Who Is Kerry Katona Fiance Ryan Mahoney? Leaked Video And Tape reddit

The English TV personality Kerry Katona fiance Ryan Mahoney is a professional fitness trainer. Kerry Katona herself revealed an adult videotape with her fiance Ryan and jokingly said, “I’ll put it on OnlyFans and get another Lamborghini.”

Kerry Katona is an English TV personality and singer by profession. The star is in a loving relationship with her fiance, Ryan Mahoney, who is a fitness trainer.

Katona’s one statement of revealed an adult videotape with her fiance spread the news in seconds. She didn’t hesitate to say that she would put filmed adult videotape on OnlyFans to get a luxurious Lamborghini for her.

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Kerry Katona Fiance Ryan Mahoney

Kerry Katona’s fiance, a professional fitness trainer Ryan Mahoney, has become an integral part of her life. The couple shares a strong bond of trust and support, evident in their public statements and actions.

Kerry Katona, a well-known personality, has openly expressed her happiness with Ryan, mentioning that they have exceptional trust in their relationship.

Kerry and Ryan’s relationship has been a topic of interest among fans and media alike.

They first met on the dating app Bumble three years ago, with Kerry admitting that Ryan had no idea who she was initially. However, their connection blossomed, leading to their engagement in August 2020.

In an exclusive interview, Kerry Katona said that she trusts Ryan wholeheartedly. And we can see that on Ryan Mahoney’s Instagram.

Moreover, Ryan Mahoney has embraced the responsibility of caring for Kerry’s children from her previous marriages. He loves spending time with Kerry and her children.

Kerry Katona fiance
Kerry Katona with her fiance, Ryan Mahoney and her children from previous marriages. (Source: Instagram)

The fitness trainer often posts photos with Kerry’s children as well. He has shown immense love and care towards Kerry’s kids, demonstrating his commitment to their blended family.

Kerry attributes her current state of contentment and satisfaction in her personal life to Ryan, stating they are enjoying “the best life ever.”

Ryan’s dedication extends further as he is in the process of adopting Kerry’s youngest child, DJ, who tragically lost his father, George Kay, to a drug overdose in 2019.

Kerry sees Ryan’s commitment to becoming DJ’s legal father as important as wedding vows. Perhaps, we can see the lovely couple tying the knot pretty soon.

As they navigate their lives together, Ryan’s presence has undoubtedly brought joy and stability to Kerry Katona’s world.

Kerry Katona Fiance Ryan Mahoney Leaked Video Tape

Reality TV star Kerry Katona has recently made headlines after revealing that she and her fiancé, Ryan Mahoney, have filmed an adult videotape together.

In a candid statement, Kerry confirmed the existence of the intimate video, expressing her trust in Ryan and her intentions if the tape were ever to leak.

Kerry also stated that Ryan would never leak, and if it did leak out, she would be the one to do it herself and make it available to the fans.

Kerry Katona Ryan Mahoney revealed sex tape
Kerry Katona said that she would be one if their video were ever to leak. (Source: Instagram)

Known for her successful venture on the subscription platform OnlyFans, Kerry raked over a million pounds by selling raunchy content to her dedicated fans.

With her newfound entrepreneurial spirit, she said she wouldn’t be concerned about the leaked tape. She jokingly said she would put in on OnlyFans to make mega money and get another Lamborghini.

The TV personality owns two of the brand’s luxurious lime-green engines and is the Italian automaker’s big fan.

Despite the adult videotape revelation, Kerry has recently expressed uncertainty about whether they will get married.

After a challenging year that included personal setbacks and strain on their relationship, the couple has decided not to rush into wedding plans.

Kerry emphasized that they are content with their engagement and enjoying the present moment.

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