Republican Senate nominee slammed at the GOP Senate nominee’s history of alleged quack medicine.

Pennsylvania GOP senator mocked Mehmet Oz with surgical precision on Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight.”

During a segment on mental health, the host played a clip of nurses using cosmetics on female patients to “swing the balance between despair and recovery.”

Oliver was shocked. “I don’t know what is more alarming there, nurses being forced to take on the skills of a Sephora brand ambassador or the fact that “Can Makeup Cure Sad?” sounds like an episode that Dr. Oz did.”

As a result of Trump’s endorsement, Oz won the Republican primary in his home country of Pennsylvania but is struggling in polls against Democrat John Fetterman ahead of the November election.

The former “Dr. Oz Show” host, who is a cardiothoracic surgeon, promoted unproven and potentially dangerous treatments for various ailments, including hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19.

John Oliver with surgical precision on Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight”