Laura Andrés Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Pianist?

Laura Andrés is a pianist and composer. She has a long career as a pianist and keyboardist with other artists, projects and companies of different kinds (Shakira, Beth, La Cubana, Dagoll Dagom, etc.).

She has also been an accompanist for dance, actors and singers (Institut del Teatre, It dansa, Jove ballet de Catalunya), a teacher on television talent shows.

Laura Andrés
Laura Andrés

She has released two albums so far. Her first album called #blanc was released in 2021 and was awarded an Enderrock Prize. Her second album, Kintsugi, was presented in Lecce (Italy), Brussels, Madrid, Malaga and Barcelona.

Laura Andrés Age

We couldn’t find her exact age but according to her website, she studied classical piano in Barcelona and later specialized in Jaques-Dalcroze methodology in Geneva. 

She has also worked as an accompanist for famous musicians such as Shakira and Beth Rodergas2. She recently released her first solo album called #blanc2.

Laura Andrés with her Album
Laura Andrés with her Album

Her Instagram account @lauraandrespiano has 771 posts as of June 2023. She recently premiered her album #blanc in Madrid on April 30th, 20221.

You can find more information about her and her music on her website

For several years, Laura dedicated herself to pedagogy and teaching, imparting lessons to students of various age groups and conducting training programs for teachers at a national level.

In 2021, she released her debut album titled “#blanc,” which received an Enderrock Award. The following year, in 2022, Laura introduced her second album, “Kintsugi,” which she performed in several cities, including Lecce (Italy), Brussels, Madrid, Malaga, and Barcelona.

Laura Andrés
Laura Andrés

Laura is driven by her passion for music and her desire to evoke emotions in others. She believes in heartfelt communication through music, as she feels words can sometimes be misunderstood.

Ever since composition captured her from within, Laura has been continuously composing, combining her personal and professional life in a constant improvisation of the art of living and performing in our wonderful world.

Furthermore, Laura has an extensive career as a pianist and keyboardist, collaborating with various artists, projects, and companies such as Shakira, Beth, La Cubana, Dagoll Dagom, among others. She has also accompanied dancers, actors, and singers, worked as a teacher in television talent shows, and contributed to radio and educational programs.

Alongside her personal projects, Laura currently performs tribute concerts for Candlelight, paying homage to different artists. Her performances have taken her across Europe, and she has even arranged tribute concerts worldwide.

Laura Andrés is a multifaceted, curious, and versatile musician who also engages in other musical and composition projects, particularly for films and documentaries.

Laura Andrés’ talent and contributions

  • Enderrock Award: Laura Andrés received the prestigious Enderrock Award in 2021 for her debut album, “#blanc.”
  • Recognition for “Kintsugi”: Laura Andrés presented her second album, “Kintsugi,” in 2022, which garnered attention and acclaim during performances in various cities across Europe.

These awards acknowledge Laura Andrés’ talent and contributions as a pianist and composer.

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