Kayla Quick- Girlfriend of Michael Strahan

Who is Kayla Quick?

People had never heard of Kayla Quick until she started dating former NFL star and co-host of Good Morning America Michael Strahan

She became the talk of the town after the media learned about Michael’s new romantic relationship and spotted them several times. Kayla Quick started dating him in 2015.

Before meeting Michael, Kayla had a rough life. The police arrested her for breaking into an elderly lady’s home when she was a teenager.

Let’s read about life Kayla Quick so far.

Kayla Quick biography
Kayla Quick biography

Quick Facts

Full nameKayla Lynn Quick
BirthdayOctober 17, 1989
Age33 years old
Sun SignLibra
TraitsPositive: Fun, joyful, and well-balanced
Negative: Vindictive and manipulative
BirthplacePort Charlotte, Florida, USA
Currently residingNew York, NY, USA
ParentsGerald Alan Quick,
Mary Kay Quick
GrandparentsNo information
SiblingKara Lee Quick
Marital statusIn a relationship
SpouseMichael Strahan (boyfriend)
EducationPort Charlotte (High School)
Net worthNo information
Social mediaNone
Height5 feet and 7 inches

Early life

Michael Strahan with his current girlfriend on a beach
Michael Strahan with his current girlfriend on a beach

Kayla Quick was born in Port Charlotte, Florida, on October 17, 1989, to Gerald Alan and Mary Kay Quick. Her full name is Kayla Lynn Quick.

Few know that she is a twin; however, her other twin died from strangulation as an infant from a baby bumper. Kayla Quick is 33 years old.

Kayla is a libra, and libra women are fun, joyful, and well-balanced; however, they are vindictive and manipulative.

Regarding her education, Michael Strahan’s girlfriend went to a local high school in Port Charlotte, where she completed her higher education.

Kayla’s father was in the army. He was a troublemaker with a poor criminal record, with 19 arrests, including aggravated assault with a weapon and drug possession.

Kayla’s childhood was impacted as well. She was rebellious from her childhood and was always getting into trouble. Sources suggest that she bullied people throughout her school life and was outright mean.

As a teenager, her aunt had gotten her a job at Macy’s, but they fired her for smoking pot at work. After that, she worked in a strip club named ‘The DollHouse’ in Tampa as a cocktail waitress when she was 18.

Cops have arrested Kayla Quick twice. Her first arrest was for disorderly conduct when she was 14. however, in 2005 she was arrested again for stealing her grandmother’s jewelry along with her then-boyfriend, Justin Hundley.

Despite going through a not-so-normal childhood, Kayla seems energetic, inspiring, and uplifting. She is rebellious, ambitious, and doesn’t mind working hard for the best things in life.

The gorgeous woman is 5 feet and 7 inches. Kayla Quick has dark hair, and her bright blue eyes are stunning.


Gerald Alan, the father of Kayla Quick, is originally from Missouri.

He has served in the army. Unfortunately, Gerald also had a poor criminal record, with 19 arrests for several crimes. Among his many felonies were aggravated assaults with a weapon and drug possession.

Kayla’s mother, Mary Kay Quick, had to endure hardships in life with the constant arrest of her family members. Mary was a girl scout leader. She is a cancer survivor and a powerful woman.

Kayla has another sister named Kara Lee, who lives in Florida. Kara has been arrested before for possessing illegal substances. She is now 31 years old, working as a model and chef in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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Relationships of Kayla Quick

Justin Hundley (ex-boyfriend)

Justin Hundley is the only boyfriend we know apart from Michael. We only know about him as the police arrested Kayla and Justin together.

Young, dumb, and with no one to help them, they were lost. Justin and Kayla’s relationship ended shortly after their arrest.

In 2015, she began a relationship that catapulted her into fame.

Michael Strahan (2015)

Michael Strahan
Michael Strahan, boyfriend of Kayla Quick

Kayla suddenly gains fame after dating Michael Strahan, an ex-professional football player. She was only 26, and Michael was 44 when they met.

They first met each other at a bar in Port Charlotte and have been dating since 2015.

People who knew Kayla’s history of crimes and felonies warned Michael not to be involved with her. Some even call Kayla a “criminal gal pal” of Michael Strahan. 

People have seen them together. However, it seems the two are taking things slowly at the moment. Michael has a history of serious relationships and even had a married life before meeting Kayla

Kayla quick and Michael Strahan meet up

He is the father of four and has been married twice. Both of his marriages ended up in divorce. According to his ex-wife Jean, Michael was physically abusive to her.

