Kevin Eastman Murder Verdict And Life Sentence Killed Two

Many people want to get an update on Kevin Eastman murder case. The Greeley native was suspected and later charged with two manslaughters.

The whole nation was in shock when a toxic love triangle took a horrifying turn in a small town in Colorado.

The situation resulted in a brutal double murder scarred the city’s crime history. 

In the case, Scott Sessions was murdered along with his girlfriend, Heather, violently by her violent ex, Kevin. 

Moreover, since the case announcement is featured on ABC’s 20/20, the viewers are more curious about it.

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Kevin Eastman Murder Case 

The double murder included Heather Frank, a resilient woman who had recently ended a violent relationship with Kevin/

Eventually, she recently found peace in the arms of Scott Sessions.

Unaware of the situation, they ignited the fury of Kevin Dean Eastman, Heather’s jilted ex-lover.

Kevin Eastman Murder
Scott was a professional Trumpet player. (Source: 9News)

Scott Sessions was found brutally killed in February 2020, with his throat almost cut and his corpse partially burnt. 

When Scott was last spotted leaving for Heather’s house, authorities noticed a startling pool of blood with no evidence of Heather herself.

Subsequently, the neighborhood was in disbelief, mourned his death, and wondered where Heather was.

Heather’s dead body was found in a woodpile a week later. The corpse had suffered a gunshot wound to the heart.

Moreover, the pieces of the terrible puzzle started to fit together, revealing an awful truth.

Eastman killed Scott and silenced Heather to suppress witnesses to his horrible deeds because he was obsessed with his possessive infatuation.

Kevin Eastman case Verdict

In July 2022, nearly two years after the incident, the jury’s verdict delivered justice for the lives cut short by the senseless acts of Kevin Dean Eastman.

After a three-week trial, the verdict gave the courtroom audience a sense of justice for the horrific actions committed.  

Eastman was found guilty by the jury of murdering Heather and Scott. 

He was held responsible for two counts of evidence tampering and first-degree murder.

Additional weapon charges are expected at a later time.

Kevin Eastman Murder
Judge Marcelo A. Kopcow presided over the sentencing of Kevin Dean Eastman. (Source: YouTube)

The victim’s relatives recalled their stories with the late Scott and expressed their sorrow in court. 

Friends and bandmates of Scott praised him for his talent, playful smile, entertaining attitude, and loyalty.

In addition, Scott’s father, Stan, claimed that after Scott’s body was discovered, he had to break the news to his dying wife; she died two months later.

Surprisingly, Stan said that Eastman needed to be forgiven. 

Similarly, Heather’s relatives described her as warm, gregarious, and humorous.

Her son Alex added, “My mum was more than my mum; she was my best friend. She will always be with me.”

The judge noted that considering Eastman’s inhuman acts, the jury sentenced him to two life sentences and an additional 27 years behind bars. 

Kevin Eastman Prison Sentence

Kevin Dean Eastman was given a severe jail sentence for the horrible inhuman crime he committed.

The judge gave a sentence to keep Eastman in prison for the rest of his life. 

He received two concurrent life sentences, guaranteeing he would serve the remainder of his days inside bars without the chance of release.

The judge also sentenced an additional 27 years in prison on top of the life terms.

Kevin Eastman Murder
Kevin Eastman in his final verdict before being sentenced. (Source: YouTube)

This lengthy jail sentence serves as a sobering reminder of the harm Eastman’s jealousy and aggressive behavior caused, which cannot be undone.

It is evidence of the legal system’s dedication to making people answerable for their deeds and defending society against those who endanger others.

Eastman’s prison sentence offers a semblance of closure for the grieving families and a measure of justice for the lives tragically lost at his hands.

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