Lin Tah Hwa Death News And Obituary: What Happened To Him?

While the Lin Tah Hwa death news has spread around the world like a blaze apparently, people’s concern seems to peak regarding it. Let’s get the latest update about it.

Lim Tah Hwa, also known as Lin Tah Hwa, is a significant stakeholder in Allied Tech, holding over 10% of the company’s shares.

In 2019, the misappropriation of funds made headlines, and JLC Advisors’ former managing partner, Jeffrey Ong Su Aun, implicated investor Lin Tah Hwa from Allied Technologies as the responsible party.

As of May 2022, Mr. Lin possessed 168 million shares of Allied Tech.

Besides his business endeavors, Lin Tah Hwa is renowned for his philanthropy, generously donating millions of dollars to various causes and faculties.

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Lin Tah Hwa Death News And Obituary: What Happened To Him?

The recent news of Lin Tah Hwa’s death has sent global shockwaves.

As a prominent shareholder in Allied Tech, Lin Tah Hwa’s name has been making headlines in connection with this unfortunate event.

The news of Lin Tah Hwa’s demise has also sparked numerous questions and discussions.

Sadly, the news is proven to be true. The stockholder is confirmed to have passed recently, and his obituary is available on Obituary Singapore.

Lin Tah Hwa death
Lin Tah Hwa’s death has been confirmed; he is no more.

Lin Tah Hwa’s obituary consists of paying condolence and respect to his family, particularly his spouse, Lucy Khoo. It must be a challenging time for the family.

The death cause and what led to his tragic passing has not been revealed so far. Was it by natural causes or other reasons? Much info is yet to be provided by the Hwa family.

Nonetheless, we provide our heartfelt condolences to Lin Tah Hwa’s wife, Lucy Khoo, and his loved ones.

Lin Tah Hwa Was Known For His Generosity

When it comes to talking about Lin Tah Hwa he is a very generous and selfless person.

The Allied Tech stakeholder, who owns 168 million shares, has significantly contributed to various charitable causes.

One notable act of generosity occurred in May 2023 when he made a remarkable gift of S$6 million to the National University of Singapore (NUS).

This generous donation was intended to help NUS build an endowment to strengthen Singapore’s mental health resilience.

Lin Tah Hwa’s philanthropy extended beyond monetary donations. In honor of his mother, Lin named the Yeo Boon Khim Mind Science Centre his humble contribution to charity and society.

Professor Chong Yap Seng, the Dean of NUS Medicine, expressed deep gratitude to Mr. Lin Tah Hwa for his remarkable generosity.

Lin Tah Hwa generosity
The Dean of NUS Medicine expressed his gratitude towards Lin Tah Hwa (second from the left) and his generous gift. (Source: NUS Law)

He also made a substantial S$2 million gift to the NUS Faculty of Law, establishing the Chan Sek Keong Professorship in Private Law.

Since 2009, Lin Tah Hwa and his family have made four other professorship gifts to NUS, further solidifying their dedication to supporting higher education.

These notable acts of philanthropy show that Lin Tah Hwa’s net worth is substantial.

However, his generosity and selflessness are what truly define him.

Through his charitable efforts, Lin has demonstrated a deep commitment to making a positive difference in society, leaving a lasting legacy of kindness and compassion.

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