Laith Ashley Bottom Surgery: Before And After Photos

Laith Ashley Bottom Surgery has gathered a lot of attention as people wan to know about the personal details of the model.

Born on July 6, 1989, Laith Ashley De La Cruz is a multi-talented American of Dominican heritage, known for his work as a model, actor, activist, singer-songwriter, and entertainer.

In Harlem, New York, within a Dominican-American family setting, Laith developed an early passion for sports.

By 9, he was already engaged in boxing, baseball, and basketball, which became his favorite.

Throughout his high school years, Laith maintained his athletic pursuits, competing at a high level.

He often played on the boys’ team and was recognized as the top athlete in his school, a distinction awarded by the school’s athletic director, encompassing both male and female students.

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Laith Ashley Bottom Surgery: Any Changes In Before And After Photos?

Laith commenced his transformative journey in 2014. A year later, he took to Instagram, sharing photos from a collaboration with a friend.

These images quickly went viral. However, the rising fame came with its challenges. Negative comments flooded in, pushing Laith to contemplate shutting down his account.

But a timely repost by Laverne Cox fortified his decision to persist online. This physical and digital transition became instrumental in his journey to self-acceptance.

He has often spoken about how the transition surgeries facilitated his path to becoming his true self.

From a tender age, Laith had always sensed an inner distinction. At age four, he grappled with feelings he couldn’t yet articulate.

Laith Ashley
Laith Ashley transformation before and after pictures. (Source: Bright Side)

Growing up in a devout setting, he often prayed, hoping to align his feelings with societal expectations, mirroring struggles faced by many in the LGBTQ+ community with religious upbringings.

By 17, he identified as a lesbian after an online romantic liaison. But this designation didn’t sit right with him.

It wasn’t until he was 19 that he discovered and resonated with the term ‘transgender,” leading him to a more authentic self-identification.

Laith Ashley Religious Beliefs

Growing up, Laith’s perceptions were shaped by a religious upbringing, with his father being a Roman Catholic and his mother a Pentecostal Christian.

This familial context influenced their reactions when he began revealing his identity. At 17, Laith first identified as homosexual.

However, he was never comfortable labeling himself as a lesbian, stating, “Being assigned female at birth, I thought I was a lesbian, even though I disliked the term.”

At 19, after engaging with videos from the transgender community on YouTube, he recognized that he was transgender.

In 2013, he embraced his identity, commencing his medical transition in January 2014. Through hormone therapy, noticeable changes manifested: a deeper voice and the growth of a beard.

Laith ashley
Laith Ashley has been an inspiration for a lot of people. (Source:Them)

By the end of that year, he underwent a double mastectomy and chose the name ‘Laith,” which translates to ‘lion’ in Arabic, inspired by Laith Hakeem’s works.

Academically, Laith pursued business and psychology at Fairfield University, Connecticut. Post-graduation, he contributed to the community by joining Callen-Lorde Community Health Center.

As a social worker, he supported LGBT homeless youth, offering them guidance and support.

Laith Ashley is a prominent activist, especially concerning transgender rights and issues.

He collaborated with FLUX, a branch of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, focusing on heightening awareness and offering assistance to the trans and gender-diverse community.

Passionate about representing and safeguarding his community, he participates in Pride parades and frequently discusses the threats posed by transphobia and the importance of visibility for ethnic minorities.

In addition to his advocacy, Laith has been featured in numerous LGBTQ awareness campaigns.

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