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Kebe Dunn, Michael Rapaport’s wife, bio, family, career, and net worth

Who is Kebe Dunn?

Kebe Dunn is an actress best known “In Session with Jonathan Pessin,” “Love For Real,” “Tournament of Laughs.” Her contribution to the film industry seems to be doing good for her career.

It is often possible that a spouse becomes famous for their partner’s endeavors. Nevertheless, some people don’t live on the fame acquired by their partners. One such name that we know is Kebe Dunn.

Besides being an actress, Kebe shared the fame as the wife of actor and comedian, Michael Rapaport. Kebe is not as popular as her husband in the media outlet. And, she is not that active in the media, too.

As of now, Kebe Dunn has not done over ten films. Even though she has only starred in a few films to this date, her ability to act is praiseworthy.

Kebe shot to fame after she and Michael flashed their relationship. But, her marriage with the comedian sometimes shadows her journey as an actress.

In no time, we could be seeing people acknowledging her talent and presence in the industry. So, we are here with some exciting facts about Kebe Dunn that will give a clear picture of who she is.

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Kebe Dunn quick facts

Full nameKebe Dunn
Date of birth1970 AD
BirthplaceThe USA
SiblingsDonyell Kennedy Mccullough
SpouseMichael Rapaport (2016-present)
Net worth$12 Million
Social mediaInstagram- @ebekay


Twitter- @kdkeebler

How old is Kebe Dunn?

And that’s an answer everyone is trying to find out. Kebe Dunn is around 50 years old as of 2020. She was born in 1970.

“The Tournament of Laughs” actress is a person full of secrets. Her early life details have not made it to the internet yet.

Kebe Dunn with her husband Michael Rapaport

Kebe has a sister named Donyell Kennedy McCullough. The actress shares her affection towards her sister, time and again on her social media.

As per Wikipedia, Kebe’s husband, Michael Rapaport, is also 50 years old this year. Rapaport was born in March 1970, in New York City. Michael has created a massive empire for himself with the help of his capacity to make people laugh.

Kebe Dunn nationality

The American-born actress, Kebe Dunn, is an American by nationality. Likewise, her husband, Michael Rapaport, is also an American citizen.

Though there is no information about her ethnicity, it seems that Kebe is of African descent. Kebe’s hair and complexion suggest that.

Kebe Dunn relationship

Whenever there are relationship talks, celebrities hide the details. Their need to keep their personal life away from people’s reach might do good to them. But, the fans feel kind of frustrated when these things happen.

The same is the case for Kebe and her husband’s relationship. But this does not imply that we have no information on their relationship.

Kebe shares cute little moments with her husband on her social media. Though, not everything she shares gives a clear picture of their relationship.

There’s no actual information about when and where Kebe and Michael met. The early days of their relationship seem to be a secret romance.

But, according to one of Kebe’s Instagram posts, the duo seemed to be dating back in 1992. Kebe shared a picture of Michael’s and her youth on February 14, 2020, talking about love.

Regardless of Kebe dating Michael back in the 90s, the duo had gone their ways for some while. No details about Kebe’s other relationships are available. Meanwhile, Michael had a few different relationships in the late 90s and the early 2000s.

Kebe and Michael married in 2016, after dating for around ten years since 2007. The duo resides in Los Angeles. Kebe and Michael don’t have children.

Who is Michael Rapaport?

Successful comedians like Michael Rapaport need no introduction. The actor, comedian, and film director grew up in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, near 70th and York.

His mother, June Brody, was a New York radio personality. Michael’s father, David Rapaport, was a radio executive.

He grew up with his brother Eric Rapaport, and a half-sister, Claudia Lonow, an American actress. Michael’s mother later married actor Mark Lonow. Mark is also the owner of The Improv with Budd Friedman.

Rapaport left New York for his career when he was 19 years old. In 1989, Michael moved to Los Angeles, California. His stepfather, Mark Lonow, offered him some help when securing a place as a stand-up comedian.

Michael Rapaport

Three years into stand-up comedy, Michael had already bagged a TV show role, “China Beach.” People started recognizing him in the film industry after acting as Frank in “My Name is Earl.” Despite having worked in a recurring role, Rapaport made a name with the part.

Later, he bagged a crucial role in the fifth season of “Prison Break.” Aside from acting, Michael Rapaport also proved himself a good director. In 2008, he announced he would direct a documentary about hip hop act, “A Tribe Called Quest.”

