Kirbie Wallace- Wife of Leon Robinson

Who is Kirbie Wallace?

Kirbie Wallace is among those celebrities’ wives about whom we still have much to know. But unfortunately, the fans of Leon Robinson have not yet heard much about Kirbie. She is a secret from the media’s eyes.

We have many questions popping into our heads right now. Are Kirbie Wallace and Leon Robinson still married? Did Leon Robinson marry Kirbie? Why does the couple hide from public appearances?

We are going to help you out in finding out more about this beautiful couple.

Kirbie Wallace net worth, biography and career
Kirbie Wallace Biography

Quick Facts

Full NameKirbie Wallace
BirthdateMarch 8, 1962
Age 61 years old
Sun signPisces
TraitsPositive– Incredibly creative, empathetic, and generous
– Overly emotional, impressionable, and closed off
BirthplaceNew York
Marital statusMarried
SpouseLeon Robinson
ChildrenNoelle Robinson (step-daughter)
Net worthUSD 1.5 million
Social mediaNot Active

Early life

Kirbie Wallace seems to be a genuine woman who grew up in a well-cultured family. But, this is only our guess as there are hardly any details about her family background.

It is surprising for Leon Robinson’s fans to have little information on his rumored wife, Kirbie.

Personality traits are the most attractive factor of any celebrity. Every woman is beautiful in her way, and there are no specific physical attributes to define a woman.

We can say that Kirbie Wallace is a lovely woman with a charming personality who loves to live a simple life. Kirbie likes to stay away from the media.

As mentioned earlier, Kirbie Wallace and Leon Robinson married when Leon was in his late 50s. But unfortunately, the marriage was private, and many of us have not heard more facts about their wedding.

Kirbie Wallace has a small family. She, her husband, and her step-daughter live together.

Relationships and Dating History

Kirbie and Leon Robinson reportedly married in 2017. However, he has not shared even a piece of information about his rumored wife, Kirbie Wallace.

Rumors said Leon was gay before, but it ended with his marriage to Kirbie.

Leon Robinson never spoke out about them despite being connected to many women. 

He has a daughter from his ex-girlfriend, Cynthia Bailey.

Leon Robinson with Cynthia Bailey
Leon Robinson with Cynthia Bailey

Leon never married Cynthia Bailey though they were together for over ten years. They share a daughter named Noelle Robinson. Their relationship began in 1990 and ended in 2003.

Kirbie Wallace is supposedly the only woman Leon Robinson married. They are reportedly still together, but any children’s news has not come out yet.

Leon Robinson (husband)

Leon Robinson is an actor, producer, and singer. He was born on 8 March 1962. Leon began his career in acting at the beginning of 1980.

He is the lead vocalist of his band named Leon and Peoples. Leon has been into both acting and singing.

Leon was associated with many girls but did not marry any. He finally tied the knot with Kirbie Wallace. He has a daughter named Noelle Robinson.

Leon Robinson shares a strong bond with his daughter as he posts many pictures of his daughter to cheer her up. He has been busy in his professional life and perhaps happy in his married life.

Noelle Robinson (stepdaughter)

Noelle Bailey was born on 9 November 1999 to Leon and Cynthia Bailey.

Noelle also revealed her relationship with her girlfriend, Alexis Powell. However, she said she didn’t want to confess the relationship until she was sure.

Noelle Robinson daughter of kirbie wallace
Stepdaughter Noelle Robinson

Noelle has been in a romantic relationship with her girlfriend. However, she recently confessed that they keep balance in each other’s lives.

Apart from this, Noelle Robinson is close to her father and has been modeling for a while now. Her Instagram ID is @noellerobinson. She joined Instagram in 2016.

Her Twitter handle is @noellerobinson. Noelle’s fans can keep themselves updated about her whereabouts through her social media.

Her mother, Cynthia Bailey, has an Instagram account with the ID @cynthiabailey. Noelle Robinson shared a picture with her mother on the occasion of mother’s day. So we can say that Noelle Robinson is her parent’s princess.

Noelle has been working as a model.

Kirbie Wallace Net worth

Kirbie Wallace’s net worth has increased after becoming the wife of a renowned actor. So let’s do a quick calculation on her net worth right now.

As the wife of Leon Robison, she has equal net worth as her husband.

Leon Robinson is a famous singer and producer, apart from being one of the famous actors. He also endorses various brands from which he earns a lot. According to some sources, Leon Robinson has a net worth of $1.5 million.

So, we can say that Kirbie Wallace has a net worth equal to her husband’s, $1.5 million.

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Social media

Kirbie’s appearance is not present on social media, nor has Leon ever made his wife public. Therefore, we must assume that Kirbie Wallace has no social media account. She is private about her life and lives a low-key life away from media and fans’ attention.

Leon Robinson’s Instagram account is @wwwjustleon, and his Twitter account is @justleon.

You can follow Leon on his Instagram and Twitter to stay updated about the couple’s life.

Where is Kirbie Wallace now?

Kirbie Wallace is someone whose presence is mysterious to all. The way the couple kept their marriage hidden from the media is questionable.

Some sources say Kirbie lives the happiest life with her husband, Leon Robinson. Kirbie Wallace is pleased with the way the couple has been till now. However, there is no sign of Leon Robinson sharing her pictures.

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