Katherine Cunningham- The Yellowstone Actress Life Story

Who is Katherine Cunningham?

Katherine Cunningham is an American theatre actress. She was born in 1986 in the United States. She was raised in the Midwest and grew up in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

Later on, Katherine Cunningham became a well-known actress and producer. She has become one of the most popular actresses on television.

Katherine Cunningham is mainly known for her roles in series like ‘Yellowstone,’ ‘Condor’ and ‘Mind Games.’ She is famous as Christina, a role she played in a Yellowstone series.

Katherine Cunningham Biography
Katherine Cunningham Biography

Quick Facts

Full nameKatherine Cunningham
BirthdayJanuary 1, 1986
Age37 years old
Sun signCapricorn
BirthplaceElk Grove Village, Illinois, USA
SiblingsJilliane Baumert
Jon Cunningham
Marital statusMarried
SpouseJoshua (Husband)
Children2 daughters
ProfessionTheatre Actress
Net WorthUSD 20 million

Katherine Cunningham Birthday

Katherine Cunningham was born on January 1, 1986. She spent her childhood in a village in the Midwest region. She grew up enjoying that village’s nature, forestry, and fresh air. 

Katherine Cunningham childhood photo
Katherine Cunningham childhood photo

As of 2023, Katherine is 37 years old. She is a Capricorn. As the sea goat symbolizes Capricorn, Capricorn people are well known for being ambitious, pragmatic, determined, and persistent. 


Katherine completed her schooling at James B. Conant High School and graduated in biology from Illinois State University. She started her acting career in the theatre right after her graduation. 

Physical Appearance

Her height is around 5 feet 7 inches, and her weight is about 54 kg. Her hair color is shiny brown, her eye color is black, and her skin tone is white. She has a killer figure, and her body measurements are perfect, and she is an attractive leggy actress with the perfect body type. 

With her natural beauty, well-sculpted body, and glamorous red-carpet appearance, Katherine is every inch the Hollywood stunner in her early 30s. It was hard to say that she was a child’s mother then.

Katherine, during Her First Pregnancy

Katherine loves enjoying the beauty of nature. She is much more excited to travel and explore the different vibes of different places. The most exciting thing was that she explored nature during her pregnancy phase.

The yellowstone actress hiking in Topanga, California
Katherine Cunningham hiking in Topanga, California

She was seven months pregnant when she was hiking at Sequoia National Park. She used to click the waterfall, flowers, paths, trees, or mountains during her trip to keep those memories fresh for decades. 

Katherine Cunningham Husband

As Katherine is very friendly, she met a guy named Joshua at the very young age of 20. Katherine met her husband at ISU Airport Lounge for the first time. After that, they soon began dating each other, strengthening their bond.

Katherine Cunningham with her husband
Katherine Cunningham with her husband, Joshua

They always treated each other like a best friend and supported in every step. Despite being young, they were so attached, and fortunately, their friendship turned into a marriage, and they happily tied the knot in 2017.

This couple maintained a healthy relationship and welcomed two daughters happily. She has shared her pregnancy journey and images of her daughters on her social media accounts. 

She always wanted her daughter to follow her passion. Therefore, she dreamed of filming her daughter and continuing her family’s path as Katherine had also followed her mother and siblings in a local theatrical production as an actress.

As a mother, she has held many responsibilities and fulfilled all the requirements of her children. She used to take her daughter hiking or any greenery environmental places and taught her about the importance of nature. 

Katherine Cunningham with her daughter, May
Katherine Cunningham with her daughter, May

Luckily her daughter was cast in the Yellowstone. She was so happy about the dreams she had always dreamt of. She mentioned her daughter as a gift that she will always treasure. 


Katherine had been interested in acting since childhood as her family was involved in theatre acting. From her childhood, she worked in several small local programs.

Right after graduation, she made a debut on a primetime television show, “Detroit 1-8-7,” which was a great hit then. In this television show, she had the small role of a police informer. Her role was just feeding information to the police about criminals. But despite the small part, fans loved her seeing dealing with cards and doing the things that she got as a role in the show.

Katherine Cunningham in Chicago Fire

As she is a theatre actress, she has played different roles in different movies. She played the role of Corrinne in Chicago fire season 1, where she was a friend of Leslie Shay.

Katherine Cunningham in Chicago Fire
Katherine Cunningham in Chicago Fire

This season consists of 3 episodes: Mon Amour, released on October 17, 2012, leaving the station on December 5, 2012, and It isn’t easy on December 12, 2012. 

Katherine Cunningham in Yellowstone 

Katherine played the role of Christina on the Paramount hit series Yellowstone. She played the character of Jamie Dutton’s former partner. During Jamie Dutton’s campaign for the Montana Attorney General’s seat, she was appointed as his campaign manager when he decided to run for the position.

Christina from Yellowstone 
Katherine Cunningham as Christina in Yellowstone 

Throughout the series, Christina was forced to liberal agendas; it’s a kind of policy that didn’t sit with folks in Montana. 

Katherine Cunningham in Condor

Condor was released on June 6, 2018. It is an American thriller TV series by James Grady, which is based on the novel, Six Days of the Condor. Katherine played the role of Kathy Hale in Condor. The intensity of the show made her more excited.

As the series portrayed a strong woman’s role, she felt proud for being in that show.  She is always enthusiastic about the role, which is opposite to her character. This show is based on the story of a lack of trust and lying behavior which is why she is centered on the theme. 

Kathy Hale from Condor
Katherine Cunningham as Kathy Hale in Condor

Katherine Cunningham has Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD)

Cunningham is dealing with Post-traumatic stress disorder, a kind of anxiety disorder caused by stressful, disturbing, frightening events. Someone with PSTD experiences frightening nightmares and flashbacks and may have feelings of guilt and problems sleeping.

But she is a woman who knows how to live with this disorder. She always tries to aware her fans and the public about PSTD. She is open about this disorder and wants the world to be honest about the issue. Her goal is to let the world know that this is something we can talk about, something we can learn about, and work on together, and she is doing this awareness every day.

Social media

Katherine Cunningham Instagram

Katherine Cunningham’s Instagram handle name is katherinemcunningham with 10.5k followers. She seems more active on social media, posting various pictures of her life.

Katherine Cunningham with her daughters
Katherine Cunningham with her daughters

From romantic dinners and a family vacation to glittering events, she displayed many pictures of her life events through her Instagram feeds.

Katherine Cunningham Facebook

Cunningham’s Facebook account handle name is Katherine Cunningham. She has 1.9k followers and 13 followers on her Facebook. . She has uploaded pictures of her family and about nature scenarios. Viewing her Facebook page, we can say that she is that one celebrity whose lifestyle is simple yet sophisticated.


Is Katherine Cunningham married?

Yes, the actress is happily married. She usually posts their pictures on Facebook and Instagram. The couple got married in 2017.

How old is Katherine Cunningham?

Born on January 1, 1986, Katherine Cunningham is 37 years old.

Who plays Christine in Yellowstone?

Katherine Cunningham played the role of Christine in Yellowstone.

Is Katherine active on social media?

Yes, Katherine is very active on social media. She often shared pictures of her family, friends, and places where she vacations.

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