Kyrie Barnes Parents: Mother Danielle Brown And Siblings Seek For Justice

Learn about Kyrie Barnes parents and their heartbreaking journey after their son was shot while sleeping in his Dallas apartment in a tragic incident.

Tragically, 7-year-old Kyrie Barnes, who was initially reported to be eight years old, has passed away after being shot while sleeping in his Dallas apartment.

The heartbreaking incident occurred around 9:30 pm on a Sunday when a bullet pierced his room through a second-story window at the Rothington Road apartment complex near Interstate 30 and Buckner Boulevard.

Dallas police confirmed his death from the injuries on Wednesday.

The community mourns the loss of this young life, and authorities are investigating the incident to determine the circumstances surrounding this devastating act of violence.

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Kyrie Barnes Parents: Mother Danielle Brown Seeks Justice

Danielle Brown, the grieving mother of 7-year-old Kyrie Barnes, who tragically lost his life while playing video games in their Dallas home, remembers her son as a loving child.

The heart-wrenching incident occurred on July 2 when three gunshots rang out while the family was lying in bed.

One of those bullets pierced the wall, striking Kyrie. Despite his mother’s prayers for recovery, he passed away on July 5.

Danielle pleads for justice, as Dallas police have not arrested or identified a suspect in the case.

Recalling that fateful night, she vividly remembers hearing fireworks that turned into gunshots, forever shattering her world. The sudden loss was unimaginable.

Kyrie Barnes parents seeks help
As a grieving mother, Danielle Brown earnestly implores anyone with information to step forward in the case. (Image Source: CBS News)

Only a month before the tragedy, Danielle and her three children had moved from Garland to Dallas.

Kyrie, the middle child, was known as the “man of the house,” always looking after his family, including his 10-year-old sister and 3-year-old brother.

“He was too good for the world,” Danielle mourns, cherishing her last memory of a Sunday movie night with her beloved son.

She emphasizes that this senseless act should never happen to any child and pleads with anyone who may have information to come forward and help bring justice for Kyrie.

An innocent child taken too soon, Kyrie Barnes’ family seeks closure and the assurance that justice will prevail.

Danielle’s heartfelt plea to the community stands as a reminder that this tragedy could touch anyone’s life, urging others to unite in seeking answers and holding those responsible accountable.

Kyrie Barnes Siblings

Kyrie Barnes, tragically taken at the tender age of 7, was the middle child in Danielle Brown’s family.

However, specific details about his siblings are currently unavailable.

The devastating incident occurred when gunshots rang out in their Dallas home on July 2, with one bullet piercing through the wall, fatally striking Kyrie. Despite his mother’s prayers, he passed away on July 5.

The loss of Kyrie, a loving child, has left a void in the hearts of his family and the community.

Kyrie Barnes siblings
Kyrie Barnes was the middle child of his parents. (Image Source: FOX 4 News)

As a grieving mother, Danielle cherishes her last memory of a Sunday movie night with her children.

While further information about Kyrie’s siblings remains undisclosed, his family’s profound loss serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of cherishing the time spent with loved ones.

The heartbreak of losing a child touches the lives of many, and the community mourns the loss of this innocent young soul.

As Dallas police continue their investigation and seek justice for Kyrie Barnes, his family remains in the thoughts and prayers of those who sympathize with their immense grief.

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