Kimberly Anne Scott bio- Eminem’s ex-wife

Who is Kimberly Anne Scott?

Kimberly Anne Scott is the ex-wife of Eminem. She was the love of his life from school days. So you can imagine how deeply Eminem was in love with her that he has included Kimberly’s name in many of his songs.

Kimberly had children with her childhood love. She married Eminem multiple times; however, their relationship had the same fate all of the time. The relationship would fail eventually, leaving her distressed, depressed, and alone.

Kimberly Anne Scott has had a rough life, been a drug abuser, and was imprisoned for crimes.

Let’s dive deep into her life story and listened to her side of the story.

Kimberly Anne Scott Biography

Quick facts

Full nameKimberly Anne Scott
BirthdayJanuary 9, 1975
Age48 years old
Sun signCapricorn
TraitsCapricorn female traits 

Positive– Ambitious, practical, and down to earth

Negative– Procrastinating, stubborn, and impulsive
BirthplaceWarren, Michigan, USA
Currently residingDetroit, Michigan
Nationality American
EducationAttended Lincoln High School
ParentsCasey Sluck (father)
Kathleen Sluck (mother)
GrandparentsDonald Doherty (maternal grandfather),
Sylvia Doherty (maternal grandmother)
SiblingsDawn Scott (twin sister)
Marital StatusDivorced
Spouse NameEminem (ex-husband)
Eric Harter (boyfriend)
ChildrenHailie Jade Mathers (daughter)
Whitney Scott Mathers (daughter)
Parker Scott (son)
ProfessionAuthor, Freelancer, and Illustrator for the children’s book
ControversyIn 2003, Kim faced a month in jail for violating her probation, and in 2015, she crashed her car into a pole while driving under the drug influence.

In 2021 she attempted to commit suicide after her mother passed away
Net Worth USD 2 million (estimated)
Social mediaTwitter

Interesting facts about Kimberly Anne Scott

1. Casimer Sluck (Casey Sluck) isn’t the biological father

Casimer Sluck is the stepfather of Kimberly. However, her birth father’s name is unknown. Her mother, Kathleen Sluck, got into a relationship with Casimer after separating from Kimberly’s father.

Casimer was an alcoholic. He has also sexually abused Kimberly, due to which she and her sister, Dawn, ran away from home and sought shelter in a youth home. 

2. Her twin sister died from a drug overdose

Her twin sister, Dawn Scott, died from a heroin overdose in early 2016 at the age of 41. Eminem later adopted her late sister’s daughter, Alaina.

3. She started living with Eminem at the age of 13

Kim and Eminem’s relationship goes a long way back. These two were high school sweethearts who met at a house party. In addition, Kim and her sister studied with Eminem in Lincoln High School. 

She was only 13 when she moved in with Eminem, who was two years older than her. Eminem’s mom, Debbie, let Kimberly and Dawn stay with them.

4. Kim has three kids with Eminem, Eric Hartter, and an unknown person

Kimberly has had a relationship with Eric Harter. Eric is a tattoo artist. They have a daughter name, Whitney. Eric was a professional tattoo artist. However, their relationship turned sour as he was also caught up in drug abuse.

The third person’s name is unknown however she has a son with him, Parker Scott.

5. Eminem and Kim were married multiple times

Kim and Eminem welcomed their first child, Hailie Jade, on December 25, 1995. They got married in 1999 for the child’s sake but divorced in 2001 due to drugs and domestic violence issues.

They remarried in 2006 and divorced again after four months.

6. Kim Scott is a freelance illustrator and designer of Children’s book

Kim Mathers is also a freelance illustrator and a designer of children’s books. In addition, she has made greeting cards, puzzles and has also worked on licensing and calligraphy. 

Early life

Kim was born in Warren, Michigan state in the United States. Her mother was Kathleen Sluck, and her stepfather was Casey Sluck. She was born on January 9, 1975 ( 48 years old ), along with her twin sister Dawn Scott. 

The sisters faced a rough childhood as their stepfather was an alcoholic who frequently abused the sisters. In a memoir of Eminem’s mother, she claims that Kim was sexually abused by her stepfather. Soon, it became unbearable to the sisters, and they ran away from home to go and live with her high school sweetheart Marshall Bruce Mathers (Eminem).

However, when we checked her FB, it seems that Kim loved her father, and she misses her. On November 2, 2019, she posted “MISSING THE LOVE OF MY LIFE” and then communicates with affection about Casey in comments with other family members.

