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Who is Kenneth Pinyan?

Kenneth Pinyan is an American Engineer who died in the Enumclaw’s Horse Sex Case. He is the subject of the documentary film named Zoo.

Kenneth Pinyan Biography
Kenneth Pinyan Biography

Quick Facts

Full Name Kenneth Pinyan
Also Known As (AKA) Mr. Hands / 2Guys1Horse
Birthday  June 22, 1960
Date of Death July 02, 2005
Place of Birth USA
Sun sign Cancer
Parents Dugald Albert Dug Pinyan (father)
Margaret Brown Pinyan (mother)
Grandparents Ivan Douglas Pinyan (grandfather)
Jessie Belle Pinyan (grandmother)
Ethel Hughes Pinyan (step-grandmother)
Marital Status Divorced
Ex-Wife Andrea C. Robert
Children Son
Eye Color  Brown
Net Worth USD 1.2 Million
Controversy Enumclaw Horse Sex Case
Featured Film Zoo (Documentary Film)
Quick Facts on Kenneth Pinyin, aka Mr. Hands.

Early Life and Parents

Born on June 22, 1962, to Margaret Brown Pinyan and Dugald Albert Dug Pinyan, Kenneth Pinyan is a professional engineer. He worked at Boeing Aircraft for eight years.

Dugald Albert Dug Pinyan (Father)

Dugald Albert Dug Pinyan was born in 1925 and served as a Veteran of World War II. He died in 2008 in Santa County, New Mexico.

Margaret Brown (Mother)

On May 10, 1926, Margaret Brown was born in Renton, King County, Washington. She died on October 29, 2002.

Kenneth Pinyan is the grandson of Ivan Douglas Pinyan and Jessie Belle Pinyan; Ethel Hughes Pinyan is his step-grandmother.

Health Issue

Kenneth Pinyan had a motorcycle accident, after which he lost his ability to experience certain sensations. Henceforth, he started to seek out increasing and extreme sexual acts. 

Kenneth Pinyan Marriage

Kenneth married a woman named Andrea C. Robert in 1981. But things didn’t work out, and they divorced on September 17, 2001. 

Furthermore, his wife Andrea had a child at the time of their marriage. To be specific, a son.


Kenneth worked with Boeing Aircrafts at the age of 37. He worked there from 1997 to 2005 for eight years.

Photo of Mr. Hands (Kenneth Pinyan)
Photo of Mr. Hands (Kenneth Pinyan)

The thing that will give you goosebumps is we found that in the year Kenneth died, a total of 23 people passed away in the same year, between June 27 to July 31. The aircraft’s official page has the records from 2005. 

Controversy of Mr. Hands- Kenneth Pinyan

Kenneth Pinyan came to the limelight with the Enumclaw’s Horse Sex Case. Accordingly, he is also known as Mr. Hands.

Kenneth moved to Oak Harbor from Washington and built his new house with a massive farm, including horses, on the Key Peninsula Highway in Gig Harbor. He was about to start taking payments from the Mortgage of his property.

Around the same time, he had a motorcycle accident that changed his ability to experience sensations. As can be seen, he started extreme sexual activities like anal sex with a horse after being introduced to a group of Men online named Zoos in the 2000s.

The men used to have sex with a horse on the property of Michael Tait, the taxi driver. The property was 5 miles to the northwest of the city of Enumclaw and covered a 40-acre farm.

On one specific night, the horse was not receptive to their actions; this made them move to the barn at 444th street farm to the southeast. They frequently visited the location for sexual purposes previously. 

They penetrated the Stallion Horse named Big Dick and filmed each other as they anally got penetrated by the same horse (They had three people in the group; one was Kenneth, the other was Michael Tait, and the 3rd person was unidentified).

They continue their sexual activity for an extended period, and this is how Kenneth got internal Injuries. An unknown man dropped him out of the Community Hospital of Enumclaw on July 2, 2005.

He was shifted from the Vehicle to the Examination Room. But unfortunately, Kenneth was already dead by then.

According to the Office of Medical Examinations, his death was an accident, and he died of acute Peritonitis.

After the death of Kenneth Pinyan

Belatedly to Kenneth’s death, the authorities used his driving license and surveillance camera footage to track his family and companions. Then they went to the Enumclaw Area’s farm because the incident took place there.

The area specifically was known as the destination for Zoophile chat rooms, which encouraged people to have sex with their livestock. The police raided the area and found numerous video footage featuring Kenneth before his death.

Later it was stated that the horse had nothing to do with Kenneth’s death. The legal authorities then wished to punish Kenneth’s companions and charge them for animal abuse. Still, the legality of bestiality was an issue in the state of Washington.

A Capture of a scene in Zoo (Documentary)
A Capture of a scene in Zoo (Documentary)

The proof of animal abuse was found in the video footage. In addition, there was no law for human intercourse with a horse. As a result, Michael Tait was charged for Trespassing only.

The news was unpleasant and inhumane; hence, no newspaper company was up for reporting it. But as the case involved a significant number of people in it, The Seattle Times decided to write about the issue. 

Sentencing and Charges

Michale Tait was charged with first-degree Trespassing. Still, the 3rd unidentified had no charges and sentences because of no visible proof. Michael, later on, made an Alford request through the form of a guilty plea and was given the order of suspension for one year.

Further, he was charged a USD 300 fine and a day of community service. He also got orders never to revisit the farm.

After this, he moved to Maury County, Tennessee, on a farm owned by Kenny Thomas. The farm-raised several horses, pigs, goats, and dogs.

Christy D. Morris, a woman, associated with Michael and Kenny, was arrested and charged three counts of animal cruelty on October 13, 2009. The investigators had received a photo anonymously through the mail, and they arrested Michael and Kenny on the same day.

Michael Tait was charged with 3 counts of animal cruelty, and Kenny Thomas for 2 counts of animal cruelty. They were later pleaded guilty and placed on probation in January of 2010.

Kenneth Pinyan Documentary : Zoo

The video footage, which featured Kenneth engaging in receptive anal intercourse with a horse before his death, continued to spread all over the internet. He was given the nicknames of 2 Guys, 1 Horse, and Mr. Hands through this.

Zoo is the documentary film that featured the video and the life & death of Kenneth Pinyan. in 2007.

Cover of the Documentary Zoo
Cover of the Documentary Zoo

The documentary film was released at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007 and was one of the winners out of the 856 candidates.

The legislation passed an enactment bill, which prohibited both bestiality and videotaping & recording of such acts due to this incident. Currently, it is a Class C Felony and is punishable by up to 5 years of prison.

The co-writer of the documentary film, Charles Mudede, commented that the men had trained the horses to penetrate them by applying horse breeding pheromone & bending over. It had nothing to do with their love for horses or solely the horses.

They just had a sexual fixation on large penises, he added. Again in 2015, he wrote that the inhabitants of Enumclaw are still unwilling to accept the news or the case, which depicts that the case gave them great shock and anger.

Kenneth Pinyan Net Worth

Being an engineer, Pinyan had decent earnings from his job. Kenneth Pinyan’s net worth was USD 1.2 Million, with the primary source of income being his career as an engineer. 


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