Libby Offutt bio, family, career, and net worth

Who is Libby Offutt?

Libby Offutt is the ex-girlfriend of a former American football player, Randy Moss. He represented many teams in the National Football League (NFL).

Libby is a name derived from the Hebrew Elisheba. It has two meanings ‘God is my oath’ or ‘my heart.’

Many of you might be big fans of high school love stories. Well, hate to break it to you, not all of them are that pretty. There is no relationship that exists forever, it always changes. But for some, it leaves forever deep ties. 

The name Libby Offutt comes into mind when many of you think about such stories. Libby was famed for her disturbing romance that made it to the media’s eyes numerous times.

Libby is a woman who loved a man while he had nothing and helped him succeed. She is a mother of five children and a drug addict who has struggled and adopted a healthier lifestyle.

Libby Offutt sure has a heck of a story to tell. Read on to know more about this marvelous woman.

quick facts

NicknameLibby Offutt
BirthdayNovember 1, 1975
Age47 years old
Birthplace St. Albans, Virginia, United States
ParentsFrank Montogmery Offutt (father)

Margarette Offutt (mother)
Marital Statussingle
Ex-boyfriendRandy Moss
Height1.68 m (5 feet 6 inches)
Weight62 Kg. (136 lbs)
Body measurement40-30-38
Shoe size (UK)6
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
Zodiac signScorpio
TraitsPositive: passionate, ambitious, assertive, loyal, and honest.

Negative: jealous, stubborn, and vindictive
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorWhite Blonde
Leisure interestReading, Listening to music, watching television
Favorite actorTom cruise
Favorite actressNatalie Portman
Favorite sportsSwimming
Favorite foodContinental Cuisine
Fashion style/brandsNot peculiar for brands.

interesting facts

1. Libby Offutt was born to a simple American family

Libby was born in St. Albans, Virginia, United States, to Frank Montogmery Offutt and Margarette Offutt.

Her father, Frank, was a chairman of the Board of Christian Education. He was also a basketball coach and worked as a deacon. 

2. Randy and Libby were high school sweethearts

Libby studied at DuPont High School. It is where she met her boyfriend, Randy Moss.

Randy and Libby began dating; however, they faced heavy criticism and were bullied due to their racial differences.

3. Libby Offutt got pregnant when she was still in high school

Libby gave birth to her first child, a daughter, in her senior year. Libby and Randy named the baby Sydney Nikale Moss.

4. Libby and Randy have never been married

After being in a relationship for a long time and even after sharing five children, Libby and Randy have never married. 

5. Randy and Libby have separated parents to their five children

Libby’s relationship with her boyfriend had a lot of ups and downs. While he was busy with his career, Libby was taking care of her children alone. 

They fought a lot and were even arrested for domestic battery. Libby accused Randy of cheating on her while she was pregnant with Sylee, whereas Randy accused Libby of abandoning the children.

After her mother testified in her favor, Randy and Libby got shared custody.

6. Libby Offutt had worked for jobs even after being a mother to a celebrity’s children

Besides being the mother of Randy’s children, Libby also had many other jobs. 

Libby was a waitress at Hooters, a cashier at 7-Eleven, and a sales associate at Home Goods.

7. Libby was a drug addict in her early life

Libby had a lot of disturbances and fights in her relationship with Randy. 

After all the frustrations, she became a victim of drug addiction and spent over USD 4 million on drugs. 

She struggled to stay clean, so her mother helped her during that process. Libby has been clean since 2007.

Libby Offutt childhood

Libby was born on November 1, 1975. She opened her eyes in St. Albans, Virginia, United States, as a daughter of father Frank Montogmery Offutt and mother Margarette Offutt.

Libby Offutt

Libby’s father worked for different organizations. He served as chairman of the Board of Christian Education and also worked as a deacon. He was also a basketball coach for a short period of time.

Frank also coached the girls’ basketball team, which must have helped Libby catch on with sports early.

Libby has two siblings, Angela and Jennifer Offutt.

Libby Offutt education

She went to Saint Albans High School in West Virginia along with her siblings.

After some time, Libby was transferred to DuPont High School, where she completed her graduation. That is where she first met and fell in love with her boyfriend.

Libby was a vibrant student, a sports enthusiast, and got along well with friends. Though she was an all-rounder, when it came to sports, she was an excellent swimmer during her high school days.

Libby Offutt personality traits

Libby is a religious person who believes in God. She is a loving mom who was born and raised in a happy Christian family. She is a fitness freak and loves to show her creativity every now and then.

Libby Offutt relationships

Being a Scorpio suits her in terms of her long and rather confusing relationship that was the limelight of the hour. She was believed to have been in a relationship during the 1990s. However, nothing was officially announced.

Randy Moss and Libby Offutt

She was in a relationship with retired American football player Randy Moss.

Randy Moss is a former American football player who played in the National Football League for 14 seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots, Tennesse Titans, and the San Francisco 49ers.

Moss is currently working as a sports analyst.

The relationship started quite early as Libby was still a high school student when she first met Randy. They were the interracial relationship gossip of the DuPont high school.

The interracial relationship was still a matter of criticism by then. Libby was not just pointed out, taunted, and cornered but was bullied and threatened because of her relationship with Randy.

The case worsened when she got pregnant.

She was in her senior year when she gave birth to her first child, a beautiful daughter, on March 6, 1994. She named her daughter Sydney Nikale Moss. Despite the happiness brought by the newborn, situations were not exactly in favor of Libby.

