Lizzy Musi: Meet The Coolest Drag Racing Goddess Of All Time

Who is Lizzy Musi? 

With a family background in racing and cars, Lizzy Musi chose a career in drag racing and became one of the greatest female drag racers.

She spent her childhood around cars, and she started competing at a very young age of eight. Lizzy was only 16 when she participated in junior Drag. She has won numerous drag races, breaking and setting new records, winning the hearts of lovers of this sport like a daredevil drag racer, and coming strong as an ideal role model for any girl.

She is also one of the brave girls who has proved that women are much more than their beautiful faces. Besides having attractive features, she has a strong determination and passion for racing.

She has set records in professional drag racing and featured on the cover of Drag illustrated Hottest issue in 2014.

Birth, Age, Nationality, and Family

Known as Lizzy Musi to drag racing fans, birth name was Elizabeth Musi. Lizzy was born in Carteret, New Jersey, on January 1, 1991. Born to Pat Musi and Elizabeth Musi as the eldest child, she was named after her mother.  

She has a younger sister Patricia who is also a drag racer, known as Tricia, to all her fans. Her sister’s name is the female version of their father’s name. 

As of 2020, Lizzy’s age is 29 years.

American by nationality, and with Swedish-American ethnicity, Lizzy is a racing goddess. Her father is not only a successful drag racer but also an engine builder. He is a native of Carteret, New Jersey, and her mother, a former drag racer, is from Stockholm, Sweden.

Early Life and Education

Lizzy had a penchant for racing since childhood. Being born in the family of racers, she grew up along with her sister in New Jersey. Both sisters transformed their fondness for playing with car toys to real racing at the race tracks.

Her racing career began when she was eight years old. She then rose in the sports through the ranks. Her last competitive action in Junior Drag was at the age of 16. Lizzy has won numerous drag races, set new records, won the hearts race lovers, and set an example for many girls that aspire to become a daredevil drag racer.

Lizzy graduated from Carter High School in New Jersey. She was very fond of her family business that involves dealing with vehicle engines. Because of her love for the family business, she discontinued her education after high school and stayed around her father’s workshop. 

Her formal education is until high school only. After completing high school, she started to work in her father’s shop, where she first began by sweeping floors and cleaning parts; this was the reason she gained surface knowledge of motor parts. 

She was very devoted to her work, and on top of that, she got her dad as a mentor. He guided her on racing and taught her ethics needed to become a successful person. 

Lizzy Musi’s Dad was a professional car racer in his generation with an impressive record. He has won about eight professional Street World Championships. Lizzy’s dad could not let go of his love for racing cars. Hence, after retirement, he joined the backroom staff of international car racing teams; which granted him the opportunity to repair and put their vehicles in top shape for competitions.

Lizzy, at the age of 22, moved to Mooresville, NC, in 2012, when her father relocated his engines business from New Jersey to North Carolina.

Personal Life and Relationships

Lizzy’s personal life has some unclear pictures of her love life. She has dated a couple of her fellow racers, but she has never gone public with the names.

Lizzy currently shares a romantic and robust relationship with street racer and TV Show ‘Street Outlaws’ star Kye Kelley. This racing couple made their relationship public in April 2017. She announced status as Kye Kelley’s girlfriend on her social media post while wishing him a happy birthday. She described him as her friend and the man she loves.

Besides the love between them, this racing couple has also taken to the race tracks together. Lizzy and Kye have participated in several racing events together as a couple. Interestingly, Lizzy won the ‘No Prep King’ race ahead of Kye Kelly at Firebird Raceway in Eagle, Idaho.

Lizzy’s boyfriend, Kye, was previously married to Allisa Mote from 2015 to 2017. He also has a daughter named Kenadigh Alexa Kelley from his previous marriage. Kye also has an elder daughter named Haleigh Kelley from his relationship with a woman named Sarah.

Lizzy Musi has a new puppy, a French Bulldog, and she is very protective of him. She traveled to California to pick him up last July, and his name is Biggie Smallz. Lizzy and Kye decided that a Frenchie would make the perfect pet for them after extensive research. Lizzy finds it adorable that French Bulldogs are very laid back with a penchant for couch potato-ism. Everyone is super impressed at how well she did her homework before getting the puppy. 

Lizzy and Kye have a happy relationship and are serious about their future together. Lizzy also gets along with Kye’s family that includes his mother and sister. 

