Latrell McDougald Mugshot: Triton High School Teacher Arrested

Latrell McDougald mugshot, Triton High School’s math teacher known for equations, found himself in a different equation as his mugshot captures a moment beyond the classroom.

Latrell McDougald is a friendly guy who teaches math at Triton High School. He’s good at making numbers fun! But guess what?

Recently, Latrell got into a bit of trouble with the police.

They say he was driving too fast, like a speed racer, hitting 96 miles per hour and then zooming up to 150 mph during a chase.

Latrell admits he was speeding but thinks the police might have got it wrong. He didn’t notice the sirens, he says.

It’s all a bit confusing, and people are talking about it. Let’s hope Latrell gets things straightened out soon and returns to being an excellent math teacher!

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Latrell McDougald Mugshot Details

Latrell McDougald, an award-winning Triton High School math teacher, is in trouble.

He got caught up in a fast-and-furious situation over the weekend.

A police officer spotted him zooming at 96 miles per hour on Interstate 40, where the chase began.

The cop turned on the flashy lights and blaring sirens, but McDougald didn’t hit the brakes.

Latrell McDougald Mugshot
Latrell McDougald Mugshot details revealed.

Instead, he revved up to a whopping 150 mph! The wild ride continued as he exited Highway 242, ignored a stop sign, and swerved across lanes like a speedy movie scene.

Latrell admits he was speeding but claims he didn’t notice the cop tailing him.

He’s adamant that he never hit 150 mph, suggesting the trooper might have been racing to catch up.

In a bizarre twist, McDougald said he was just trying to get home around 2 a.m. to Raleigh.

This teacher, known for his math skills, now faces criminal charges and a not-so-teacher-like escapade on the roads.

Latrell McDougald Triton High School Teacher Arrested

Latrell McDougald, a teacher at Triton High School, hit a rough patch recently.

He’s known for teaching math, but now he’s making headlines for a different reason, getting arrested.

When a state trooper spotted Latrell going 96 miles per hour on Interstate 40, it all went down. The officer flicked on the lights and sirens, expecting McDougald to pull over.

But Latrell had other plans. Instead of stopping, he cranked up his speed to a jaw-dropping 150 mph!

The pursuit got crazier as he zoomed onto Highway 242, ignored a stop sign, and zigzagged across lanes.

Latrell McDougald Mugshot
Latrell McDougald arrest case update 2024.

Latrell does admit he was speeding but claims he didn’t realize the trooper was tailing him.

He disputes hitting 150 mph, suggesting the cop might have been hurrying to catch up.

In an odd turn, McDougald said he was trying to return to Raleigh around 2 a.m.

Now, this math whiz finds himself in hot water, facing criminal charges, and his reputation taking an unexpected detour.

The Triton High School teacher’s wild ride is a lesson no one saw coming.

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