He wasn’t a stranger to winning awards in the music space, but he might be in the running for an Oscar next year.

The 35-year-old Kendrick, American rapper and Pulitzer Prize winner, has qualified as a nominee for the Academy Awards’ outstanding live-action short.

We Cry Together, a six-minute film starring K Dot and Zola actress Taylour Paige, screened earlier this year at the Lamelle Royal Theater in West Los Angeles.

Lamar and Paige got seen as a couple trying to recover from a messy, verbally abusive breakup. This was inspired by the same name from K. Dot’s Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers album, released in May.

Pg Lang, founded by Lamar and his longtime manager and partner Dave Free, made sure that no cellphone footage of the film made its way to social media. Attendees’ phones were collected because of unique security details.

Most friends and family of the project watched the film during its six-day run, but only 20 people were able to purchase tickets to each show.

Since its debut, “We Cry Together” became one of the hottest singles on Mr. Morale, making Billboard history in all the wrong ways. Upon its release, it debuted at No. 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and plummeted 81 spots in its second frame, which was the most significant drop in Hot 100 history.

It hasn’t stopped Kendrick from making waves and bringing fans to tears across the country with his Mr. Morale tour.

An emotional security guard was spotted during the rapper’s “LOVE” performance, causing Lamar to not only mention how genuine the moment was but also cite how music makes us feel over everything.

“It’s really just about the feeling of it at the end of the day,” the rapper explained to Jazzy’s World TV. “Past all the politics, past all the numbers. It’s what music makes you feel, how it makes you feel. So to see that And shout-out to him, by the way, because I seen him, bro. I was like, man. I wonder what he going through? But at the end of the day, that’s how you want everybody to perceive your music.”

In the meantime, Madonna said she has revealed she would like to work with Kendrick Lamar.

As the Queen of Pop put her K. During an appearance on The Tonight Show on Thursday (August 11), telling host Jimmy Fallon: “There’s one artist that I worship more than anything in life, and I would love to collaborate with him, and that’s Kendrick Lamar.”

Aside from praise for the Compton native, Madonna also lauded his latest record, “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers,” saying: “His most recent record is history-making. Mind-bogglingly brilliant. It’s insane.”

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