Casey sluck father of Kim Scott
Casey Sluck, father of Kim Scott

Based on the posts she has about her father and the affection with which she writes about him, we doubt if what Eminem’s mother wrote was true and that it was perhaps exaggerated. We cannot deny he was an alcoholic; however, he was a caring father when sober. Or, he must have changed a lot.

Casey Sluck and Kathleen Sluck parents of Kimberly
Casey Sluck and Kathleen Sluck, parents of Kimberly

She and her twin sister attended Lincoln High School, and no further information about their higher studies is known to the media.

During high school, Dawn got involved with an unknown man and gave birth to the child Alaina.

Kim was married to Eminem in the early days of his career. As a result, numerous songs by Eminem have mentioned her. His songs portray love initially, then marriage, children, the breakup, ditch, and finally apology, all roaming around his relation with Kim.

Her sister Dawn, whose daughter Kim had adopted, died in January 2016 at forty-one due to an apparent heroin overdose. Kim was plunged in grief when she said:

“Dawn was my sweet, beautiful sister who lost her way. I kept a light lit for her, hoping she’d find her way back to me. I miss her and love her more than anything I could ever say. I wish she were here so I could hug her and tell her I love her.”

Kimberly Anne Scott with her complete family and parents
Kimberly Anne Scott with her children and parents

Kim gained fame for all the wrong reasons. Kim’s biggest and only reason to be famous is her twisted love life that started from thirteen years of age and passed through three decades with on and off marriages, rap diss track, two suicide attempts, felony charges, and way too much media drama.

The latest news that rose her to fame was in November 2013, which stated that Eminem had built a house for Kim and his ex-mother-in-law. It also said that there was a good chance for the couple to be together again.

However, the rumor got falsified after Kim attempted suicide in 2015.


Kimberly, a Capricorn by birth sign, must be a determined lady. In general, such people are proud of their resourcefulness and determination. Capricorns have always been self-sufficient, even as children.

She writes Children’s books, greeting cards, puzzles, etc. She also designs license, does calligraphy, and has illustrated ‘The Terrible Time Without Tilly’ and ‘Monty Wins the Cup’ Egmont.

If we analyze all the news we have read about her, we can say that her troubled childhood has definitely had an adverse effect on her life. She hasn’t been successful as a homemaker and has trouble being in a relationship stemming from trust issues.

She likes to be independent and not beholden by relationships. It is one of the reasons that even though she was married to a rich and famous Eminem, all his money and affection couldn’t hold her together in marital obligation.

Kimberly Anne Scott Relationships


Kim was in a loving relationship with her high school sweetheart Eminem for a very long time. They first met at a house party when Kim was only thirteen years old. Eminem was only two years older than her when he asked his mom to let her live with him.

During that period, Kim gave birth to their first child, Hailie, on December 25, 1995.

Kimberly Anne Scott with ex-husband Eminem
Eminem and Kim together in an event

Later, on June 14, 1999, the couple got married for their child’s sake, but their relationship ended. They could not bear to continue together in a toxic relationship forever.

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Ever since it seems he got famous our relationship went downhill. he became arrogant and cocky. Everything that he did for me or the kids he has to be praised for. You know he is so use to getting so much attention, people praising him for his work that he expects it when he comes home.

In an interview with ABC News on her first divorce with Eminem.

Kim said that she wasn’t really ready for the second marriage and that it was Eminem who pressured her into getting married. She wanted to wait to complete two years as there was a pattern that their relationship typically would work for two years, but then thereafter, it will go worse.

I saw a pattern that their relationship would go well for two years and then it would turn bad for some reason. So I asked Eminem to wait for the two years to pass and see how it goes. However, he pressured and rushed me into marriage. He asked me to pack her stuff and or choose a date for the wedding.

In an interview with ABC News on why she married him the second time.

Their relationship soon ended after four months. However, it was Eminem who ended the relationship. He moved out of the house after Kim argued with his brother for inappropriate behavior. Eminem left the house and didn’t contact her or return calls.

Shortly thereafter things went wrong yeah he left our home everywhere 25th he actually physically left the home. There was a disagreement between me and his brother about what inappropriate behavior that his brother had yes and that’s what it was and then the next morning there was a note in the bathroom that said “I’m going to the other house. I need to clear my head.” I was so confused about the whole thing it’s so baffling to me. He didn’t even come around for a month after that like didn’t come see the kids he wasn’t calling me, he didn’t return phone calls I didn’t know what the heck was going on and then his attorneys assistant comes to the door and serves me papers

Kimberly on her second divorce.

