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Kaynette Williams | Blake Shelton’s first wife | Biography

Who is Kaynette Williams?

Most of you must have heard about the famous country music star Blake Shelton and his lady-love, Gwen Stefani. Their relationship is one of the most admirable ones. But before Gwen came into Blake’s life, he had a few other relationships. Among several women in Blake’s life, Kaynette Williams is a prominent name.

Kaynette Williams is an award-winning elementary school teacher. Despite her professional accomplishment, she is famous as Blake Shelton’s first wife.

Kaynette Williams bio, relationships, career and net worth

The ex-wife of the country star stood by her man through the thick and thin of his life. She is the woman who witnessed the early struggles of Blake’s life. It’s not that Blake did not love Kaynette but, things changed with time, and the two had to part ways.

After Blake, Kaynette moved on in her life. She went to places and did things, but most importantly, remained far from the limelight.

Here, you are going to find out some interesting facts about Kaynette that could blow your mind.

Quick facts

Full nameKaynette Scheck
Birth nameKaynette Francis Gern
BirthplaceAda, Oklahoma
Date of birthFebruary 20th, 1973
Age48 years old
SpouseCody Joe Scheck (Present),
Blake Shelton (married 2003- divorce 2006)
Zodiac signPisces
OccupationElementary School Teacher
Net worthUnknown

Oklahoma-born, Kaynette Williams’s early life

Kaynette Williams (birth name- Kaynette Francis Gern) grew up in Ada, Oklahoma. She came to this world on February 20th, 1973. Her childhood and teenage did not see any spotlight.

Kaynette Williams with Blake Shelton

Well, Kaynette became the talk of the town shortly after her ex-husband Blake Shelton grew to fame. Kaynette was 18 years old and just out of high school when she met Blake Shelton.

Blake, who was three years younger than Kaynette, was 15 when he first saw his high-school sweetheart.

The corners of Ada, Oklahoma, witnessed the love that flourished between the lovers. They seemed inseparable and shortly became a crucial part of each others’ lives. While they were teenagers, none could have thought that they would go such a long way.

Blake’s country-style proposal for Kaynette Williams

The high school sweethearts were with each other in every up and down of their early days. Kaynette stood like a rock beside Blake and saw him growing as a star.

Both of them connected at a deeper level. Hence, the relationship was so pure and perfect. After dating for a few years, Blake Shelton decided to pop up the question. The countryman in him had him ask her to marry him in a country fashion.

Kaynette Williams with horse in stable

Blake Shelton proposed to Kaynette Williams on a cold morning of American winter. He had just been back from hunting, and upon seeing his long-time girlfriend, Blake asked for her hand.

Kaynette, who was dearly in love with Blake, did not take long to say, “YES!”

The proposal and the acceptance were fascinating for them, and the couple went back out hunting. This way, Kaynette, and Blake were going to start a new journey in their lives.

Kaynette Williams’ wedding

After dating for more than ten years, Blake and Kaynette tied the knot on November 17th, 2003. They had a small ceremony in the presence of their friends and close family members.

Blake Shelton Marrying Kaynette Williams
Blake Shelton Marrying Kaynette Williams

When they got married, Blake had already started to go on tours. His career was gradually reaching heights. He also took a break from his musical tour with Toby Keith for the wedding.

The wedding festivity was in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. For around three years, Kaynette embraced the last name, Shelton. She became Blake’s road manager alongside being his wife.

The high school sweethearts, unfortunately, could not make their marriage work. Even though they were like a match made in heaven while dating, the marriage could not work out for them. Hence, just after three years, they ended their union in 2006.

The divorce was as quiet as was the wedding. Finally, Kaynette accused Blake of being guilty of inappropriate marital conduct.

This accusation did not seem wrong after Blake openly started dating Miranda Lambert after his divorce with Kaynette.

Blake Shelton with Miranda Lambert
Blake Shelton with Miranda Lambert

Reports say that Blake had started seeing Miranda in around 2005 after meeting at a country music concert. The country star could not resist, and he ended up cheating on his long-time girlfriend-turned-wife, Kaynette Gern.

If Kaynette still is sour about what happened to her, it should be understandable. After all, the divorce was a tough call to make for her.

Kaynette Williams’ son

Kaynette Williams does not have any children, biological or adopted.

Wedding gown on eBay

Kaynette had worn a beautiful size 6 Demetrios gown at her first wedding. Her ex-husband during that time looked like a macho countryman. He wore a wrangler, boots, and a cowboy hat.

After the end of their marriage, Kaynette did not want to keep anything that would remind Blake. So, she sold almost all her belongings back then. But her wedding gown was on hold.

In 2014, through a friend’s account, Kaynette put up her size 6, Demetrios wedding gown on eBay for sale with a bid amount starting from $700.

Unfortunately, no bids had been made. And, no news of Kaynette’s wedding gown made it to the story afterward.

Kaynette’s life after divorce

At first, things might have been complicated for Kaynette following the divorce with Blake. She did not have a stable job to back her up during that time. Thus, Kaynette decided to move back to her hometown, Oklahoma.

Leaving Blake and the memories of Nashville was a better choice for her at that time.

However, this choice did not serve her right, looking back in time. When she had just left her high school sweetheart behind, her past came knocking at her door.

Blake and his new love, Miranda, also moved to the neighboring town in Oklahoma. Kaynette could not avoid the sight of Blake and his newbie. So, she moved again to Kansas to start a new life.

