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Who is Katy Kellner?

Katy Kellner is an entrepreneur and a fitness enthusiast. She is the ex-fiance of former American Football Player Shannon Sharpe.

Katy is a Greek name that means “pure.”

She moved on from her relationship with Shannon and is now in a romantic tie with Marlon Byrd. She also has earned a significant net worth from her entrepreneurship with her partner and has a child.

quick facts

NameKaty Kellner
Age42 years old
BirthdayApril 22, 1981
Place of birthSeneca, North Carolina, USA
Height5 feet 6 inch
ProfessionEducationist; Fitness Instructor
Relationship StatusMarried
Ex-partnersLuis Castillo

Marlon Byrd

Shannon Sharpe
Children1 son
EducationElmhurst College; Troy University
Social mediaInstagram

interesting facts

1. Katy Kellner was an educator

Katy was a local school teacher in Fulton Country Public School for ten years. She was an ordinary woman who took educator as a career. 

Katy started going to the gym to work out while she was still teaching. Later, she quit her teaching job to become a fitness enthusiast and an entrepreneur.

2. Katy Kellner cheated on Shannon Sharpe

Katy was first married to an NFL player, Shannon Sharpe. They were engaged in 2016 and were always seen together. 

However, Katy cheated on him with her gym’s joint-owner, Marlon Byrd. She was carrying his baby. After finding this out, Shannon left her.

3. Katy Kellner has married three times

After divorcing Shannon, Katy married Marlon, but they called it quits in no time. 

Later, she married her best friend, Luis Castillo, on July 11, 2021. 

4. Katy Kellner has a child

Katy has a son, Jaden Charles Byrd, who was born on December 7, 2018. She shares the child with Marlon Byrd. 

5. Katy Kellner is an instructor and a co-owner of a gym

Katy left her job as a teacher and became a co-owner of the Thousand Oaks Gym in California. She also became a spinning and cycling class instructor at Flywheel Sports.

6. Katy Kellner is a dog lover

Katy owns four dogs. She has two bullmastiffs named Titan and Tonka and two Pomeranians named Tazz and Tarzan.

Katy Kellner childhood and education

On April 22, 1981, She was born in Seneca, North Carolina, the USA, to Chuck Kellner and Judy Kellner. However, some sources say that she was born and brought up in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Her parents are natives of Seneca, North Carolina. 

She grew up with her brother, Jeff Kellner.

katy kellner with her husband Shannon Sharpe and son Jaden Charles Byrd

Katy has done her schooling at Elmhurst College. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2003.

Further, Katy enrolled at Troy University, where she graduated with a Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology in 2008.

height, and body measurements

Katy is 42 year old gym freak who is freakishly attractive.

She has light brown hair and a dark brown eye with a square facial structure, and her height is 5 feet 6 inches.

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husband and relationship history

Katy Kellner’s Relationship with Shannon Sharpe

Katy and Shannon Sharpe first met at a Thousand Oaks Gym in 2013.

The rumor says the two got engaged in 2016. After that, the couple would always travel together, be it events, parties, or any other gatherings

However, all love story doesn’t meet their happy endings; some end quickly, whereas some plummet to the ground. In a shocking revelation, Katy Kellner was carrying someone else’s baby, and naturally, Sharpe severed ties with his partner.

Shannon Sharpe

Katy’s first ex-husband, Shannon Sharpe, is an American football player and a sports pundit. He was also the co-host of Skip and Shannon.

Shannon was born on June 26, 1968, in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Katy Kellner and Marlon Byrd

Katy’s Instagram post on November 4, 2018, points to the fact that Marlon Byrd, the joint owner of the Thousand Oaks Gym, was responsible for her pregnancy and not Shanon Sharpe.

Marlon is Katy’s business partner at “The Thousand Oaks” gym, and Marlon is also a baseball player.

Katy and Marlon were happily married with a son. His name is Jaden Charles Byrd.

Jaden was born on December 7, 2018, at about 7:07 pm.

Sadly, the couple separated after some time.

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Katy Kellner boyfriend 2021

Katy found love again with Luis Castillo. Luis popped the question on January 10, 2021, and she posted a picture of her ring on her Instagram.

Katy and Luis married on July 11, 2021, at Little Brown Church In The Valley.

Her new husband, Luis, is a sheriff, and he is also a bike enthusiast.

Katy Kellner son

Katy has a son named Jaden Charles Byrd, with her second partner, Marlon Byrd. He was born on December 7, 2018.

He was 7 pounds 2 ounces at birth.

Katy Kellner pets

Katy Kellner with her bull mastiff

Katy Kellner is a dog lover. She has a total of 4 dogs, two bullmastiffs named Titan and Tonka, and two Pomeranians named Tazz and Tarzan.

Aside from being a pet lover, Katy is a diehard fan of singer Beyonce.

Katy Keller career

After completing her studies, she pursued a career as a local school teacher in Fulton Country Public School. She worked there for ten years.

Before being engaged to Shannon, Katy was an ordinary woman enjoying her life and career as an educationist.

Before she quit being an educator, Katy Kellner had already started visiting the gym to work on fitness. By the time she hung up her teaching boots, she was already pretty good at exercising and bodybuilding.

After she quit her teaching career, she became an entrepreneur and a fitness enthusiast. Most of the fame comes from her relationship with her ex-fiance, Shannon Sharpe, a former American Football Player.

She currently leads spinning and cycling classes in the California branch of the nationwide gym, Flywheel Sports located in Thousand Oaks. Kellner is also the Thousand Oaks Gym, California’s co-owner.

Katy Kellner

Additionally, her career as a fitness expert benefited her in the long term. Kellner now works as a regional director and is also a part-time instructor at Flywheel Sports.

Katy’s role doesn’t end there. At one point in time, one of the cycle bars employed her as a master instructor.

net worth

Katy Kellner worked as a teacher in Fulton County School, a job she engaged in for ten years before opening her own business,

As per the money.usnews.com website, a primary school teacher’s median annual salary is around USD 46k, with the best pay being at USD 75k. Further, after switching her career to bodybuilding, Kellner reportedly received considerably higher wages.

Katy should be earning even more if combined with her husband’s income. She has a decent net worth of an estimated USD 1 million.

Katy is the co-owner of Thousand Oaks Gym. She was the regional director and instructor at Flywheel Sports and worked as a senior master instructor at CycleBar.

Thousand Oaks Gym has various kinds of membership deals for its customers. It charges USD 1.50 a day for a Basic Membership and USD 2 for an All-Access Membership.

On average, the gym earns USD 547.5 per person annually.

social media


She is very busy on Instagram as @katy_kellner_castillo

She often shares workout videos, fitness tips, and snaps of her son and husband to her over 13.5k followers.

View this post on Instagram

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Katy’s Facebook account is private. There, she has posted photos of the gym where she worked out.


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