Kieran Culkin explains why he and his wife didn’t name their baby boy until seven weeks after he was born.

On Tuesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Succession star, 39, revealed Wilder Wolf’s name for the first time and explained why it took him and wife Jazz Charton so long to choose the name. 

They also have a daughter, Kinsey Sioux, 2.

“My wife wanted Wolf. She was fighting hard for Wolf,” Culkin says. “We found [the name] in the hospital the day that he was born and we thought ‘That’s great.’ But instead of pulling the trigger on it, [we thought], ‘Let’s torture ourselves for about seven weeks,’ disagreeing with names before we come around to the name that we picked. ‘Cause, we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl.”

“I love that name. I like Wolf. If we were going to have a child, we would have named him Wolf,” reveals host Ellen DeGeneres, adding, “instead we got a dog and named it Wolf. It’s a great name.”

The actor says the couple, fortunately, was able to buy more time on the day of Wilder’s birth as Charton was given the option to “hold the baby in for an hour and a half” so she could go home a day earlier.

Then she’s in bed and we have a dry erase board so we can go over every name. We said, “Let’s focus on girl names because we really like them,” he recalls. In the end, we settled on two girl names that we liked, and if it’s a girl, it’ll be one of those two names; if it’s a boy, we’re screwed.”

We had a boy and argued for seven weeks about his name,” Culkin says with a laugh. Culkin, asked by DeGeneres how the couple didn’t come up with more names before Wilder was born, explained, “That would require some organization and planning, that’s not something either of us do.”

Culkin and Charton welcomed their second child together on August 17, the couple announced on Instagram in September. Charton captioned a carousel of pictures with the caption, “One month with our perfect little man.”. She shared the date of the boy’s birth and added the hashtag “gettheepidural.”. Charton cradled the infant in two photos, while others included big sister Kinsey as well.

Charton and Culkin were married in 2013 after meeting seven years earlier at a New York bar. They welcomed their first child in September 2019.

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