Having recently celebrated her birthday over the weekend, Khloe shared an adorable photo with her brother Rob. Khloé posted the photo, which also included their youngest sister Kylie Jenner, with the caption, “Soulmates.”. Many positive comments flooded in, including ones from her sisters, Kylie and Kourtney.
The 23-year-old Kylie commented, “triplet souls,” and used a heart emoji. Then, as if feeling left out of the moment, Kourtney Kardashian joked, “Did you crop me out?”.

In recent years, Rob has largely stayed out of the spotlight. Khloé, however, stated that her brother was doing fine during part two of the KUWTK reunion this month.
Andy Cohen, a host of the show KUWTK, asked, “We’ve seen Rob more in the last few seasons – what made him want to come back to the show?”
In a response to it, Khloe said, “I think he just needed a break. I think also a lot of his personal relationships; really, it is not so much about physical appearance; it is a lot of how he felt internally about some of the women in his life and how they treated him, and how he felt they might have used him to get to certain areas or levels.”

The 37-years-old, Khloe added, “And I think that really affected him because my brother is such a lover and has, like, the most incredible heart and personality. And I think he is just getting stronger, and I think you have to get heartbroken, and you learn from your mistakes.”
Khloé revealed that Rob has been dating, as well as working hard to improve as a person overall. Khloe said, “I know Rob is really feeling really good about himself right now.”

During the show, Andy Cohen discusses how difficult it must be for Rob Kardashian to co-parent the 4-year-old Dream with his ex, Blac Chyna following her lawsuit against the Kardashian family.
“You know, I am sure it is, but we can only imagine how hard that is. And, I know he feels really guilty about that,” Khloe responded.
She continued, “So none of us ever make him feel bad about it, and Dream is honestly one of the most incredible little girls in the entire world. We never blur the two. We separate completely, and we respect that Chyna is the mother of Dream and we will always respect that that’s her position.”