LiAngelo Ball Arrest Charges: Where Is He Now?

In a startling change of events, LiAngelo Ball arrested in 2018 and became involved in a case that many people are still intrigued about and ready to learn more about.

His arrest’s circumstances are still unknown to many people, which gives the narrative a sense of suspense.

Explore this intriguing incident in depth to learn the untold details that have captured the interest of admirers all across the world.

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LiAngelo Ball Arrest Charges

LiAngelo Ball made news in May 2018 after he and UCLA teammates Cody Riley and Jalen Hill were detained in Hangzhou, China, for stealing sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store.

The players were later released on bond after the incident right before a game. On the Today Show, LiAngelo Ball discussed his arrest, expressed his displeasure with UCLA’s indefinite ban, and wants to return to the court.

As China approaches shoplifting differently than the United States, theft causes grave legal difficulties.

LiAngelo Ball
UCLA basketball players LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill break their silence after their arrest for alleged shoplifting in China. (Image Source: si)

Theft of high-value products can result in prosecution in the official Chinese criminal justice system, where convictions are common and prison sentences are probable.

However, minor offenses like petty theft might result in administrative punishments like fines or brief jail terms.

The circumstance jeopardized the players’ basketball careers and futures and highlighted the difficulties they experienced as young athletes.

LaVar Ball, LiAngelo ‘s father, decided to take his son out of UCLA and concentrate on getting him ready for a career in professional basketball in light of the arrest and its legal ramifications.

They changed their plans due to the occurrence, which acted as a wake-up call.

LaVar Ball stressed his unshakable dedication to his sons’ achievements by expressing faith in their skills and his determination to see them all play for the Los Angeles Lakers.

LiAngelo Ball Charges

LiAngelo Ball and his UCLA teammates may have been punished after the shoplifting incident in China. The group was charged with robbing sunglasses from a Hangzhou Louis Vuitton store.

The provided information omitted certain charges and the estimated value of the stolen goods.

However, the upscale atmosphere of the shop and the possible worth of the goods made it seem as though they would be in for some dire consequences.

Shoplifting may be prosecuted as a crime in China, and the consequences may be severe.

LiAngelo continues his basketball journey with the Greensboro Swarm, the G League affiliate of the Charlotte Hornets
LiAngelo continues his basketball journey with the Greensboro Swarm, the G League affiliate of the Charlotte Hornets (Image Source: Instagram)

It was indicated that theft of more expensive products would result in prosecution in the formal Chinese criminal justice system, albeit the specifics of the Chinese legal system were not given.

Chinese prosecutors’ high reported conviction rate increased the likelihood of a severe outcome.

The UCLA athletes were taken into custody and held for one and a half days in a Chinese prison.

Even though they were freed on bond, the case was still in progress, and the players’ futures were still in doubt.

They risk severe penalties, such as lengthy prison terms, if found guilty.

The pending legal case threw their basketball careers into doubt, highlighting the severe penalties their conduct would incur.

Where is LiAngelo Ball Now?

In the NBA G League, LiAngelo Ball is presently a player for the Greensboro Swarm.

While playing with his siblings Lonzo and LaMelo at Chino Hills High School, where they succeeded and won a state title, LiAngelo became well-known.

LiAngelo decided against playing collegiate basketball despite being a three-star recruit and signing with UCLA after being expelled for shoplifting in China before the 2017–2018 season.

After leaving UCLA, LiAngelo joined the professional Lithuanian team Prienai, where he acquired crucial global experience.

He also participated in the league his father, LaVar Ball, formed, the Junior Basketball Association (JBA).

LiAngelo briefly played for the Detroit Pistons in late 2020 after signing a contract with the organization, but he was released before the start of the 2020–2021 season.

LiAngelo plays basketball for the Greensboro Swarm, a Charlotte Hornets G League affiliate team.

He has the chance to demonstrate his talent and work toward his dream of playing in the NBA, thanks to his growth and success in the G League.

Along with his basketball prowess, LiAngelo has also become well-known thanks to his family’s reality series, Ball in the Family, and a pair of custom sneakers made by his father’s business, Big Baller Brand.

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