“Beats, Rhymes, and Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest” received great responses. His famous films are “A day in the life” (2009), “Kiss of the Damned” (2012), “Once Upon a Time in Queens” (2013), “The 6th Day” (2000), etc.
Some other works include “The War at Home,” “Pound Puppies,” “Public Morals,” etc.

Rapaport is a reporter for Fox Sports at present. He covers the BIG3 basketball league formed by Ice Cube.
Michael Rapaport is also the narrator of the WWE 365 series on WWE Network.

Michael’s history with Natasha Lyonne

Michael revealed that he evicted actress Natasha Lyonne from his rented property. He had to act that way as the actress had been on a period of heavy drug use.

Despite the incident, Michael and Natasha continue to remain friends, even today. Right that the gone days don’t affect the present.

Kebe’s husband on harassment charges

Relationships in Michael’s life have not always been fruitful. On May 18, 1997, he went through a harassment charge. His ex-girlfriend, Lili Taylor, accused him of harassment.

Following this, Michael had to go through two counts of aggravated harassment. Michael accepted the charges in the court. The New York Supreme Court Justice had released a protection order. It kept Michael from contacting his ex-girlfriend, Lili.

Michael also attended counseling sessions.

Kebe’s husband Michael Rapaport’s heroic deed

The harassment and the scandals occurred a long time back, long before Kebe and Michael were an item. When Kebe married Michael, he was a successful and kind person.

The incident in June 2018 proves his kindness. In a flight, he stopped a passenger from opening the emergency door mid-way. The comedian was successful in halting the passenger from doing what he was about to do.

Talking about the incident, Rapaport said,

“I got up out of my seat, half sleeping, with my headphones in my ear, and I put my hand on his shoulder, like ‘What the (explicit) are you doing?’ He had two hands on the lever,”

Rapaport also said,

“I said it three times, loud. The second time I said it, he still had his hand on the (explicit) thing…. I sort of pinned him against the seat. This is happening all in about 45 seconds.”

Relationships before Michael Rapaport

At this point, it is clear that Kebe has hidden her details very impressively. So, her relationship before Michael remains a mystery.

On the other hand, her husband, Michael Rapaport, has a history of an unsuccessful marriage. Michael tied the knot with writer and producer Nichole Beattie in 2000.

The ex-couples marriage ended in 2007 after having two sons together. Michael’s elder son is Julian Ali Rapaport, and Maceo Shane Rapaport is his younger son.

Kebe Dunn career

Less than ten films old, Kebe Dunn is a late bloomer in Hollywood. While many of the actresses start their careers in their teenage or early 20s, Kebe did otherwise. She is in the movie business since 2005.

Kebe Dunn started her career with the 2005 romantic comedy, “Love for Rent.” She was a nurse in the movie. In 2012, she played a shoe saleswoman in one episode of “In Session with Jonathan Pessin.”

She has appeared in a few other movies, “Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Malcolm,” “Eddie,” etc.

Kebe has not been able to land any prominent roles, yet. Still, her ability as an actor has not gone unnoticed. So, we might see her getting significant parts in the future.

Kebe Dunn IMDb profile

Kebe Dunn’s work history as an actress on the IMDb profile shows her Hollywood presence. Her IMDb profile gives brief details on her career and relationship.

Kebe Dunn controversies

Kebe Dunn knows how to keep her personal life away from others’ reach. Not a single detail of what goes on in her home or family has made it to the media. No wonder the actress has been able to keep herself away from the scandals.

But, that is not the case for her husband, Michael Rapaport. Maybe it is his popularity or his past, Michael has been in some controversial news.

Kebe Dunn and Michael Rapaport

Kebe Dunn net worth

As mentioned earlier, Kebe Dunn has not done more than a few films. It is enough to know that she has not made a whopping sum as an actress.

When we talk about her husband’s net worth, Michael Rapaport is one rich man. According to celebrity net worth, he has a net worth of $12 million. It is a result of his acting career from over forty films and many television appearances.

The popularity of Kebe’s husband is something that can’t go unnoticed.

Kebe Dunn social media

Kebe Dunn is tough to locate on Instagram. On top of that, if you rely on her name, I’m sure you will have to wait days to find her Instagram profile.


Kebe is on Instagram as Kebe Rapaport. Her username is @ebekay

The actress’s Instagram account tells a lot about her life, as well. Kebe knows what to share and what to hide on social media. At times, she shares lovely moments with her husband and other family members. She has around 3,646 followers on Instagram.


Kebe Dunn is also on Twitter. She is on Twitter as @kdkeebler with approximately 422 followers.

Apart from this information, we will be happy to know anything else about Kebe Dunn from you. Feel free to comment if you know Kebe Dunn better than we do.

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