Lashonia Johnson Arrest And Sentence: Fraud Charges

Lashonia Johnson Arrest: Johnson’s significant healthcare fraud case has made her the center of the spotlight in the world of crime and fraudulent activities.

Lashonia’s involvement in the fraudulent operation that targeted Tricare and the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs harmed her reputation and resulted in serious legal consequences.

Johnson co-owned Assurance Consolidated Pharmacy with her husband, John Cruise, in Spring, Texas. This pharmacy was a crucial node in the fraudulent scheme.

Moreover, her involvement went beyond simple ownership since she proactively encouraged wounded federal employees and claimants to join the wounded Federal Workers Advocate Association (IFWAA).

The production of compounded medications was at the center of the fraudulent scam. Additionally, Ladhonia was a crucial contributor to the creation of these drugs, along with her fellow conspirators.

The medications were developed based on federal reimbursement rates for specific ingredient formularies rather than the claimants’ medical needs.

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Lashonia Johnson Arrest: What Are The Sentences Given To Her?

Following her fraud in the medication services at Tricare, Lashonia Johnson’s arrest news started to spread all over the Internet.

Johnson’s legal issues started when she was connected to a sophisticated healthcare fraud operation that scammed TRICARE and the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs of the Department of Labor.

She co-owned Assurance Consolidated Pharmacy and served as a director for the Injured Federal Workers Advocate Association with her husband and fellow defendant, John Cruise.

Lashonia Johnson Arrest
Lashonia Johnson’s arrest news spread after she was found suspected of various crimes. (Source: India Filings)

In the program, injured federal employees and claimants were persuaded to register with IFWAA in exchange for promises of free assistance with their workers’ compensation claims.

Likewise, the accusations made against Johnson and her accomplices were severe.

They were accused of filing fake and fraudulent claims or prescriptions for compounded and other medications, all while putting financial advantage ahead of patients’ legitimate medical needs.

Without regard to medical need, the scam comprised altering reimbursement rates and paying kickbacks to patient recruiters and doctors to prescribe these medications.

The drugs were subsequently mailed to individuals who had never requested, desired or required them. Therefore, Lashonia suffered consequences due to her actions after a lengthy court process.

Her participation in the healthcare fraud plan was considered criminal and called for a harsh punishment. Johnson was eventually sentenced to 15 years in jail.

Furthermore, this lengthy sentence accurately captures the gravity of her participation in directing the fraudulent operations that threatened patient safety.

Lashonia Johnson Fraud Charges

Lashonia Johnson was sentenced to 15 years for various suspected fraud crimes. A list of charges includes false claims, conspiracy, kickbacks, and mail fraud.

The false claims include submitting false and fraudulent medical payments that only benefited them and their company while making substantial financial losses to the poor patients.

Similarly, Johnson was accused of conspiring with others to carry out this fraudulent scheme.

Lashonia Johnson Arrest
Lashonia Johnson’s fraud charges included mail fraud, kickbacks, and others. (Source: Lanka Xpress)

Through the IFWAA group, which was under the direction of the conspirators, they recruited people by promising them free aid with their workers’ compensation claims.

Other charges include allegations of kickback payments to doctors and patient recruiters. Regardless of medical necessity, these funds were allegedly traded for medication prescriptions.

Ultimately, Lashonia was charged with mail fraud, including sending medications falsely prescribed to individuals who frequently neither requested nor needed them.

As Johnson’s legal proceedings come to a close, the fight against healthcare fraud continues.

Moreover, her case serves as a strong warning for individuals considering abusing the healthcare system for their financial benefit. 

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