Korie Koker: Meet the Rock-Music crazy wife of Danny Koker

Who is Korie Koker?

A Rock music lover, a businesswoman, and a lovely wife, these three roles pretty much sum up her life. Korie Koker is a 56-year-old businesswoman and a die-hard Rock music lover. In addition, she is well-known as the wife of Danny Koker, an American car restorer and reality TV star.

Danny Koker is known as ‘The Count’ because this famous American personality owns ‘Count’s Kustoms,’ an automotive shop that does specialization and customizations. Danny is also the star of reality shows like ‘Counting Cars’ and ‘Pawn Stars.

Korie Koker is a bold and versatile lady. She loves Rock music and owns her bar and grill business named ‘Counts Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill’ with her husband, Danny. The bar serves delicious food with live Rock music.

Korie Koker Biography
Korie Koker Biography

Here’s more information about Korie Koker that could help you get insight into her life.

Quick facts

Full nameKorie Fera-Koker
Maiden nameKorie Fera
BirthdayAugust 8, 1965
Age57 years old
Sun sign Leo
TraitsPositive: Confident, passionate, and determined
Negative: Attention-seeking, naive, and stubborn
BirthplaceLas Vegas, Nevada, USA
Currently residingLas Vegas, Nevada, USA
EducationBA degree in Broadcasting
In-lawsDaniel Koker Sr (father-in-law)
Mary Koker (mother-in-law)
Marital statusMarried
SpouseDaniel Nicholas Koker II
Net worthLess than USD 1 million
Social mediaInstagram
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorWine-red
Height5 ft.7 inches (1.89m)

Early life

Korie Koker
Korie Koker

Korie Koker was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 8, 1965, but grew up in Chicago. 

She is a Leo. Leo women are known for their self-discipline. They have better control over their emotions and thus seem too distant; however they are not. She is confident, passionate, and determined. But, there is a negative side to Leo women, too; they are attention-seeking, naive, and stubborn.

The name Korie is a variant of Corey (Irish, Gaelic) and Kori (Greek), and the meaning of Korie is “the hollow.”

She completed her graduation in Broadcasting in Chicago. 

Korie stands tall, with a height of 5 ft. 7 inches (1.89m); the information about her weight is not yet public. She has beautiful blue eyes, long wine-colored hair, and a jaw-dropping slim body.

Korie loves Rock music and initially started her career as a singer. Later on, she got immense fame and limelight when she tied the knot with the ‘Counting Cars’ star – Danny Koker, in 2015.

Korie has a rock-star look, and she never fails to flaunt herself in her Instagram pictures. She is confident, and she loves to wear black dresses.

A black dress with red wine-colored hair and smokey eye makeup reflects her style statement.

She is pretty open about her relationship with her husband, Danny Koker. She loves to post beautiful pictures of their private moments on her social media pages.

Since Korie is career-oriented, she works with her partner Danny in their joint business. We wish them good luck with their love life and career.


Korie Koker married her long-term boyfriend, Danny Koker, in 2015. The beautiful couple first met in Nevada, Las Vegas.

The love birds have also established their jointly owned restaurant named ‘Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill,’ which serves delicious foods accompanied by good rock music to the customers. Vamp’d a fantastic place for a food-lover who enjoys good food and live music.

Korie and Danny do not have any children as of now. The duo is currently busy building their career. The couple seems to enjoy their personal and professional life to the fullest.

You can often find them posting their pictures and selfies on social media, which is fascinating.

She gathered all the media attention after she married Danny Koker – known for ‘Counting Cars,’ a famous reality car show.

Danny Koker (husband)

Owner of Counting Cars Danny
Danny Koker, husband of Korie

Danny Koker was born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, on January 5, 1964, to Mary and Danny Koker Sr.

His father, Danny Koker Sr, was a musician and worked at Ford Motor.

Danny mastered Automobiles and eventually opened his automobile restoration and modification firm, ‘ Counts Kustoms.’

Danny was also involved in the entertainment industry and co-owned a local TV station. He hosted the show ‘Saturday Fright at the Movies’ on the co-owned TV station. Korie’s husband also appeared as an automobile expert in ‘Pawn Stars.

Eventually, Danny Koker appeared in his show Counting Cars’, which started in 2012. The show was a big hit for Koker.

Danny is a co-owner of Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill with his wife. He also owns a Casino and a tattoo parlor inside the Rio All-Suite Hotel.


Event organized by the company Counts Vampd
Korey with her husband Danny Koker in a show organized by Count’s Vamp

After graduating from Broadcasting, Korie Koker started her career as a production coordinator and camera operator for some local television. Later on, she worked as a promotion director for a few years.

Initially, Korie worked behind the camera for various media houses. However, she never let her love for rock music die; she joined a rock band as a singer until its dissolution.

Korie and Danny Koker are both life and business partners. She usually signs up new rock and roll bands to perform in her bar – Vamp’d.

Korie is rocking both her personal and professional life.


There were a lot of false rumors and misunderstandings about the death of Korie in a car accident. However, Korie is alive and kicking to date. Therefore, it was just a baseless rumor.

In 2008, another misunderstanding also took place about the death of Korie’s husband, Daniel Koker. However, his father died in an accident, and he was confused with Daniel Koker because of an identical title.

The Koker couple is alive and busy building their careers together.

net worth

Korie is a versatile woman. She is a businesswoman, singer, and also media personality.

Korie Koker with Danny Koker, Scotty, Jeff Tortora
Korie Koker with Danny Koker, Scotty, Jeff Tortora

The exact information about Korie’s net worth is not public. But she is undoubtedly living a very luxurious life with her celebrity husband, Danny Koker.

On the other hand, Korie’s husband, Danny Koker, net worth is approximately USD 13 million. One of the primary sources of his earnings is his famous TV show ‘Counting Cars’.

The Counting Cars star Danny is also a car restoration firm owner. Furthermore, Danny had more than 55 cars and 70 motorcycles in his collection until a few years ago. So undoubtedly, he is a big-time automobile lover.

Apart from TV shows and his restoration firm, Danny also generates income from Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill, his tattoo parlor, and his Casino.

Social media

Korie is active on her social media platform. She has over 4k followers on her Twitter account and over 1k followers on her Instagram account.

Her Instagram is full of beautiful pictures of her husband – Danny Koker, her buddies, and the events she has arranged.

On her Twitter account, Korie loves to post the schedule of Rock Bands.

Her social media is an exciting place to be if you are a Rock music lover.

You can know about the whereabouts of her life through her Instagram and Twitter:


So what is Korie up to now?

Korie is very busy living her life with her husband, Danny Koker.

Additionally, she looks after her bar and grill business – Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill. She manages the events and hires the rock bands/singers for live performances at Vamp’d.

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