Kaynette Scheck elementary school teacher after divorce Blake Williams

After moving to Great Bend, Kansas, Miranda started working as an elementary school teacher. But, just like Blake Shelton, she also got married again. To her luck, she seems to have found the love of her life.

Kaynette married Cody Joe Scheck, Rodeo Champion and World Record Holder for Steer Roping. Unfortunately, the dates and events of their wedding are unavailable.

She even embraced Joe’s last name and goes by the name Kaynette Scheck at present.

The details about her children and her current family are unknown.

Kaynette’s ex-husband, Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton is not a name that needs an introduction. He is a famous country music artist. Songs like Nobody But You, Sure Be Cool If You Did, God’s Country, etc., are some of the hit songs given by him.

44-year-old Blake Shelton is originally from Oklahoma. At the age of 17, he moved to Nashville, Tennesse, to pursue his career as a musical artist. It was the same place where he got married for the first time and broke off the marriage for the first time.

Blake made his professional debut in 2001 through his first single, “Austin.” This song did well back in time, which helped in boosting Blake’s confidence. To this date, Blake Shelton has given 40 singles, 27 of which were number ones in the Country Airplay Charts.

Blake Williams former husband of Kaynette

Besides his contribution as a country singer, Blake also garnered popularity as a judge for NBC’s “The Voice.” Since the first season of the singing reality show, Blake Shelton has always been on one of the red chairs of coaches.

On top of that, he also holds the record of the most wins as a coach. Six of the artists from Blake’s team from different seasons have been the winners.

Apart from his professional success, people have also interestingly followed Blake’s love life. His first marriage (with Kaynette Williams) ended at the beginning of his career heights.

His second marriage with Miranda Lambert, however, was an exciting gossip. Reportedly, Blake cheated on Kaynette with Miranda. Blake married his second wife on May 14th, 2011, after dating for around five years.

Like the first one, Blake’s married life ended again. He divorced Miranda in July 2015.

Shortly after the second divorce, rumors of Blake’s relationship with his co-judge from “The Voice,” Gwen Stefani, Started to surface. Unfortunately, the hoax turned out to be accurate. The singing star is happily dating the singer, Gwen Stefani, since 2015.

Kaynette Williams, from Blake’s wife to an award-winning teacher

Kaynette’s professional life did not come to anyone’s notice for a long time. While she was with Blake, everything seemed to be around Blake’s career. Although she was Blake’s road manager, hardly anything regarding Kaynette’s work saw the limelight.

But since she was always working behind the scenes, nobody showed any concern.

Moving on in her life after the divorce made Kaynette more focused on her individuality. She moved to Kansas, where she started her teaching job.

Kaynette started her career as a math facilitator and taught at an elementary school. She has been a great teacher for many years.

Kaynette is an award-winning elementary school teacher. “Cherry on Top.”

Apart from that, other factual details about Kaynette’s work-life are hidden.

Net worth details

From what we know about Kaynette, she is living a prosperous life. An award-winning elementary teacher rightfully deserves a pleasant experience.

The numbers to define how wealthy she is, however, are unknown. So let’s put it this way, ‘Kaynette does not necessarily feel her net worth to be what people should know about her.’

Nevertheless, if you wonder how much her ex-husband’s net worth is, we have some figures. His estimated net worth as of 2020 is $100 Million. As per Celebrity Net Worth, he earns $13 million per cycle of The Voice.

Kaynette is unfindable on social media

Starting from the end of her marriage with Blake, Kaynette Williams lived a private life. Her endeavors, struggles, and achievements were only for her and her close ones to know.

Kaynette has resurfaced on the internet. She is on Facebook however the id is with the name Kaynette Gern and the name on the FB is Kaynette Scheck

It is all we know about the high-school sweetheart of the famous country music star Blake Shelton. If you have anything else to add, you are all welcome.

Kaynette williams new husband

After her divorce from Blake Shelton, the elementary school teacher has remarried to rodeo champion Cody Joe Scheck since 2013. The two of them had been living together in a three-bedroom, two-bath house.

Kaynette married to Cody Scheck

Their link-up was confirmed by Scheck’s mother, Patricia Scheck, who said in an interview with the National Enquirer that her son met Williams through mutual friends.“They fell for each other instantly and have barely been apart ever since. They’re living together, and I’m hoping they’ll get married soon and give me grandkids!”, she added.

kaynette williams net worth

Kaynette Williams is reportedly worth $400,000 as of 2021.

How long was Blake Shelton married to Kaynette Williams?

Blake Shelton was married to Kaynette Williams for three years. They got married in 2003 and divorced in 2006.

Who is Blake Shelton’s daughter?

Blake Shelton does not have any children. However, he is reportedly very close to his fiancee, Gwen Stefani’s kids. Talking about his relationship with Stefani’s sons, Shelton said in an interview, “I also have a blast with it, I’m not gonna lie. I don’t take it so seriously that I’m not enjoying this time because I really am, especially now that we’re five years into this thing. I can’t imagine my life without these kids now.”

Did Kaynette Williams remarry?

Kaynette Williams remarried rodeo champion Cody Joe Scheck. They had been dating since 2013.

Who is Kaynette Williams’s husband?

Kaynette Williams’ husband is Cody Joe Scheck, a rodeo champion. Scheck first qualified for the steer roping finals in 2005. It took five seasons for him to reach the pinnacle of the sport. He placed in just three go-rounds, but he roped consistently over the two days of competition. When the rugged 10 rounds were complete, Scheck had pocketed $23,269.