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Karli Harvey – Bio, Net Worth & Family [UPDATED]

Who is Karli Harvey?

Karli Harvey is a hairstylist, an entrepreneur, and a Public speaker. She has hosted talk shows with her twin sister Brandi Harvey, which focused on improving young women’s mental and physical health.

She is a beloved personality when it comes to media appearances and fashion. Let’s learn a bit more about her personal life.

Karli Harvey Biography
Karli Harvey Biography

Quick facts of Karli Harvey

Full nameKarli Harvey Raymond
Date of birthAugust 20, 1982
Age19 years old
Sun SignLeo
Lucky number1, 4, and 9
Lucky colorOrange and Red
Best matching signAquarius or Sagittarius
ParentsSteve Harvey (father)
Marcia Harvey (mother)
GrandparentsJesse Harvey (grandfather)
Eloise Vera (grandmother)
Marital statusMarried
SpouseBenjamin Raymond
ChildrenBenjamin Raymond Jr. (son)
Hobby Listening to music and visiting places, a bit of collecting fashionable items
Eye colorBlack
Hair colorBlack
Favorite actorSteve Harvey
Height5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
Weight68 kgs (149 lbs)
Body measurement 34-24-35
Net worth$20 million

Karli Harvey birthday and personality

Karli Harvey was born on August 20, 1982. As of 2021, she is 39 years old.

Since she was born on August 20, her sunsign is Leo. As bold personalities Leo is, Karli must love herself and celebrate living every single day. She is the ultimate femme fatale style lady who loves her twin sister’s company and enjoys a settled life.

It is said that Leo (as in Lion sign) are true leaders and passionate lovers, a little non-confronting, introverted in nature, however loyal and commanding. They make mistakes and learn from them; they are the ones who believe in taking risks and fighting for their freedom and dignity.

Be it her red carpet look –silk golden single strap mermaid gown or a crunch folder jeans with pencil heels and orange flared overcoat, Karli looks perfect everywhere. Her maternity pictures are a big hit, and so are her wedding pics on the internet.

Karli fits more into dark hue colors. She chooses deep-cut neck jumpsuits, cool tropical and floater hats, and a short hairstyle in her attire lately.

Karli Harvey parents

Karli Harvey is a creative director at Steve Harvey Products Radio Network in Atlanta, Georgia. She is of a beautiful Afro-American origin, born to Steve Harvey and Marcia Harvey after they tied a nuptial bond in 1980.

Steve Harvey (Karli Harvey father)

Broderick Stephen Harvey (commonly known as Steve Harvey) is a famous comedian, host, presenter, broadcaster, and author. He started his career by hosting Showtime at the Apollo in the early 1980s and The Steve Harvey show on The WB.

Karli’s grandparents were originally from Welch of West Virginia. Jesse Harvey and Eloise Vera were coal miners. They both were Broderick Crawford fans, the star cast of a television series called “Highway Patrol,” so much that they named their kid after him.

Karli Harvey with her husband, Ben Raymond and father, Steve Harvey
Karli Harvey with her husband, Ben Raymond and father, Steve Harvey

The family moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where Steve started his struggle as an artist. After he got well established, his place was renamed Steve Harvey Way. Steve graduated in 1974 from Glenville High School and then went to Kent State University and West Virginia University.

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As a dad, Steve has shown great inspiration to Karley as he is a man of his own. He worked hard, multiple jobs before he got his first shot at a stand-up comedy show at the Hilarities Comedy Club of Cleveland, Ohio.

Karley sure was lucky to be born as a celebrity kid, thanks to her father’s hard work. He once was so broke and homeless that he had to sleep in his Ford for three years before his career was finally recognized and appraised outside of the African-American community.

Marcia Harvey (Karli’s mother)

Marcia Harvey was born on January 24th, 1955, in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. She belongs to the African ethnicity and has a tall and robust body with features that make Marcia look appealing.

Marcia has a Bachelor’s in Science degree in Chemistry and has worked in streams like Clinical Research, Quality Assurance, and Forensic Science. 

Marcia is renowned as the American stand-up comedian, Steve Harvey’s first wife. She was also Steve Harvey’s first love. The couple got married in 1980.

