Lilli Manzini Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Italian Actor?

Fans have expressed great interest in learning more about Lilli Manzini Wikipedia, particularly her age. The Italian figure has established her career in the field of dubbing.  

Lilli Manzini is a renowned Italian voice actress and dubbing director. In the 22nd season of Thomas & Friends, she became a member of the Italian voice cast.

According to her Instagram bio, she won the ” Vincenzo Crocitti International 2021 ” award as the best voice actress and dubbing director.

The dubbing director has hosted and authored the Radio Free Music Web program named “Without Filters.”

Additionally, she was featured in the advertisements for Ferrari (2022), Microdata Group (2022), and Spot Lievito Sohn Advanced (2020).

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Lilli Manzini Wikipedia: Age, Family, And Early Career

Lilli Manzini was born on September 18, 1976, in Rome, Italy. As of 2023, she is 47 years old.

Lilli is the grandkid of Arturo Dominici, a renowned actor and voice actor. She has an aunt named Germana Dominici, who is also an esteemed actress and voice actress. Whereas her father is Maurizio Manzini, who serves as the team manager for S.S. Lazio.

During her childhood, she began to pursue a profession in voice acting. As she grew older, she balanced her acting work with collaborations in journalism, taking on roles as a radio writer and television host for private networks in Rome.

Lili Manzini Wikipedia
Lili Manzini has achieved a lot in her career as a dubbing artist. (Source: Facebook)

However, since 2013, she has once again focused solely on her dubbing career. She is also a huge fan of Lucio Battisti, the Italian singer-songwriter, and demonstrates her admiration by sharing his pictures on her social media profiles, accompanied by enthusiastic praise.

During the period from 1995 to 2000, she worked as an independent journalist for MOMENTO SERA and ITALIA SERA. She also served as a co-host on the TV show “La sonnambula.”

Furthermore, she had partnerships with RDS (Radio Dimensione Suono in 1999) and R101 (Radio 101 in 2000/2001).

Lilli Manzini Contribution And Dream as Voice Actress

The voice actress returned for the reboot version, Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go, voicing Farona in Race for the Sodor Cup, along with a few other actors from the foreign language dubs of Thomas & Friends.

In the animated movie Farona and Frederico, Farona is a yellow electric engine from Spain with black and orange stripes.

In the animated TV show Thomas & Friends, she provided the voice for the character Charubala, who is depicted as a gentle and caring lady with a fondness for assuming responsibility within the Indian Railway.

Likewise, in the story of Ester the Excavator, the character Ester is depicted as a petite excavator employed by the Italian Construction Company, with her voice being provided by Lilli.

Another character she voiced in A New Arrival TV series is Ruth, a cheerful, chirpy, brave and energetic inventor who often reassures and comforts those at unease about new technology.

Lili Manzini Wikipedia
 Lili Manzini, as a dubbing actress, has contributed a lot to the Italian film industry. (Source: Facebook)

Ruth expects no nonsense from others and vehemently opposes individuals who abuse technology.

Lilli Manzini’s aspiration as a voice actor is to establish her own company and secure at least one loyal client.

Her ultimate goal is to provide employment opportunities to talented colleagues from the traditional school of voice acting, who have often been overlooked or mistreated.

The talented director claims that currently, because of mafias, interest groups, and undisclosed activities, her fellow colleagues are not only being unjustly excluded but also their artistic and professional contributions are not acknowledged.

Major Difficulties Faced By Lilli Manzini As A Voice Actress

In her opinion, she faces significant challenges every day, primarily because of a powerful group of individuals known as the “entrepreneurial mafia” in her industry. This has resulted in a major disruption for certain directors who are trapped within the confines of the system.

She asserts that, even though they recognized her talent, they failed to promote her due to her unfavorable reputation as an unpleasant and eccentric woman.

They prioritized supporting their favorite individuals and preferred those who had received recommendations over those who had dedicated decades to studying.

In spite of numerous obstacles, she has managed to establish herself as a prominent figure in the Italian dubbing field. Consequently, it is evident that she is a highly dedicated individual.

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