Meet Mai Pham Sister Hien Pham: Parents And Family

Mai Pham Sister Hien sometimes accompanies her in travels. The sister duo has a great bond with one another.

Mai Pham, a known figure in the online world, was born on December 5, 2002. She was born in the province of Alberta, Canada.

With her multifaceted talents, she has established herself as a versatile personality.

She has excelled as a YouTuber, influencer, entertainer, and social media sensation.

Mai Pham’s YouTube channel serves as a platform where she shares captivating content centered around beauty, travel, and lifestyle.

As of 2023, her channel has gained an impressive following of over 3.7 million subscribers.

Currently, Mai resides independently in New York, embarking on solo adventures across the globe.

Mai Pham initiated her YouTube journey on December 11, 2010.

She has a considerable following on Instagram, where her influence extends to approximately 910K followers.

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Meet Mai Pham Sister Hien Pham

Mai Pham has a sister, Hien Pham. They share a loving bond with each other.

Hein frequently accompanies her sister on her adventures and is often featured on her social media platforms.

Their close relationship is evident through the various travel experiences they share and the quality time spent together.

Their time together is lovingly captured and shared with their online community.

The presence of Hien in Mai’s social media feed highlights the significance of family in Mai’s journey.


Mai Pham celebrating her sister Hien Pham's birthday.
Mai Pham is seen celebrating her sister Hien Pham’s birthday. (Source:

Hein is quite active on Instagram and often shares pictures of her time with her sister.

According to Hien’s Instagram post, she turned 26 last February.

However, it is hard to speculate about Hien’s profession as it has not yet been disclosed.

Mai Pham Parents and Family

Mai Pham, at the age of 15, embarked on a courageous journey by leaving her parental home.

She did that to pursue her passion for travel and vlogging.

Determined to follow her dreams, she boldly decided to move out of her house.

This brave step allowed her to fully immerse herself in the world of vlogging and as a content creator.

Mai Pham’s mother, Xuan, plays a vital role in her life.

Alongside her mother, Mai shares a strong bond with her elder sister, Hein. Mai also has a brother.


Mai Pham's family together.
Mai Pham’s parents and siblings. (Source:

Mai Pham’s relationship with her mother, Xuan, and sister, Hein, is visible through her social media presence.

However, more details about her father remain undisclosed. It is important to respect her privacy and focus on the information.

Mai pham net worth

Mai Pham has many subscribers on her social media platforms, particularly her YouTube channel.

It is reasonable to infer that she earns a considerable income from the content she creates.

With an extensive following and impressive video views, Mai has undoubtedly established herself as an influencer and content creator.

This opens up brand collaborations, sponsorships, and monetization opportunities through various channels.

Her success in building a dedicated fan base suggests that her efforts are rewarded with a substantial financial return.

The earning allows her to further invest in her content creation and continue pursuing her passion with financial stability.

Mai Pham gets around 200,000 views daily, earning her $1,600 per day in ad revenue. That’s estimated to be around $580,000 annually.

As of 2023, Mai Pham has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Her earnings help her cover the expenses of her content creation.

Her journey as a social media influencer has aided her decision of independency she chose from an early age. The earnings have helped her to stay motivated and consistent.

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