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Kevin Samuels: Biography, Net worth, Family, Career and death

Who is Kevin Samuels?

Kevin Samuels is a well-known YouTuber, social media influencer, and consultant from the United States. On March 13, 1965, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, Kevin Semuels was born.

Kevin is well known for inspiring people by giving speeches. Thus, he is regarded as a mentor with extensive life experience. After making observations and offering suggestions to people, particularly the black community, Kevin Samuels gained much popularity.

He not only provides fashion advice and grooming tips for others, but he also has a great sense of style. He enjoys dressing neatly and formally.

Kevin Samuels Biography
Kevin Samuels Biography

Quick Facts

Full NameKevin Roshon Samuels
NicknameKevin Samuels
BirthdayMarch 13, 1965
Sun signPisces
DiedMay 5, 2022
BirthplaceAtlanta, Georgia, United States
ProfessionLifestyle coach, image consultant, influencer, Dating expert
Marital statusDivorce twice
Net worthUSD 3 million

Early Life and Childhood

Kevin Samuels’s parent’s divorce led to their relocation from Atlanta to Oklahoma. Kevin once said in an interview that following his parents’ divorce, he was closer to his mother than to his father. No information has ever been made public about Kevin’s sibling, which merely suggests that he may be his parents’ only child.

Kevin Samuels's childhood picture
Kevin Samuels’s childhood picture

Following their relocation to Oklahoma, Kevin enrolled at Millwood High School, where he finished high school. Kevin enrolled at the esteemed University of Oklahoma soon after graduating high school. He graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from that university.

Kevin Samuels worked as a company manager and consultant despite having studied science in his earlier years. According to the data, Kevin spent three and a half years working as a manager and consultant in the chemical business. His work was connected to the advertisement affair. 


We only know that his parents separated when Kevin Samuels was young. Kevin belongs of African-American descent. As previously stated, there is no information available regarding his sibling status.

With this, we can be sure that Kevin has been able to keep his personal affairs and those of his family out of the public eye. We’ll let you know here as soon as we have any new information about Samuels’ family members.

Kevin Samuels Relationship Status and Children

Despite being a consultant and dating specialist, Kevin did not find love until he passed away. In his lifespan, he had two failed marriages and dated many women. The lives of all the women Kevin had connections with were nevertheless kept very secret by him.

The identities of the ex-wives of well-known internet stars remain a mystery. A daughter from his first marriage is said to have been born to the late influencer Kevin Samuels. The identity of Kevin’s child was never made public, just as he had kept the lives of his ex-wives and girlfriends off social media.

Kevin Samuels's wedding picture with his ex-wife
Kevin Samuels’s wedding picture with his ex-wife

According to rumors, Kevin’s mystery daughter was born in Oklahoma on June 29, 2000, and is 22 years old as of 2023. In addition, a young black woman in her 20s claimed to be the enigmatic daughter of Kevin Samuels in 2021. She stated her date of birth as June 29, 2000, when she first entered the public eye as Kevin’s daughter.

But Kevin never disputed the girl’s claim or acknowledged that she was his daughter. As a result, some fans of Kevin Samuels thought the supposed girl was his kid. While some didn’t since the young woman’s information wasn’t accurate.


Kevin started at Office Depot as a manager and consultant for the chemicals industry. Because of his aptitude for going after clients for the company, he was given this position in the sector.

His opportunity to enter the business sector was made possible by his position at Office Depot. Later, between 2009 and 2011, Kevin became a member of the Supermedia media company. During his tenure at Supermedia, Kevin completely overhauled their online sales representative and advertising, increasing the company’s appeal.

In 2013, Kevin worked for The Yellow Pages, a company known as an advertising organization, shortly after leaving Supermedia. Due to his talent for capturing an audience’s attention, Kevin worked here as a public relations consultant and was a massive addition to the business.

Kevin Samuels
Kevin Samuels

Kevin started a YouTube channel as his very first step toward influencer status. On May 20, 2015, he started a YouTube channel. It was unsuccessful initially, but in 2016, he began to gain popularity. 

His actual road toward becoming a YouTuber and internet celebrity started after this. Kevin Samuels published a motivational video on his YouTube account and a lesson on style and life. The audience at the time was unfamiliar with this content, which drew more visitors to his channel. He became more well-known as a result, making him a YouTube sensation.

In addition, Kevin offered guidance on various societal issues in his showroom, The Life and Style, by Kevin Samuels. He provided advice on dressing, living, and other topics.

He also developed an online service for customers who, for whatever reason, were unable to visit his showroom. Kevin also offered businesses and brands valuable guidance on improving their reputations and bottom lines.

Kevin Samuels working at his studio
Kevin Samuels working at his studio

Social Media Presence

Millions of people follow the late American internet sensation Kevin Samuels on sites like Instagram and YouTube. On Instagram, Kevin has 1.2 million followers, while their YouTube channel has 1.65 million subscribers.

Kevin used to participate often on those platforms before his death. The following are links to some of his social media accounts: 

Kevin Samuels Net Worth

According to the study, Kevin Samuels used to be very wealthy. He began his career as a manager and consultant before becoming well-known for creating a YouTube channel where he offered advice on life and style.

He owns many properties in Los Angeles, where his showroom, The Life and Style by Kevin Samuels, is located.

In addition, he collects high-end vehicles like Bentley, Lamborghini, and Rolls Royce. Kevin Samuels’s total wealth, including all his possessions and earnings from his career, is roughly USD 3 million.

Kevin Samuel Death

A well-known YouTuber and influencer, Kevin Samuels, died on May 5, 2022, at age 57. The investigation found that Kevin had a chest issue and had collapsed just before he died. When he had chest pains in his residence, the female with him contacted 911, and he was rushed to the hospital.

Kevin’s health declined when he was taken to the hospital, but he did not make it through his stay and died.


What is Kevin Samuels’s profession?

Kevin Samuels was a business manager, consultant, and influencer. He gives people lessons on life, fashion, and motivation. At the same time, he also helps companies and brands to enhance their business.

Is Kevin Samuels alive?

No, unfortunately, Kevin Samuels is not in this world now. 

When and how did Kevin Samuels die?

Kevin Samuels died on May 5, 2022, due to a chest problem.

What is Kevin Samuels’s net worth?

Kevin Samuels’s net worth is estimated to be USD 3 million at the time of his death.

Was Kevin Samuels married?

Kevin was married and divorced twice in his lifetime. But information regarding his ex-wives is not made public.

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