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Lily Sastry | Mr. Bean’s Daughter | Biography

Who is Lily Sastry?

Lily Sastry is among those who refuse to live in the shadows of their parent’s fame. They work hard to establish their own identity.

A bit different from the expectation of the “Mr. Bean” image, Lily, is a gorgeous lady. Formerly known as Lily Atkinson, she changed her name to Lily Sastry in 2015.

Many of you must have googled this name, but with popular keywords ‘daughter of Mr. Bean.’ But, Lily is a renowned singer and actor.

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Lily Sastry Biography
Lily Sastry Biography

Lily Sastry quick facts

Full nameLily Sastry
Height1.63m (5 feet 4 inches)
BirthdayJuly 11, 1995
Age26 years old
Body size34-28-34
EthnicityMixed British and Anglo-Indian
Zodiac signCancer
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorLight Brown
Favorite past timeSinging, dancing, story writing, and telling.
Favorite musicR & B and pop
Old school favoritesAretha Franklin, Diana Ross, and Whitney Houston
Favorite singersBeyonce, Bruno Mars, Frank Ocean
Fashion styleFormals: Dark-colored dresses, One-piece tops with heels,


Informal: Pajamas, Tights, and Baseball t-shirts

Lily childhood and family

Lily is the daughter of world-famous comedian Rowan Sebastian Atkinson. Lily’s mother, Sunetra Sastry, is a British make-up artist of Indian origin.

Lily was born on 11 July 1995, in the great city of London, UK. She has a brother, Benjamin Atkinson. At the time of her birth, Rowan’s famous show “Mr. Bean” was about to end. And, his career had only begun to skyrocket.

While Lily took her baby steps, “Mr. Bean” and “Blackadder” became some superhits by Rowan. Lily’s birth inevitably ended up bringing a good luck charm to her dad’s life. He not only got big shots in pictures but also got a chance to tow his daughter along.

Lily Sastry with her parents, Rowan Atkinson and Sunetra Sastry
Lily Sastry with her parents, Rowan Atkinson and Sunetra Sastry

Being the only daughter of a millionaire dad, Lily went to an all-girls school in London. She loved to sing, write songs, and act in musicals from her school days. She has taken singing classes since she was five.

Rowan supported her dream by letting her record the songs and upload them on SoundCloud. Lily’s cabaret classes started soon after the recording. Some even say Lily went to a boarding school in Oundle for a while.

Lily’s family often visited their countryside homes in Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire. Her grandparents were Eric Atkinson and Ella May Bainbridge. She had good company with her uncles growing up.

Having parents who both work in the film industry, Lily felt attracted to the show business. But, her interests were more towards singing and Burlesque dancing. Burlesque dance must be the reason behind Lily’s beautiful physique.

By every means, Lily grew up as a happy child in a simple family. Her party outfits always stole the hearts of the people around her. And, her simple, casual, but beautiful looks are gold.

Lily calls her brother, ‘Ben.’ Her brother grew up to be pretty cool too. He got accepted to the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst in 2016.

By the end of 2014, the Atkinson family started falling apart. Lily’s parents got into a big fight and finally separated by November 2015.

After the couple separated, Lily seemed very heartbroken. She ditched her surname and adopted her mother’s maiden name. Changing her surname seems like Lily’s revolutionary act against her father.

She lives with her mother. Having to see her dad leave his family was dumbfounding for Lily at a young age.

She took some time off, changed to a new name, and rebounded back to her usual self. Recently, people saw Lily with her dad at the premiere of Johny English Strikes. Everything seems okay between them now.

Lily Sastry not only looks like an Indian, but she also chose an Indian surname. She did this as a form of respect for her Indian mom. It is culturally unique for an Indian mom to provide a matrilineal name to her children.

Lily’s relation with Rowan’s controversies

It was natural for Lily to freak out, seeing her parents get separated after 25 years of marriage. The hot-on-heels situation based on the family tragedy was worse. She had to bear with the camera flashes on top of miserable rumors.

There were rumors of her father’s new relationship with an actress of her age, Louise Ford. Rowan and Louise gave birth to a baby girl – Isla, in December 2017. After her birth, the roaring rumors finally settled down as truth.

The controversy about Lily and Rowan falling apart was infamous in the media. Lily deleted her photographs and kept silent on social media for about two years. She came back after changing her account names from Lily Atkinson to Lily Sastry.

Her spokesperson denied the rumors. He suggested that Lily would like to make her career away from the spotlight of her father. And, “Sastry” would be a better stage name in her opinion.

Lily personality traits

As the nature of a cancer zodiac sign dictates, Lily is a sensitive person. Her pictures often seem like she is dodging the lens. She is compassionate in life as she’d rather avoid the media during hard times.

Lily Sastry

Lily is a loving, security-seeking person. But, at times like her Cabaret shows and her parent’s separation, she showed colossal courage.

Lily looked stunning with her family during the movie premiere in 2012. Her pictures from the premiere were an excellent portrait of her casual self. Even after the painful separation of her parents, she still keeps in touch with both of them.

Does Lily have a boyfriend or a husband?

Just a little hint to all the millennial bachelors out there–Lily is not dating anyone currently. This brunette beauty is busy paving her career path. She is also recovering from the trauma of her parent’s separation.

Lily Sastry career

Lily’s debut in the industry was when she was nine. Her debut work was a low-budget British kid’s show “Tooth” in 2004. For her next performance, Lily got an opportunity to appear in “Mr. Bean’s Holidays” in 2007.

Her performance was renowned as “Lily at the stereo” to the whole world. This opportunity got enhanced when she appeared in “Johny English Reborn” in 2011. She was only sixteen then and gained recognition for her beauty.

Lily was always next to her dad, in front of a camera. She appeared briefly on red carpet events. But, due to her family issues, she stayed out of the public eye.

Though Lily took a break from films, she could not quit her cabaret singing career.

Lily Sastry

Her first big cabaret show was a complete sold-out in September 2015 at the Pheasantry. She starred as the youngest person to perform a one-woman cabaret show called “simply, Lily.”

This show featured her original work along with a band to support her. Lily struggled both physically and mentally to give her all for this gig. The critics appreciated her show.

Her second show was a repeat performance at St. James Theatre, which continued as a country tour. Her music teaser for Rat in Gold released on the director’s Vimeo channel (2018), was her last hit.

Lily Sastry social media

Lily deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts shortly after her parents separated. But, she made a comeback as a stronger and more self-dependent lady.

Lily had a fantastic comeback with a picture that appears to be her album cover on 1 November 2018. Her racy outfit in the photo was the reason behind a roar in the music market.

She is on a path to break free from her dad’s fame, loathing a broken family, and toxic popularity. Lily still has a long way ahead in the course of keeping up with her passion.

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