Who Is Lyndsey Bice? Meet Alex DeBrincat Wife And Children

Alex DeBrincat Wife and his kids have become an integral part of his career.

Alexander DeBrincat, born on December 18, 1997, is an American ice hockey player who is a right winger for the Ottawa Senators in the National Hockey League (NHL).

DeBrincat was chosen by the Chicago Blackhawks in the second round of the 2016 NHL Entry Draft, specifically as the 39th overall pick.

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Who Is Lyndsey Bice? Meet Alex DeBrincat Wife And Children

Since their marriage in 2021, Alexander DeBrincat and his wife, Lyndsey Bice, have been enjoying their journey together.

Lyndsey, born July 2, 1995, in Clarkston, Michigan, comes from a loving family.

Her parents, Jill Bice and Bob Bice Sr. have always supported her, and she has two siblings, Bob Bice and Lauren Bice, with whom she shares special bonds.

Alex DeBrincat wife
Alex DeBrincat with his wife during an interview. (Source: NHL wives)

Lyndsey’s educational journey began at Clarkston High School, where she completed her studies in 2014.

Eager to pursue higher education, she enrolled at Hillsdale College in 2018, ready to embrace new experiences and opportunities.

Throughout her time as a student and even after graduating, Lyndsey took the initiative to explore various job prospects, seeking to discover her passion and make a meaningful impact in her chosen field.

After college, Lyndsey began her professional career working for a planning business in Chicago’s bustling city.

This experience allowed her to develop her skills and gain valuable insights into the corporate world. In 2020, she found a new opportunity aligned with her interests and abilities.

Lyndsey joined BootayBag, a company that gained recognition by appearing on the popular TV show Shark Tank.

As a project manager, Lyndsey contributes her expertise to the growth and success of BootayBag, utilizing her organizational skills and a keen eye for detail.

Alex And Lyndsey Are Parents

As loving and responsible parents, they prioritize their child’s well-being and happiness, creating a nurturing and supportive environment for Archie to grow and thrive.

Their first child, Archie David DeBrincat, brought even more joy to Alexander and Lyndsey’s lives when he was born on May 18, 2022.

As Alexander and Lyndsey continue to build their lives together, their shared journey is filled with love, support, and the pursuit of personal and professional fulfillment.

With Lyndsey’s dedication to her career and Alexander’s achievements on the ice, their partnership is a testament to their strengths and ability to thrive as a couple.

Alex DeBrincat Family And Early Life

Alexander DeBrincat comes from a family with a solid connection to education and sports. His parents, David and Tracey DeBrincat met while attending Michigan State University, fostering a shared love for academics and athletics.

As a young boy, DeBrincat deeply admired Pavel Datsyuk, an esteemed ice hockey player known for his exceptional skills and time with the Detroit Red Wings in the NHL from 2001 to 2016.

Datsyuk’s finesse and talent on the ice inspired DeBrincat, fueling his passion for the sport.

DeBrincat initially enrolled at Harrison High School in Farmington Hills, Michigan, where he began his high school journey.

However, he later transferred to Lake Forest Academy, a distinguished college preparatory school in Illinois.

At Lake Forest Academy, DeBrincat dedicated himself to honing his hockey abilities and embraced the school’s requirement for hockey players to participate in a spring semester sport, leading him to explore baseball.

Alex Debrincat wife
Alex Debrincat has been very successful in recent years. (Source: NHL)

DeBrincat’s exceptional skills and natural talent shone brightly on the ice at Lake Forest Academy.

He displayed remarkable prowess, scoring an impressive 54 goals. He also accumulated an astounding 111 points in just 50 games over a single season.

His outstanding performance at the academy solidified his reputation as a rising star in ice hockey. The athlete has been attracting attention from scouts and further affirming his immense potential in the sport.

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