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Koren Grieveson: Bio, career, and net worth

Who is Koren Grieveson?

Koren Grieveson is former American army personnel, a well-renowned chef, gourmet specialist, and a reality star. She is also the ex-fiancée of a famous American chef called Anne Burrell. Koren Grieveson gained her reputation as a celebrity chef when she participated in a cookery show called ‘Top Chef’ in 2008.

Tim Anderson and his artwork mainly influence her cooking style.

Here is everything you need to know about Koren Grieveson and her life before and after gaining popularity.

Quick facts

Full name Koren Grieveson
Birthplace Luanda, Angola, South Africa
Date of birth November 4, 1971
Age 49 years old
Height 5”7′ inches (1.70m)
Eye color Dark brown
Hair color Dark brown
Profession Former US army personnel, chef, gourmet specialist, reality star.
Sun sign Scorpio
Academic institutes Culinary Institute of America/ Italian Culinary Institute for foreigners (ICIF)
Nationality American
Marital status Single
Ex-Fiancée Anne Burrell
Social media Twitter (@KorenGrieveson)
Net-worth $5 million

Age, family, and education

Koren Grieveson was born on November 4, 1971, in Luanda, Angola, South Africa. Grieveson has never shared much about her private life with the public, so the whereabouts of her family remains a mystery. However, many sources claim that her father is a poultry farmer who runs his own business.

The speculation was confirmed, when Koren said that her parents were well-renowned poultry businesspeople in an interview. She also mentioned her sisters and talked about how they are doing well for themselves. However, throughout the interview, she was careful not to mention the names of her parents or her siblings.

Due to her father’s chicken business, Koren Grieveson frequently moved to different countries like Zimbabwe, Iran, Brazil, and England. Her family finally settled in Glastonbury, Connecticut, after their stay in England.

Being a secretive person, Koren has never mentioned her education history much. Knowing how much she has traveled in her earlier days, she surely has been through multiple schools before settling in the US.

However, after Koren decided to make a career as a chef, she attended the Culinary Institute of America. Koren gained her expertise in culinary service through the school and graduated from the institute in 1998 with a degree in Associate in Occupation Studies. Sources claim that she also went to the Italian Culinary Institute (ICIF) in Asti, Italy.

Personality traits

Koren Grieveson will be turning 49 years old this November. Her sun sign lies under Scorpio. Scorpios are known for their willpower, shyness, and artistic abilities. They are incredibly determined about meeting their goals but shun any kind of attention towards them.

Perhaps this might explain Grieveson’s exceptional cooking skills and her preference to stay mysterious and private as much as possible.

Koren stands 5”7′ inches (1.70m) tall and she is openly lesbian. The Angolan-born chef mainly likes to keep her dark brown hair short. Her eye color is dark brown as well, and she loves tattoos. She has several tattoos around her body, including a prominent crest drawn in her body to remind her about her family and a piece of bacon dedicated to her passion for cooking.

Koren Grieveson relationships

Koren mainly came to popularity after she started working as a chef. So, her past relationship before she came to the limelight stays a mystery.

On the other hand, Koren allegedly met her ex-fiancée, Anne Burrell, in the sets of ‘Iron Chef America: The Series in 2010’, where Koren competed against Cat Cora in one of the episodes of the show. On the other hand, Anne Burrell was working as a sous-chef for the event.

Since then, the two were utterly committed to each other and had announced their engagement after two years via Twitter on December 31, 2012. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight on January 31, 2018, Anne also talked about her wedding plans in Vieques, Puerto Rico, with Koren Grieveson. However, the couple sadly broke their engagement in the same year under mysterious circumstances.

Ex fiancée – Anne Burrell

Just like Koren, Anne too is a famous chef and a reality star. Anne Burrell was born and raised in New York, attended Canisius College, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Mass communication in 1991. However, later, she joined the same institute as Koren in Italy called the Italian Culinary Institute for foreigners in 1996.

After graduating from the institute, Anne worked in nine different restaurants in Italy, including a famous restaurant called ‘la Bottega del 30’, in Tuscany. She has also worked as an instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education for some time. After gaining some experience in Italy, Burrell moved back to New York and worked as an executive chef in an Italian restaurant called ‘Centro Vinoteca.’

In 2005, she also appeared in a TV series called ‘Iron Chef’ as a sous-chef. The TV series airs on a TV channel called Food Network and is also the platform where Anne had first met Koren Grieveson. Due to her popularity in the TV shows, Anne then began working for a Food Network Show called ‘Secrets of Restaurant Chef’ and even co-hosted a show called ‘Worst Cooks in America.’

Besides working as a TV personality, Anne has authored some cookbooks, including bestsellers like, ‘Anne’s Scrumptious Pancake and Syrup Recipes’ and ‘Anne’s Top 30 favorite cookie recipes’. Anne is famous for her meatball recipes and she has even successfully posted her recipe videos on her YouTube account.

Are Koren Grieveson and Anne Burrell married?