Marcia filed for divorce after Steve was involved in extramarital affairs. He had also left his stable job to pursue a career as a comedian.

After the divorce, Marcia took custody of her kids- Karli, Brandi, and Broderick Jr.

After divorcing Steve Harvey, Marcia found love again and married a man named Larry Greene. Both of them happily live in Cleveland Heights in Ohio, USA.

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Karli Harvey siblings

Brandi Harvey

Karli was not born alone in this world; she had her twin sister Brandi Harvey beside her since their birth. It’s quite funny how some media state Karli as the older one, whereas the other says it was Brandi. In an interview, the sisters had confirmed Karli is the small one among the two.

Karli and Brandi Harvey
Brandi and Karli Harvey

They welcomed their brother Broderick Harvey Jr on April 29, 1991. Soon after his birth, their parents separated. It must have been hard for 12 years old to go through their parent’s divorce, but together, the three kids made it to the end well. The two sisters have been together in each other’s highs and lows since then.

Broderick Harvey Jr

Broderick Harvey Jr. is a creative guy living in Los Angeles, California, with his father. He runs a site called need money, not friends, where clothes and accessories are available to buy. He is seen together with his father for work and is also involved in the Harvey Charity Foundation.

Karli Harvey other siblings

After his divorce to Marcia, Steve married Mary Lee Harvey and had a son in 1997 named Wynton Harvey. This marriage also failed, and Steve married for the third time to gorgeous Marjorie Harvey in 2007.

Marjorie had three children Lori, Morgan, and Jason, whom Steve raises as his own. Hence Karli has four half-siblings.

Karli Harvey husband

Karli met the love of her life, Benjamin Raymond, in mid-June of 2012. It is said to be love at first sight; however, the Harvey sisters are kind of a secret to the media to date as introverted. The couple fell in love and got engaged in 2014. They got married a year later.

Benjamin (Known as Ben) is an author, entrepreneur, and life coach by profession. He is the proud owner of an insurance company and has made his appearances in Steve Harvey’s talk show. He is a state-level basketball player and owner of two degrees.

Ben spent his childhood as a fatherless son, so he has founded a no-profit organization for children who have a single mother as a parent.

Karli Raymond with her husband Ben Raymond and her son
Karli Raymond with her husband Ben Raymond and her son

The fall of 2015 brought her sweetness of marital vows, which they exchanged in front of their friends and family. Karli got married in September.

The marriage ceremony was a telecast of Steve Harvey’s daily talk show. The long white ball gown embroidered at the net ends looked stunning on Karli when Raymond looked fancy in a black tuxedo.

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Benjamin and Karli Raymond kids

Karli and Ben gave birth to their first child on June 16, 2016 –a son called Benjamin Troy Raymond. Their married life is running fantastic, and the couple is frequently appearing in the media as they took part in the Black love Summit documentary series in July 2019.

Karli Harvey and Steve Harvey –her road to fame

The only part with showbiz, fame, and highlight in these twins’ lives is their father. These days Karli has appeared in her father’s talk show, and so has her sister. They seem to be in peace and good relations with their father, but things were not the same in the past.

Steve had abandoned his daughters, too, when he left their mother. It seems like he had to take a fair chance in his career, which is why he left his family unattended. It must have been hard to reconcile with a father who showed his back on them.

Karli and her sister, however, did not break to give in. They had each other’s back and grew up fine. They even reconciled with their father, years later and Steve even walked his daughter Karli down the aisle. It was a surreal moment in their lives. Their quote is famous as:

“Dad, we didn’t understand why you left us, but we know now you had to go. You didn’t just belong to us. You belonged to the world.”

Controversies involving Karli Harvey

Though her father is almost on the top of controversial news, Karli has barely made any of the controversies. All her fame originates from the work of her father, showbiz, and fan following. She is a fashionista herself and has positive notoriety.

Karli Harvey net worth

Karli Harvey has a net worth of approximately 20 million USD.

Social media

Karli Harvey Instagram

Her LinkedIn account also states about her work experience. Karli is famous as the daughter of talk show host Steve. She has more than 190k followers on her Instagram account. She is also active on Facebook and Twitter.

We all wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

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