Lois Clarke biography- Wife of actor and producer James Garner

Who is Lois Clarke?

Lois Clarke is the wife of James Garner, a famous actor, and producer. Their love story is a story to tell because it is full of challenges. Also, the Garner couple’s marriages stood the test of time and lasted forever.

Lois Clarke’s husband, James, passed away on July 19, 2014, and then Lois passed away on October 21, 2021. If you want to know the obstacles and why James Garner disapproved of his marriage with Lois Clarke, continue reading.

Lois Clarke biography

Quick facts

Full nameLois Josephine Garner
Maiden nameLois Josephine Fleishman Clarke
BirthdateJuly 6, 1923
DeathOctober 21, 2021
Sun signCancer
BirthplaceLos Angeles County, California, USA
Last residenceBrentwood, Los Angeles County, California, USA
Currently residingNot applicable
ParentsSamuel Hillis Fleischman,
Sarah Doltz Fleischman
SiblingsJoyce Fleischman
Marital statusMarried
SpouseJames Garner,
Keith Clarke (ex-husband)
ChildrenGreta Garner,
Kimberly Clarke from marriage with Keith Clarke
Net worthUSD 20 million
HobbiesArt history collection
Height4 feet 8 inches
Weight64 kg
Eye colorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Shoe size5 ( U.S )

early life

Lois Clarke with husband James Garner

Lois Clarke was born on July 6, 1923, to Samuel Hillis Fleishman and Sarah Doltz in Los Angeles, California, USA. Her maiden name is Lois Josephine Fleishman Clarke.

She has a sister Joyce Fleischman, but nothing more is known about her.

Based on her date of birth, she is a Cancerian. A Cancerian woman is known to be soft, loving, caring, and nurturing. However, she can be a fighter.

Because she was from an age with less information, and she was just a girl from the next door, we have little to no information.

She came to the limelight after rumors of her affair with James Garner. Additionally, we know that Lois was a strong-willed woman, which can help us understand how she withstood all the disapproval finally to marry her soul mate James Garner.

After marrying James, she changed her name to Lois Josephine Garner.

Lois Clarke relationship

Before marrying James Garner, Lois was married to Keith Clarke. We do not know the exact dates of their marriage; however, she has a daughter with Keith; her name is Kimberly. Her daughter was seven when she met and married James.

Lois Clarke with family

Lois Clarke met James in 1956 at a rally for Democratic presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson. She was an aspiring actress various James was already a successful actor. Garner had already met her at a friend’s barbecue and was in love with her. 

He asked Lois Clarke for a dinner. It must have been a mutual attraction, which is why two weeks after it they married each other at the Beverly Hills courthouse on August 17, 1956. After the marriage, her name catapulted into the main media. The Garner couple gained massive media attention.

Nevertheless, their relationship also faced various ups and downs like many marriages. But most significantly, the relationship between Clarke and Garner came into the news again in 1970.

There was news that the couple had an argument and had started living separately. Yet, the misunderstanding between the pair settled after about three months, and the pair began living together again.

James Garner

James Garner

James Garner was born on April 7, 1928, in Norman, Oklahoma, USA to Weldon Warren Bumgarner and Mildred Scott Bumgarner.

Lois’s husband is renowned as an actor, producer, and successful Hollywood actor on the big screen and TV. In addition, he has worked in more than 50 films. However, before that, he served in the army and participated in the Korean War as a rifleman.

James Garner started his career as an actor in 1956 with a movie titled “The girl he left behind.” However, his breakthrough came from the hit TV show ‘Maverick,’ where he played the main character Bret Maverick.

Furthermore, James Garner was featured in various other hit projects, namely, ‘Support your neighborhood gunfighter,’ ‘Skin Game,’ ‘A man named Sledge,’ and ‘One Little Indian.’ Following his success in these movies, Garner was featured in another hit series named ‘The Rockford files.’

Likewise, Garner made a name as a legend in the entertainment industry. His most recent project was in an animated show named ‘Superman / Shazam: The Return of Black Adam.’

With prodigious fame comes enormous finance. So, James Garner gathered an impressive net worth of USD 20 million throughout his life, which went to his widow Lois Clarke after his death. 

One cannot deny that James Garner was a phenomenon in the entertainment industry. Therefore, to commemorate his achievements and contributions, Jon Winokur and Julie Andrews published his biography on November 1, 2011.

Interestingly, Garner’s family was against the marriage as James was a Methodist and Lois was a Jewish, but neither was religious. 


Lois had a daughter from his first wife called Kimberly Clarke. After the marriage, James adopted Kimberly.

Two years after the marriage, Lois Clarke and James Garner gave birth to a daughter on January 4, 1958, Gigi Garner. Her real name is Greta S Garner.

Lois Clarke Career

Lois was an inspiring actress. She was additionally politically active, which is how she met James Clarke at a rally. However, she chose to be a loving housewife to Garner and supported her husband throughout his career as his strong backbone.

Lois Clarke is a loving wife and mother to her child. James Garner also stated that Lois had been a considerable part of his success, and he would not be what he is without his wife’s support.

Hence, one cannot say Lois Clarke does not deserve his enormous net worth. After all, she was the one who tended to the family while Garner pursued his dreams.


James Garner with his wife

Always remaining a decent and supportive wife to her husband, Lois Clarke foreseeably remained out of controversies. However, Clarke and Garner received some media backlash while the pair were separated for a short while in 1970.

Apart from the short-time media backlash, Clarke has never received any reprisal from her fans or the media. She has maintained her image as a hardworking woman and a responsible member of society.

Lois Clarke social media 

The 94-year-old is unsurprisingly not active on any social media pages. However, we can find her recent pictures on social media platforms and search engines due to the paparazzi image and her popularity that still exists.

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