Randy received the “Kennedy Award” for the West Virginia football player of the year in the same year. He was in the prime time of his career when the baby entered his life. 

Libby and her parents practically raised Sydney as Randy was always on travel. Sydney was also passionate about sports. She was even appointed as assistant coach to the St. Thomas University Florida Women’s basketball team.

While Libby was staying put with all the cornering she faced due to this relationship, Randy could not bear the tormenting racial comments from their colleagues. His response to one of them ended up in a fight, for which he was penalized.

It was the year 1995 when as a punishment for the use of a fist, Randy spent three nights in jail. He got bail but had to leave his scholarship and bid goodbye to his dream of playing football for “Notre Dame Fighting Irish.”

He was ordered to serve the 27 days remaining punishment within the following 18 months. This was not enough to break the bond.

The couple got closer and fought together in hard times. Libby supported Randy all she could, but sometimes all is not enough.

This must have been hard for a young, unemployed, and lonely mother as Randy was busy with his career and travels. Libby was the one with kids at home.

Time and again, her frustrations led her to drug abuse. Her parents were the only people she could turn to during those hard times.

Cause of Libby Offutt and Randy Moss’s Divorce

One of the controversies Libby faced was the rumor which said Libby was the nanny of her own kids. She had posted a picture of her wearing a ring in defense of the rumor.

The argument in the court for their separation was full of controversies where both Libby and Randy claimed that the other party was trying to part them from their children.

Libby even accused Randy of cheating when she was pregnant with Sylee.

Though the exact reason for the separation has not been official, the controversy that was created during their official separation was a big hype in Libby’s life.

Randy and Libby after their split up

Soon after the breakup, Randy tied his knots with Lydia Griffith in a private ceremony in 2015. Randy has been working as a sports analyst since 2020. He appeared in Sunday NFL Countdown and Monday Night Countdown programs. 

Randy claimed that the burden of taking care of the abandoned children made him retire from football. However, Libby refused to accept the accusations and gave a counter statement.

According to Libby, her former boyfriend Randy was deliberately trying to keep her separated from their children. She claimed his accusations were false and didn’t want a settlement.

The legal issues were pretty intense as there were physical fights. They even filed a domestic battery case.

The argument was rough as Libby claimed her ex-boyfriend and his wife Lydia prohibited her from seeing her children even on Christmas.

After the dust settled, Libby again became the talk of the city when her son made a big hit of his career. She was also in the spotlight as a mother of the winning team’s best player after the Tigers’ victory against Clemson in the 2020 CFP Championship.

Libby Offutt children

The forty-five-year-old blonde has a total of five children with Randy. Her first child is a daughter and the second child is a son: Sydney Nikale Moss and Thaddeus Moss. They have an age difference of about four years. 

Libby Offutt children

The third child is a boy called Montigo (Tigo) born on June 28, 2002. Libby gave birth to her fourth child, a daughter named Senali Moss born two years after the birth of Tigo. After Senali, she gave birth to another daughter Sylee.

Sydney followed her grandfather’s passion for basketball, Sydney was dubbed as a WBCA player of the year twice.

Thaddeus followed his father’s career in football. Both of them are renowned sportspersons.

Libby’s son Thaddeus has represented the LSU Tigers football program from the team called Fighting Tigers.

Thaddeus started playing for Boone County High School, Lincoln (R.I) High, St. Albans High School, NC State Wolfpack, and Victory Christian Center High School. Since 2017, he has been playing for Louisiana State University.

Thaddeus’s team won the title of National Championship in 2020. Senali, also plays basketball and has become a YouTuber recently. Tigo and Sylee also play football.

The kids have a good relationship with their maternal grandma and dad.

Libby Offutt dieting- Instagram Post
Libby Offutt dieting- Instagram Post

Libby Offutt drug addiction

Despite their long-term relationship and so much sharing, Libby and Randy had their fair shares of troubles and disturbances in their relationship.

The headlines about their fight came into the spotlight in 1996 as the domestic battery: she was attacked by spilling hot water.

Her father Frank who was suffering from a rare degenerative disorder called “pure autonomic failure” for more than a decade. He passed away in post-surgery OPD on November 28, 2012.

This news was also hard for Libby.

Before their breakup, Libby made the news highlights when she was accused of spending around $4 million on drugs. Randy accused her of having abandoned the children under the influence of drugs.

Libby was struggling for a while, but she has been clean since 2007. Her mother was supportive during the process, which is why she came forward during the trials and testified in favor of her daughter.

Libby Offutt career

Being a mother of five itself is more than a job. However, Libby worked as a waitress at the Hooters. She also worked as a cashier at a 7-Eleven and as a sales associate at HomeGoods.

At present, she is spending quality time with her kids and is not engaged in any formal job as far as we know.

Libby Offutt net worth

Libby is said to have a net worth of approximately USD 100K.

Libby Offutt social media

In her posts, she remembers to be grateful for the beautiful life she has. Libby is a dog person. She loves trying healthy food, and enjoys the beauty of nature, especially filming different forms of the sky.

Libby Offutt's Dog
Libby Offutt’s Dog

She loves to show off her DIYs and kids more than often on her Instagram page. She loves hello kitty, just like any teenage girl of the 90s.

Libby is active on her two Instagram accounts. She also has a Facebook account with 955 followers. She proudly posts her kids’ pictures along with the picture of her ex-boyfriend on her social media accounts.

Besides their bitter breakup, their relationship still seems nice. If anything, Libby posts positive things about the father of her children.

She is having quality time with her kids and is at peace with her past.


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