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Eric Hartter

Soon after the divorce, Kim met a guy named Eric Hartter, known to have a tattoo parlor and a job as a part-time DJ. She had her second kid Whitney with him. However, Eric was a drug addict. He was facing legal issues as he was arrested twice.

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It was difficult for Kim to manage between her kid and the visits to the courthouse. Kim herself was struggling with the drug abuse. She was charged in 2003 for cocaine possession, and now she was married to a man who was a felony for the same reason.

Eminem was so mad that he said he would rather have a baby through his penis than get married again in an interview with Rolling stone. But, their love for the mother of his child made him marry Kim twice.

Kim re-married Eminem in January 2006. It was after Eminem was released on bail. She had been the only support when he was in prison, which helped revive the couple’s lost love, but it also raised the same problems that had once separated the two.

Finally, the marriage did not last more than four months as Kim got a second divorce from Eminem in April 2006.

Kimberly Anne Scott Children

Kim has four kids, three of them well known to the world as Eminem’s daughters, namely:

  1. Hailie Jade
  2. Alaina Scott (adopted daughter)
  3. Whitney Scott Mathers (also known as Stevie Mathers)
  4. Parker Scott

Hailie Jade

Hailie Jade elder daughrer of Eminem and Kimberly Anne Scott
Hailie Jade- Daughter of Eminem and Kimberly Anne Scott

Hailie Scott Mathers was their Christmas-born baby. She is also the only child whose custody is shared by both parents. Her parents tried to make it work numerous times during their highs and lows for the sake of Hailie.

But some things are not meant to be. Hailie’s parents finally separated after their sweet relationship turned sour. So baby Hailie spent most of her childhood playing with her cousin, Alaina, who Kim and Eminem first adopted.

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Alaina Marie Mathers

Alaina Marie Mathers daughter of Dawn Scott adopted by Kim and Eminem
Alaina Marie Mathers, daughter of Dawn Scott, adopted by Kim and Eminem

Alaina being the eldest among the children, is closer to Hailie. She was adopted by Eminem when he was still in relation to Kim. According to Eminem, he could not resist the thought of innocent, beautiful babies living a life in his childhood.

Though Kim could not take good care of her children due to her legal issues and drug abuse, Eminem was kind enough to work overtime and make the ends of the family meet, and that too, in a luxurious way.

Alaina is also known as Alaina Scott and Alaina Marie

Whitney Scott Mathers

Whitney Scott Mathers
Whitney Scott Mathers- Daughter of Eric Hartter and Kim

Whitney Scott Mathers is the child of Kim Scott and Eric Hartter. Kim had moved in with Eric Hartter. Eric was sentenced to imprisonment due to his involvement in drugs. Eminem adopted Whitney and took care of her upbringing.

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Parker Scott

Parker Scott son of Kimberly Anne Scott
Parker Scott, son of Kimberly Anne Scott

Parker Scott is the only son of Kimberly Anne Scott. Unfortunately, we do not have the information on who the child’s father is or if it is adopted. Kimberly has confirmed that Eminem isn’t the son of Parker, though.

Kimberly Anne Scott controversies

Their family is mostly out on media for controversies. Kim has always been a famous person due to Eminem, so news of every divorce and the ugly fight was on the media. However, the case of her cheating on Eminem with John Guerra, an acquaintance, had caused an immense roar in the press.

Eminem had supposedly hit him with a gun, for which he was sued. Eminem sang the ditch song in her hometown when their relationship ended. However, Kim did not take it in the right way. She cut her wrist for the first time after the concert in Detroit.


Kimberly has cheated Eminem multiple times with other guys. In an interview with ABC News, she confessed that there were multiple reasons for it- She wanted to take revenge. Also, she was feeling lonely, and that she lacked self-esteem.

I just really needed attention from somebody. I was lonely and didnt have very good self-esteem. I am sure that had something with it too. probably everything. We both had our moments of infidelity. I can’t even count on both hands how many times he has done it. But I am not out there publicly humiliating him and putting all his faults out there for the whole world.