As far as Kayla is concerned, Michael Strahan stated that he was ‘in a serious relationship’ when asked about his current dating status on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live. 

Looking at Michael’s history, we can only hope that he and Kayla don’t end up the same as in his previous relationships. 

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We already discussed Kayla Quick’s struggles with the law in the past. She was first arrested for disorderly conduct when she was 14 years old. Then, for the felonies, she was taken into custody as a juvenile.

In 2005, when she was 18 years old, Kayla was arrested again. She stole jewelry worth USD 6000 from her 83 years old grandmother, Margaret Cox, who was recuperating from an illness.

She was informed of the robbery by her neighbors.

The neighbors told her that her 18-year-old granddaughter was breaking into her home and hanging out with her high school sweetheart Justin Hundley during the robbery.

Margaret immediately had Kayla arrested. Kayla reportedly committed the robbery because she and her boyfriend, Justin, needed drugs. Justin says that Kayla was a ‘good girl’ before high school, but all changed after she got into a fight when she was fourteen. He stated, ‘It was like a switch was flipped. She became a huge partier almost overnight. 

Since Kayla’s dad and sister had a history of arrests, she never had anyone to watch out for her. Often, such an environment leads to a different mindset in youngsters and sometimes even leads to criminal behavior. Unfortunately, it was the same for Kayla Quick. 

The career of Kayla Quick

Before meeting her current boyfriend, Michael Strahan, Kayla worked in a strip club named ‘The Doll House’ in Tampa, Florida.

She was a teen and only 18 years old when she started working in the club. 

Some sources say Kayla worked as a cocktail waitress but not as a stripper. 

Sources also suggest that she had her way with men who significantly affected them. Kayla was good with tricks that could ‘hustle her customers’ for tips. She could amass over USD 2000 a month just from the tips.

Coincidentally Michael met Kayla in a bar, too.

The Net worth of Kayla Quick

Kayla is from a lower-middle-class family. She worked as a waitress in a strip club. That career gave her a livelihood, but it wasn’t gratifying.

Before she met her millionaire boyfriend, Michael, likely, she wasn’t in the best financial position.

Michael Strahan with his girlfriend Kayla Quick and twin-daughters
Michael Strahan with his girlfriend, Kayla Quick, and twin-daughters

When Kayla met her boyfriend, Michael, her life changed dramatically. Besides putting her in the spotlight, the relationship has provided her with a luxurious lifestyle.
Michael and Kayla have a net worth of USD 65 million. She lives with him and his children in a USD 17 million mansion in Los Angeles, California.

Kayla Quick Social media

Kayla is not much active on social media. We couldn’t find her profile on any social media platform. However, her boyfriend, Michael Strahan, is very busy on social media. You can find him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Where Is Kayla Quick Today??

Kayla still lives with her boyfriend, Michael Strahan, and his children in Los Angeles, California. Paparazzi often spot them hanging out and going on romantic dinners together.
Kayla also has a good relationship with Michael’s twin daughters (Sophia and Isabella) from his previous marriage with Jean Muggli.

What Does Kayla Quick Do For A Living?

Kayla has worked as a waitress before. However, there is no information on what she is doing after being in a relationship with Michael Strahan.

Why Was Kayla Quick In Jail?

The authority arrested Kayla at the age of 14 for disorderly conduct in Port Charlotte, Florida. Then, she was taken into custody as a juvenile.
Later, she was arrested again in 2005 for stealing her grandmother’s jewelry worth USD 6000 for drugs. Her crime was taken as a felony and was handled in the juvenile system.

Who Is Kayla Quick Married To?

Kayla Quick is not married but is in a long-time relationship with a former professional football player, Michael Strahan. 

How Old Is Kayla Quick, Michael Strahan’s Girlfriend?

Michael Strahan’s girlfriend, Kayla Quick, is 33 years old.

What Is Kayla Quick’s Net Worth?

There is no information on how much Kayla’s net worth is. She was not from a well-off family. However, she used to earn over USD 2000 a month from tips while working as a cocktail waitress.
On the other hand, her boyfriend, Michael Strahan, has over USD 65 million.

How Did Michael Strahan Meet Kayla Quick?

Michael Strahan met Kayla Quick at a bar in Port Charlotte while working as a waitress. Kayla was 26 years old when she met 44-year-old Michael. 

Where Did Michael Strahan Meet Kayla Quick?

Michael Strahan met Kayla at a bar in Port Charlotte, Florida.

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