Personality Trait

Full Name: Lizzy Musi
Date of Birth: January 1, 1991
Birthplace: New Jersey, USA
Age: 29 years
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 64 kg
Horoscope: Capricorn
Nationality: American
Profession: Car Racer
Parents: Pat Musi (Dad), Elizabeth Musi (Mum)
Sibling: Patricia Musi (Tricia, among fans)
Relationship status: In a relationship with TV actor and Racer, Kye Kelley
Marital status: Unmarried
Children: None
Ethnicity: Swedish-American


Lizzy is a Swedish-American racer born under the sun sign Capricorn; she is a winner and a daredevil. With a height of 1.75m, she looks great. She is also health-conscious and has maintained her weight to about 64 kg.

Born in a racing family and influenced by her racer-dad, we can say that she takes her profession very seriously and is always ready to hit the tracks no matter the circumstances.

Even with all the fame and money, Lizzy still has a lot of love and closeness with her family. She is a concerned daughter and a caring sister as well. She is humble and also a daredevil; these qualities make her perfect in every way.

Even after getting into multiple accidents, she never backed down from racing; and this demonstrates not only her inner strength but also her love of the sports.


After being a junior dragster at the age of 16, she was out of the competitive race for five years. She made her top sportsmen debut at the ADRL season opener in Houston in 2012. Despite a long break from racing, she qualified for the first round and also won the race. In the second round, she faced disqualification.

In 2014, Lizzy was recognized and awarded as ‘Rookie of the Year’ after she won her first national professional drag racing competition during the inaugural Professional Drag Racers Association in Virginia. She also had set the new record of finishing the race with 3.740 elapsed time.

Besides race tracks, she also worked in the family business in the front-office operations of her father’s business – Pat Musi Racing Engines, while her father worked behind the scenes, building powerful race-engines. Her work was to handle the parts and part orders mostly, invoicing, and e-mails. Her sister and mother dealt with the paper works.

Lizzy Musi became the first woman to break the 200 MPH barrier in 1/8 – mile in Doorslammer, without utilizing a supercharged engine. 2014 was an impressive year for her: not only was she handed the title of ‘Rookie Of The Year’, but she also got featured in the cover of ‘Drag Illustrated Hottest Issue’.

In October of 2015, Lizzy followed the feat by second career Pro Nitrous win at Brian Olson Memorial PDRA World Finals. In September of 2016, she won yet another accolade – the Pro Nitrous trophy in GALOT Motorsports Park racing.

Lizzy also set the record in the middle east Arabian Drag Racing League Pro Series, where she made the history by the first female driver to win in the Round 4 final. In Round 3, she recorded the quickest elapsed time in Pro Nitrous history with a 3.663-second blast in 2015 Dodge Dart (King Kong 6).

When Lizzy is out of form and not winning on the track, she is winning in other ways. She appeared along with Brittany Force in Drag Illustrated’s 30 Under 30 Who Make a Difference list. Although the sport is still male-dominated, daredevil women like Lizzy and Brittany are shattering the proverbial glass-ceiling in drag racing.

Accidents and Injuries

2012 was not an easy year for Lizzy. On April 22, 2012, she had a high-speed car crash in the third round qualification of the American Drag Racing League that took place in Bristol, Tenn. She lost control of her 1968 Camaro and drifted for a while before hitting the sidewall. Although the accident was horrible, she was not injured.

Even though 2012 was a lucky year for Lizzy, in 2015, she faced another unfortunate high-speed crash while she was driving in the opening round of Pro Nitrous Qualifying for the season-opening PDRA Texas Nationals at Texas Motorplex outside Dallas.

Lizzy Musi was racing against veteran Ron Muenks. During the race, she could not dominate her high-speed car, which caused a sharp-turn and collision with Muenk’s car. Both of them, fortunately, were able to open the parachute, and they were safe and unharmed.

The accidents did not stop there; in June 2018, Lizzy again suffered an accident. This time, it was with her boyfriend, Kye Kelley. She was getting ready for a discovery channel TV show ‘Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings’ opening episode in Topeka, Kansas, when her vehicle struck the retaining wall, causing extensive damage to the car. This time, she came out fine again.

We hope and pray that luck continues to favor our racing goddess.

Net Worth and Social Media

Besides being involved in a racing career, she also has a television career. Her Instagram page is alive too. Likewise, she is still helping with the family business. Recently, she also has an Amazon store that sells beauty products recommended by her. Even though Lizzy does not appear to run the store, she shares in the profits from making recommendations and lending her brand value to the products she sells.

We estimate Lizzy Musi’s net worth at $500,000 by summing up the prize money that she has won at racing competitions. 

Lizzy’s social media is filled with stunning and bold pictures. Yet, her career, as a winning drag racer, is what has taken Lizzy over-the-top.

If you need to know anything about Lizzy, you can check out all the actions on her Instagram page. 

Her pages in different social media are:

Lizzy Musi Instagram Profile
Lizzy Musi Instagram Profile
Lizzy Musi FB Profile
Lizzy Musi FB Profile
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