Krista Visentin: David Visentin’s Wife, Bio, Family, Career, and Net Worth

Krista Visentin biography net worth career and family

Who is Krista Vinsentin?

Krista Visentin is a real estate agent from America. She was hardly in the limelight until her relationship with actor David Visentin.

Krista and David’s relationship was the reason behind fans being curious about her. They wanted to know about this gorgeous diva who stole David Visentin’s heart.

Krista has achieved a lot by herself and never depends on her husband’s fame. Krista is an inspiration to many for being a successful independent woman. Regardless of her husband David’s recognition, Krista has successfully maintained a private life.

Today, we go deep into the life of this booming real estate agent and celebrity wife, Krista Visentin.

Quick facts

Full Name Krista Visentin
Birthday Unknown
Birth Place Ontario, Canada
Ethnicity White
Nationality Canadian
Profession Real Estate Agent
Hair Blonde
Eyes Dark Brown
Spouse David Visentin
Children Logan Visentin
Net worth Unknown
Social media Not Active
Marital status Married

Krista Visentin birth and early life

Krista Visentin is a real estate agent born in Ontario, Canada. After her marriage to David Visentin, she changed her surname to Visentin.

Krista’s name before her marriage was Krista Grycko. Her nationality is Canadian. We are not aware of Krista’s exact date of birth, but by seeing her physical attributes, she seems to be in her 50s.

In the 70s, things were pretty different compared to today’s parental standards. Youngsters were outgoing and interactive back in the days. They were also more active and capable of critical thinking than today’s kids.

Krista grew up in a similar environment. She was allowed to be creative and do things that challenged her. Her childhood had some bumps and bruises, but it was also full of beautiful moments.

Back then, watching television was something the whole family did together and enjoyed. Krista recalls her wonderful childhood with loving parents.

She is very close with her parents to this day. Krista’s family wanted the best for her. They always encouraged her to focus on her education from a young age.

She went to a local high school in her hometown and graduated. But, we are unsure about the name of the schools she attended. But by observing her personality and career, we can say that Krista is a well-educated person.

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Krista Visentin career as a realtor

Krista Visentin is not a big-time actress or any Hollywood celebrity. But that doesn’t mean she is not successful. She is a dedicated real estate agent disciplined in her line of work.

Krista advises her clients with much-needed information on property issues. She gained attention after her marriage to the Canadian TV personality David Visentin. He started his career as a real estate agent, spending 16 years in the Country Living Realty.

Krista Visentin, David Visentin

His father also used to work in the same area. Following his father’s footsteps, David joined the real estate. But later, he became a television personality.

Due to David’s success, Krista suddenly came into the limelight. Being a person who enjoys her privacy, she has kept her private matters out of the media.

Krista is a strong woman who takes care of her home and works in real estate. She is a confident and assertive woman as most struggle giving time to both work and household.

According to sources, a real estate agent makes approximately 90k per year. This tally suggests that Krista makes a good income from her career.

Krista Visentin relationship with David Visentin

Krista Visentin is happily married to her spouse David Visentin. The couple has always been inseparable since their marriage. Krista even decided to take her husband’s last name, Visentin.

The lovely couple exchanged their wedding vows on 7th October 2006 after dating for a few years. The media did not highlight the wedding as David was not famous during the time. It was a small private ceremony in the presence of families and friends.

Since then, David and Krista have been living together in Canada as a family. They both maintain a great relationship based on mutual respect and understanding. Their marriage seems to be going strong so far.

Krista and David have a child, Logan Visentin, whom they welcomed on 30th March 2011.

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David Visentin and Hilary Farr Affair Rumors

If you work in the glamorous industry of TV and movies, you will likely spark some talks about yourself. There were also some rumors about David Visentin. We are all aware of David and Hillary Farr from the show ‘Love it or List it.’

They work together and seem to have great chemistry. David and Hillary’s chemistry created rumors about the two having a secret affair. Later, David denied all the stories and added that he was a loyal father and a devoted husband.

Hillary Far and David Visentin

Hillary Farr also cleared the air and stated that they are nothing more than colleagues.

Krista and David had a mature communication about the matter. Many women may seem jealous of their husbands working with another woman but, Krista appears to be an understanding wife.

Krista’s husband, David Visentin

David Visentin is a Canadian actor, TV host, retailer, and real estate, agent. David started as a real estate agent in a company called Country Living Realty. During David’s time there, his father also worked with him.

He is famous for his work in ‘Love it or List it,’ a Canadian- American home design TV show. David hosted the show with co-star Hilary Farr, a reputed interior designer. He was cast by Big Coats Production as a host and began working with Hillary in 2008.

David has also appeared in many shows like ‘This Hour has 22 minutes’, ‘The Today’s Show,’ and ‘Harry.’ David Visentin was born and raised in Canada. He comes from a mixed ethnicity of part Italian and part Scottish.

Krista Visentin: Net Worth/ Social Media

Real estate agents make a good income. The income is even more when you’re one of the famous agents in the business. As an agent working consistently, Krista has managed to collect a hefty sum of money. She has not revealed her net income yet.

A real estate agent in the USA earns around $87k annually. We can assume that she also makes a similar amount of money in a year.

Her husband’s estimated net worth is $6 million. That comes from David’s career as an agent and a TV actor.

Best known for his show ‘Love it Or Hate It,’ David earns around $23k per episode and makes about $300k per season. With that kind of income stream, the Visentin family lives a prosperous life. They live lavishly in their Canadian house with their family.

There is an Instagram account under Krista’s name, Krista Grycko Visentin.

It is a private account with 93 followers. It seems like a family-and-friends-only account.