Kurush Mistry Accident News: What Happened To Him?

Kurush Mistry accident news has worried many of her fans worldwide. Mistry has been with the company for the past nine years.

Kurush Mistry has been an oil analyst at Freepoint Commodities for nine years.

Mistry worked as an analyst at several major financial institutions before joining Freepoint, including Morgan Stanley Capital International, Barclays Capital, and Lehman Brothers.

Mistry provides critical insights into price trends, supply and demand dynamics, and market risks based on over a decade of experience analyzing the oil markets.

He creates reports at Freepoint that forecast crude oil and refined product prices to inform the company’s trading strategies.

Mistry is widely regarded as a leading expert on the factors influencing global oil prices.

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Kurush Mistry Accident News: Rumors or truth

As of the most recent updates, no credible evidence suggests about Kurush Mistry’s accident. The news has sparked fears and rumors about Kurush Mistry.

The rumor led some fans to believe he was injured in an accident. However, these rumors are unfounded and devoid of factual evidence.

Recently, unsubstantiated rumors have circulated regarding oil analyst Kurush Mistry being injured in an accident. However, as of now, there is no credible evidence to support these claims.

Kurush Mistry Accident news
The sources have not verified the Kurush Mistry Accident news. (Source- Inverness Courier)

The source of the rumors is vague speculation and gossip, likely started on social media or unreliable news sites.

Despite the lack of facts, the rumors have gained traction among some of Mistry’s fans and followers, sparking concern for his well-being.

But it’s important to note that reputable news outlets have not reported on any such incident involving Mistry.

This rumor is likely false information that has spiraled out of control on the internet and social media through shares and reposts by worried individuals.

What happened to Kurush Mistry?

Kurush Mistry, an Indian-origin American who was seen abusing Jewish people and displaying anti-Israel propaganda in Manhattan, has been fired.

Mistry worked as an Oil Analyst for Freepoint Commodities, a commodity trading and finance firm.

Kurush Mistry and his Indian-origin wife, Shailja Gupta, were seen in a viral video pasting anti-Israel posters over posters of Israelis kidnapped by Hamas, as well as harassing a Jewish person who confronted them.

The video went viral after Post-Millennial journalist Andy NgĂ´ shared it on X. The journalist quickly identified them as an Indian couple: Kurush Mistry, who works at Freepoint Commodities, and Shailja Gupta, a visual artist and filmmaker.

Kurush Mistry Accident
Kurush Mistry worked as an Oil Analyst for Freepoint Commodities. (Source- OP India)

Kurush Mistry previously worked at Morgan Stanley Capital International, Barclays Capital, and Lehman Brothers.

It is worth noting that David Messer, the founder and CEO of Freepoint Commodities, is a Jew.

Many people on social media questioned whether IIM-A recent graduate Mistry was well aware that the company he works for is owned and run by a Jew, given how openly he expressed his antisemitism.

The Indian-American couple in the viral video were seen covering posters of Israelis abducted by Hamas in the October 7 attack with anti-Isarael signs.

‘Israel is an apartheid state that commits genocide,’ one poster stated. “Occupiers face consequences,” said another sign.

The couple came prepared with printed posters, duct tape, and other stationeries to cover up the signs of the hostages.

Apart from her antisemitism, Shailja Gupta is also deeply Hinduphobic. Ahead of the Indian festival of Rakshabandhan in 2021, Gupta took to Facebook to characterize it as a ‘sexist holiday.’ 

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