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Loni Love bio, relationships, family, career, and net worth

Who is Loni Love?

The life story of Loni Love is awe-inspiring to many. From a normal kid to becoming a worldwide sensation as a stand-up comedian and TV personality. Loni Love has done it all.

How many lifetimes would it take for an ordinary person to achieve what Loni has achieved? It is something that happens quickly or very often. Loni, being a strong woman, has overcome the odds to stand where she stands today.

Loni pulled it off with her hard work and dedication. There had been hurdles along the way, and many people wanted to pull her legs. But despite it all, she managed to get the spotlight that she deserved.

Loni is a famous television personality, but things were not always like this. Loni had to go through her fair share of struggles to get where she is today. Starting her career as a comedian was not an easy job.

She pursued her career in the comedy industry way back when there were only a few female comics. Things were pretty hard for a female comedian since the industry was male-dominated. There were legends such as Steven Wright at the center of the stage.

With her talents, Loni became a crucial figure in the woman comic revolution. Although Joan Rivers had started the trend of woman comics in the mid-60s, women had a hard time making it a career.

Loni being a determined person, pursued her career in comedy and made her dreams come true.

She had started as an engineer before switching to comedy. Loni had an excellent job as an engineer and worked with the industry’s biggest names.

But, Loni always had a passion for stand-up comedy and wanted to be a part of that world. And with great hard work and struggles, Loni got in the stand-up comedy scene, making a name for herself.

You may have heard the name Loni Love as an important figure in the television industry.

Stick with us as we are diving deep into the life of Loni Love. We will answer all your queries about the successful comic and television personality.

Loni Love quick facts

Full nameLoni Love
BirthdayJuly 12th, 1971
BirthplaceDetroit, Michigan, USA
EthnicityAfrican American
EducationPrairie View A&M University, Texas
ProfessionEngineer, Standup Comedian, TV Show Host
Best known forThe Real Show
BoyfriendJames Welsh
Weight72 kgs
Net worthEstimated $3 million
Social mediaInstagram, TwitterTiktok

Loni childhood and education

Loni Love was born on July 12th, 1971, in Detroit, Michigan, USA. She belongs to an African- American ethnic background.

Loni grew up in a hardworking family who loved her and always supported her decisions. We have very little information about her family.

Loni Love

But, we know this much that her mother was a hardworking person from whom Loni gained inspiration.

From a very young age, Loni showed involvement in different curriculum activities. She was a hard worker from her teens and looked up to her mother as a role model.

As a young girl, Loni knew the smartest way to go ahead was working hard and taking schedule naps. It was a work ethic passed on down by her mother.

Loni was working jobs in her teenage years while still in high school. She worked at a general assembly line. There she discovered her passion for electrical engineering.

Loni had the determination to do good in this line of work. Her passion and hard work helped her land a scholarship at Prairie View A&M University, Texas. She took her studies quite seriously.

While still in college, she began to engage herself in stand-up shows and enjoyed it very much. She loved every moment of capturing the audience and being in the center of the stage. It was the moment that sparked her interest in the field of comedy.

Loni even won $50 in a stand-up competition at her college that encouraged her to take it more seriously.

Loni Love relationships

Loni Love and her boyfriend James Welsh, have been together for a couple of years now. Her previous relationship before Welsh is unknown.

Loni and James have been sharing their relationship with fans now and are open about it. People see them together on social media, and their fans think of them as adorable couples.

The pair met at Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios Oscar Gala to benefit the Children’s Hospital. They both attended the event and reportedly started dating soon after that.

Is Loni still with James Welsh?

The couple seems to be so much in love with each other, with no signs of them splitting up. Love has opened up about her relationship and says it to be magical and a ‘wonderful time.’

Loni said that she has always been an independent woman and was not looking for marriage. Due to her happy relationship, Loni’s mind has changed, and added that she would not rule it out.

We could hear rumors of the pair getting hitched in the future.

Loni Love with her boyfriend James Welsh

Love career

After graduating from college, Loni got a job as an engineer at Xerox in California. Although she loved her profession, Loni had slowly grown inclined to stand-up comedy.

That is when Loni decided to continue her stand-up journey. Loni began performing in clubs after work.

Soon, she became a regular at the Laugh Factory. It turned out to be the best platform for her initial career phase.

After eight years in Xerox, she decided to leave to pursue a full-time career in comedy. Loni, a kind-hearted person, decided to quit her job at the time of layoff. It was to prevent someone else from losing their job.

Loni Love appeared on a VH1 show called ‘I love the 2000s’, where she gave her views on the current trends and pop culture. She was also a panelist in the late-night talk show ‘Chelsea Lately.’

Loni also appeared on ‘Star Search.’ The show introduced new talents and gave them a platform to grow. In the show, contestants competed in several entertainment genres that also included comedy.

It was a breakthrough for Loni’s stand-up comedy career. She reached the finals and just came short in winning the competition. People started recognizing her after this, and Loni landed many contracts after this.

She appeared in various movies such as ‘Soul Plane,’ ‘With or Without You,’ ‘Bad Asses,’ ‘Mother’s Day,’ and ‘Adopt a Highway.’

Loni has also made appearances in many TV series such as ‘I love the 70s’, ‘Hollywood Squares,’ and more. In 2008, Loni became a CNN correspondent for D.L Hughley Breaks the News. Loni had covered the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

Loni Love is a registered democrat member whom we often see defending ideals for her party. By her involvement with CNN, she promoted and shared the truths about Obama’s campaign.

Why did Loni leave ‘The Real Show’?

Loni Love was a top-rated host of ‘The Real show.’ Many people recognize her for this. There are rumors of her leaving ‘The Real show,’ and fans are not happy about the news so far.

And there have been a couple of theories as to why Loni is deciding to leave the show. The main one being that she got into a dispute over salary with her co-workers.

But, it turned out that she is working on bringing her show with Warner Bros. Loni herself will develop the show, and it will be based on her larger-than-life persona.

Loni Love books

Loni Love is an author as well. She wrote and published a book in 2013 named ‘Love Him Or Leave Him But Don’t Get Stuck With The Tab.’

It was her first comedy advice book. Simon and Schuster published the book.

Loni Love weight loss journey

Loni Love is looking quite good after she started her weight loss journey. She lost 30 pounds.

She showed off her hard work after dressing up in a gold satin dress that exhibited her leaner waist.

Loni Love net worth

Loni has been in the entertainment industry for a long time now. She has acted in many movies and appeared on many television series.

Loni has also hosted a couple of shows. In conclusion, she has been earning a fair amount for herself. According to sources, we can say that Loni has a net worth of around $3 million.

It is evident for a millionaire to live a lavish life. We can assume Loni also lives a prosperous and content life with her family.

And that is all the information we have on Loni Love. Comment down below if you think we missed any information.

Loni Love social media


Loni Love is very much active on Instagram with a staggering 1.5 m followers. She often posts her photos.

Looking at her Instagram, Loni seems to be a very cheerful person who loves enjoying her life to the fullest. She sometimes talks about social issues and subjects, too.

Her followers support the ideas she puts out on Instagram.

Even during this pandemic, she hosts an Instagram live under the hashtag #quarantinewithlon. She manages to attract 50k -100k viewers on average.


Loni Love is also on Twitter with more than 384k followers.

Tik Tok

Loni is also very much popular on TikTok.

This beautiful diva has accumulated over 2k followers on TikTok. She had recently posted a video of a TV series, ‘Bridezilla.’ She also seems to be a food lover and posts about food quite often.