Larissa Borges Overdose Linked To Death, Obituary

Larissa Borges Overdose is suspected to be the cause of her death. The influencer passed away suddenly, leaving her loved ones in mourning.

No one’s fate is known, and Borges’ ending couldn’t have been more tragic. The 33-year-old had her whole life planned ahead of her.

The Brazilian influencer’s death has shocked many, and tributes are overpouring on social media. Larissa’s family announced her passing on her IG on August 29, 2023.

Moreover, the family disclosed how Larissa was hospitalized prior to her tragic demise. The death has been said to have resulted from cardiac arrest.

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Larissa Borges Overdose: Rumored As Her Death Cause

Although we mentioned that Larissa passed away from a cardiac episode, it has not stopped the authorities from investigating her death.

As per UOL, the cops are investigating laboratory tests and autopsy reports to verify Larissa Borges’ death cause. They suspect that the influencer’s demise could have involved an overdose.

There are speculations that Larissa Borges’ overdose caused by alcoholic beverages or drugs could have caused her cardiac arrest.

Larissa Borges Overdose
Was Larissa Borges Overdose linked to her death? The investigation is ongoing (Source: Instagram)

Larissa’s family has not spoken on the said overdose speculations, which is entirely understandable, given that the household is mourning the young lady’s passing.

Furthermore, the Borges family disclosed that the blogger had a cardiac arrest while traveling to Gramado. She was hospitalized for a week in Rio Grande do Sul.

The young lady was in a come from 20th of August to her death on 29th August. On the morning of August 29, she had another cardiac episode and succumbed to it.

The family has also asked for financial support to help cover the funeral costs on social media. Anyone willing to assist is urged to donate as much as possible, which will pay the expenses.

Larissa Borges Obituary: Boyfriend And Parents Mourn Her Passing

The Brazilian influencer who was traveling with her boyfriend to Gramado has passed away. She was a lovable girl with a bright personality.

Borges is described as a charming lady with a hardworking and dedicated persona. She battled for her life in a coma and died like a warrior.

Larissa Borges shared how she left a legacy of determination, love, and joy. Her departure was unexpected, and her void could never be filled.

The 33-year-old was a Physical Education professional, as per some sites. She was a fitness fanatic and promoted healthy behaviors.

Larissa Borges Overdose
Larissa Borges Obituary reflects how much her family loves her (Source: Instagram)

Going through her IG posts, it can be seen that Larissa enjoyed going to beaches and hanging out with her friends. Boasting 27.5K followers, her IG bio includes Dream Big.

While Larissa Borges’ boyfriend has not been featured on her social media handle, he must also be mourning her death. He has not made any public appearances.

However, Larissa Borges’ father shared how he accompanied her during her travel to Gramado. Hopefully, we will get to know him more in the coming days.

To conclude, Larissa Borges was a Brazilian influencer who passed away on 29 August 2023. She was a hardworking person whose legacy will continue to live in her loved ones’ memories.

We express our heartfelt condolences to Larissa’s family and loved ones. May Borges’ soul rest in peace.

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