s net worth in 2021. However, her father, Ice, is a luxurious man living the American dream.

Speaking of which, in 2021, Ice accumulated a total net worth of USD 160 million. This is all thanks to his work as a rapper and actor.

On May 16, Karima’s father spent about USD 7.25 million to buy a house in Marina Del Rey, California, from Jean Claude Van Damme. As per sources, Jean purchased the same house in 2012 for USD 6 million.

Karima Jackson’s parents also own a giant mansion they bought for USD 2.36 million in June 1996 in Encino, California. This seven-bedroom mansion extends to 1.11 acres and consists of a spa, pool, and basketball court.

Social Media

Karima Jackson Instagram

Karima Jackson is less active on social media platforms than Ice Cubes. So, for the time being, she is okay with having only 146 followers on her official Instagram account @Karimajackson.

Karima Jackson Now

As soon as this 29 girl received her bachelor’s degree, Karima Jackson worked as an assistant program director at St John’s Community Services. SJCS is one of the olden non-profit organizations in Washington, D.C.

She started working as a family service specialist II for the State of New Jersey. During that, she had already worked in community service. After that, Karima was promoted to family service specialist I and promoted again to family service supervisor. Finally, in 2014, she established a charity organization named Organize Change Inc.

Eventually, Karima Jackson became an executive director. In 2021, she was pursuing a Ph.D. at Rutgers university SPAA.


Are Deja and Karima Jackson twins?

No, Deja and Karima are not twins. However, they were born on the same day.

Where does Karima Jackson live?

It is still dark where Karima lives. But, despite all this, we are sure that she is not living with her father, Ice. Karima Jackson is a grown, independent lady figuring out her life.

How old is Karima Jackson?

Karima Jackson was born on February 17, 1994, and in 2021 she is just 29 years old.

Who is Ice Cube’s daughter?

At the time of writing, Ice cube has two daughters. They are Karima Jackson and Deja Jackson.

Does Karima have a boyfriend or a husband?

Yes, Karima Jackson is in a relationship with Horatio. But, until now, they have not walked down the aisle.

But looking at their pace, we are sure that it is just a matter of time before they decide to get married. So let’s hope for the best.

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