Anne Burrell and Koren were in a long-term relationship, which lasted for almost eight years. The news about Anne and Koren’s relationship was also how the general public got to know about the sexuality of the couple. But unfortunately, their relationship did not last long to the point where they would get married. Anne started dating Stuart Claxton in the same year she broke up with Koren.

Anne met Stuart Claxton through a dating app called ‘Bumble’. Claxton, who works as Univision’s advertising sales representative, asked Anne to marry him recently on April 22, 2020. However, the couple has postponed their wedding plans until the end of the lockdown due to Covid-19.

On the other hand, Koren Grieveson has not announced anything about her relationship status; which means she is still single.

Koren Grieveson career

Although people today know Koren only as a famous and talented chef, it took her several years to realize her love for cooking. Before her booming career as a chef, Koren was recruited into the army after moving back to the United States from England. She was only 17 years old at that time and had joined the US army to drive the jeep.

In an interview with Food & Wine, she stated, “My mother said to me, ‘you do know you’re signing up for eight years of your life?’ I didn’t know that, but being my typical stubborn self, I bit my tongue, swallowed my pride, and signed up anyway.”

Allegedly, Grieveson was strong-willed as a child, and that ultimately helped her join the army. She did several jobs while she served in the military for nine years.

Among all the jobs she did, Koren was the most satisfied when she worked as a chef in the army. After discovering her passion for cooking, Koren left her job with the US Army and catered for rock-and-roll bands in New York. In an interview with Food & Wind, she stated that she provided catering for a music festival called ‘Lollapalooza’ and even to various groups like ‘The Eagles’ and ‘The Rolling Stones’.

But after some time, her father pushed her to get a career; which led her to join institutes like the Culinary Institute of America and Italian Culinary Institute (ICIF) to gain professional expertise in culinary service. After achieving her degree, she landed a job as a sous-gourmet expert at Kahan’s ‘Blackbird’ in 1998. The Chicago-based restaurant belongs to a famous American chef called Paul Kahan.

Koren worked for Paul Kahan’s Blackbird from 1998-2003. Her experience there helped her land a better paying job as a floor manager and chef-de-Cuisine in a restaurant called ‘Avec’, which she helped Paul Kahan open. The restaurant is a hugely popular Mediterranean-focused wine bar, and Koren worked there for nine years and decided to quit in 2012.

However, there is no doubt that Koren has played a considerable role in taking restaurants like Blackbird and Avec into the critically acclaimed restaurants that they are today. Koren worked with Paul Kahan for almost fourteen years. Her contribution to Kahan’s company even led the company to make an official statement when she handed her resignation.

A part of the company’s statement read, “We are saddened to announce the departure of our longtime chef, partner, and friend Koren Grieveson. Her contributions to Avec have been substantial, and our pride and respect for what we have accomplished together have been inspiring.”

After leaving Avec, Koren moved to New York from Chicago and opened her restaurant called ‘Claudette.’ Likewise, she also appeared in several cookery shows like ‘Iron Chef’ and was also an executive chef at ‘NYC Resto’ in 2015. She only worked in the Resto as a summer job but stated it was one of the most significant opportunities of her life. While working there, she helped change and update their menu through the experiences she had gained by working in famous restaurants like Avec and Blackbird.

Today, after gathering all her experience by working for different restaurants, Koren works as a meat chef at her eatery and gastro bar in New York. Her restaurant is always fully brimmed with customers who are passionate about food, just like her.

Awards and recognition

Year Category
2008 Best New Chef by Food & Wine
2010 Best Chef in America: Great Lakes Award from the James Beard Foundation

Koren Grieveson net worth

Although Koren mainly came to the limelight because of her relationship with Anne Burrell, she has been able to accumulate her wealth by working for some famous restaurants. According to sources, Koren’s net worth stands at $5 million today. Although her annual salary is not available and hidden from the public, she owns her restaurant and even several properties; which will surely keep her financially stable throughout her life. 

Social media presence

Although Koren likes to keep a low profile, she does own a Twitter account. She mainly retweets tweets that are related to politics in the United States. However, she often also tweets mouth-watering pictures of the food she works on, which are undoubtedly a treat to the eyes. 

Koren Grieveson (@KorenGrieveson) _ Twitter

Koren Grieveson (@KorenGrieveson) _ Twitter

Sadly, Koren Grieveson does not own any Facebook or Instagram account. 

Koren Grieveson now 

Koren Grieveson’s journey to becoming a chef is surely inspiring mainly to the up-and-coming future chefs and to the majority of food enthusiasts who love her cooking. Today, the experiences she gained, during her earlier days when she traveled to different countries due to her father’s business to her working in different acclaimed restaurants, have inspired her cooking styles.

During her interview with Food & Wine, she stated that “I do remember the food in all of these places, and that probably plays a role in my culinary perspective.”

Although her relationship with Anne Burrell did not work out as expected, we sure do hope her career as a chef remains successful. She thoroughly deserves all the success, mainly considering all the hard work and time she has spent in it. 



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