In an interview with ABC news

Kimberly’s suicide attempt

I went with my sister and some friends. I asked him before if she went to the show if he is going to perform that song. He said no because I know you gonna be there and I wouldn’t do that to you. And I was there in the middle section on the main floor. Sure enough, he decided to do that song and not only perform the song but use blow-up dolls as a touring act like me being choked in and just disrespectful things to the blow-up doll and then threw the doll into the crowd like for him to do that in front of thousands upon thousands of people knowing them out there and just watching everybody else seeing the words and laughing and jumping around and like approval of just I couldn’t take it I don’t know that’s complete spite I mean especially knowing that you’re gonna be sitting you know in the front row right there and I immediately left. I couldn’t gather my senses and I went upstairs to my bathroom and slit my wrist.

Their father (Eminem) you know somebody who is supposed to teach them respect and I don’t know I just don’t appreciate what is written in the songs about me I don’t appreciate them being played around our children and I’m sure it doesn’t set a good example for him especially you know letting them believe that it’s okay for a man to disrespect you like that in any way is not acceptable to me.

Kimberly in an interview with ABC news

Kimberly Anne Scott arrested

Kim has been meeting headlines for all the wrong reasons regarding drug abuse. In 2003, Kim faced a month in jail for violating her probation, and in 2015, she crashed her car into a pole while driving under the drug influence. Later on, she named it an intentional suicide attempt.  

She was in the limelight again because of the Macomb Country suicide attempt. It was a shame for a lady who resented her sister’s death to have such an attempt on her records.

According to Kim, she was rich enough to pay her bills and fulfill every demand of her kids, but she had lost the trust of her friends and family, she had no one to talk to, and thus she was depressed and did not want to live.

Funny enough, there was also a rumor of Kim being dead. But it is far from the truth, she has been keeping a low profile since 2015, and both Kim and Eminem are peacefully living their own lives.

Eminem’s ex-wife attempts suicide

On August 12, 2021, Kimberly tried to commit suicide. She was grieving her mother’s death before she attempted suicide. On July 23, Kathy, her mother, passed away due to bad health.

Kimberly was very close to her mother, and Kathy’s loss left her devastated. She scuffled with police and paramedics who arrived on the scene to help her. Kim had a lot of cuts on the back of her leg and blood on the floor.

Kimberly Scott with her mother Kathy
Kimberly with her mother, Kathy

Songs on Kimberly Anne Scott

“Kim” is a song written by Kimberly Anne Scott’s ex-husband Eminem as a diss track for his 2000 album The Marshall Mathers LP. 

Another song, “97 Bonnie & Clyde”, was released in 1999. It also talks about his hatred towards Kim.

After seeing Kim kissing him, Eminem was sentenced to two years of probation for attacking a bouncer named John Guerra. After this incident, he wrote another song, “This Kiss,” for his 2002 album, The Eminem Show. 

Eminem has also written another song called “Bad Husband,” which was released in 2017. This song was an apology song to Kimberly Anne Scott.

Kimberly Anne Scott net worth

Kim receives a sum of USD 52,000 from her ex-husband Eminem for child and spousal support, along with her income from royalties of children’s books and designs, which have summed up her estimated net worth of around USD 2 million.

Kimberly Anne Scott social media


Kimberly seems to be active on Twitter, where she shares posts about her family. Her Twitter id is @Kimberly_Scott


We came across multiple Instagram accounts that looked like Kimberly’s account; however, we didn’t include them as we were unsure.


We have come across two FB profiles of Kim Scott; however, while researching and analyzing various posts of her, in one of them, she has made it obvious that she doesn’t want media or anyone close to her to find her on FB.

We will respect that and will not disclose Kimberly Anne Scott’s Facebook profile. Sorry readers!

Kimberly Anne Scott 2021 update

August 11, 2021 Update: Kimberly’s mother passed away recently. She was very upset with it and tried to commit suicide. She had cut herself and have multiple small lacerations on the back of her leg and a good amount of blood on floor. She was violent with police and emergency workers. She had to be restrained by the deputies so that they can check her vitals and help her.

Nowadays, Kim Scott Mathers has been keeping a low profile. She got clean and is leading a quiet life taking care of her children. 

Kim has also become an author and an illustrator who makes children’s books. In 2015, she was seen cheering for her daughter, Hailie, on her graduation. 

On the other hand, Eminem has been coming up with new albums and songs once in a while. He has also been linked with famous women like Mariah Carey, Kaya Jones, and Nicki Minaj.


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