Larry Campbell NFL Network Net Worth 2024: Salary Before Death

Larry Campbell NFL Network net worth and salary were certainly more than the average producer as he worked in the company for more than 17 years.

Larry Campbell was a longtime news producer at the NFL Network & he had been with the network for 17 years, contributing to its growth and success.

Campbell was a 1996 graduate of Central State University and received his Master’s Degree from Michigan State University.

His educational background laid a solid foundation for his successful career in the media industry.

During his tenure at the NFL Network, Larry worked closely with hosts Andrew Siciliano and Steve Wyche.

His colleagues remember him as a dear friend and a dedicated professional & his sudden passing has been a tragic loss for the NFL.

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Larry Campbell NFL Network Net Worth 2024

Larry Campbell, a longtime news producer at the NFL Network, was a cornerstone of the network for 17 years.

His dedication, professionalism, and unique position as the only full-time black newsroom member made him a crucial asset.

His sudden passing in 2024 left a profound void in the industry, and the people who worked around him are deeply hurt.

Larry Campbell NFL Network Net Worth
Late NFL producer Larry Campbell’s net worth before death hasn’t been disclosed. (Source: Fox Business)

Significant achievements marked Larry’s career in the NFL Network & he produced numerous shows, including the NFL Report.

As for Larry Campbell NFL Network net worth, there is no public information available, and details about his income in 2024 have just remained confidential.

But it’s safe to say that Campbell, with his long tenure at the NFL Network, was likely compensated well for his work.

The salaries of news producers can vary widely, depending on their experience, the size of the network they work for, and other factors.

Working within the NFL Network, he has been part of dozens of shows and held a strong position in the company before his death.

Larry Campbell Salary Before Death

Larry Campbell’s dedication and professionalism made him a crucial asset for the NFL producer.

While the exact figures of Larry Campbell’s NFL Network net worth & salary remain undisclosed, certainly his experience earned him more than average producers.

We can look at the average earnings of NFL Network producers to estimate how big the name ‘Larry Campbell’ was.

The average salary for NFL Network producers is around $60K annually, which translates to approximately $5K monthly.

However, the senior producer earns at least $130K per year and could even go more based on the market value and experience he brings in-house.

However, it’s important to note that salaries can vary widely based on experience and role.

Larry Campbell NFL Network Net Worth
RIP Larry Campbell. Your contribution to the NFL Network shall never be forgotten. (Source: The US Sun)

For instance, a segment producer at NFL Network, a role similar to Campbell’s, earns an average of $75,000 annually.

This suggests that experienced producers like Campbell likely earned a higher salary, but the absence of actual data marks the dilemma about his salary before death.

Senior producers at the NFL Network, a position that Campbell may have held given his long tenure, earn between $96,000 and $154,000 annually.

In conclusion, while we don’t have the exact figures for Larry Campbell’s salary, the average earnings of NFL Network producers provide a glimpse into his potential earnings.

His long tenure and significant contributions to the network suggest he was likely on the higher pay scale.

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