Majeda Kassem Obituary: Daughters Halema, Zahia And Hanan Killed

In loving memory of Majeda Kassem obituary, we gather here to honour and celebrate the remarkable life of a cherished individual who touched the hearts of all.

Majeda Kassem, a beloved resident of the South Suburbs, leaves behind a legacy of warmth, kindness, and community spirit.

Born and raised in this close-knit community, Majeda’s presence enriched the lives of those around her.

Her unwavering dedication to family and friends made her a pillar of support, and her vibrant spirit illuminated every gathering.

Whether engaging in local events, contributing to charitable causes, or simply sharing smiles with neighbours, Majeda’s love for the South Suburbs was evident in every gesture.

Her departure creates a void that will be deeply felt.

Still, her impact will endure in the fond memories and shared experiences of a community that will forever be grateful for the gift of Majeda Kassem’s presence.

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Majeda Kassem Obituary And Death

In a heartbreaking incident on Sunday morning, tragedy struck a family in Tinley Park as a mother and her three daughters lost their lives in a domestic-related shooting at their residence in the 7400 block of 173rd Place.

The grim event unfolded around 11:20 a.m., prompting a 911 call from a man within the home.

Authorities swiftly responded, but by 11:36 a.m., Majeda Kassem, 53, Halema Kassem, 25, Zahia Kassem, 25, and Hanan Kassem, 24, were pronounced dead at the scene, as confirmed by the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

The tight-knit community now mourns the loss of these four lives, all of whom were pillars in their family and community.

Majeda Kassem Obituary
May Majeda Kassem soul RIP.

The grief is compounded by the nature of the incident, as a male suspect, who was present at the scene upon police arrival, is now in custody.

The Public Safety Department assures the community that the situation is under control, and Village Manager Pat Carr disclosed that a firearm was recovered at the site.

As the community grapples with shock, the memory of Majeda Kassem and her daughters will endure, leaving a void.

Majeda Kassem Daughters Halema, Zahia And Hanan Killed

A devastating tragedy unfolded on a sombre Sunday morning as a mother, Majeda Kassem, and her three daughters, Halema, Zahia, and Hanan, lost their lives.

The incident occurred around 11:20 a.m. and was reported to authorities when a distressed man within the home dialled 911.

Responding promptly, the police arrived at the 7400 block of 173rd Place.

The Cook County medical examiner’s office confirmed the grim outcome, pronouncing Majeda Kassem, aged 53

Similarly, her daughters, Halima, 25, Zahia, 25, and Hanan, 24, were deceased at the scene by 11:36 a.m.

Majeda Kassem Obituary
Majeda Kassem’s family mourns the loss.

Besides, The shock now rippled through the community that knew them. And as this tight-knit family was deeply woven into the fabric of their surroundings.

There is an added layer of anguish as a male suspect was present when the law arrived.

The Public Safety Department assures the community that the situation is contained, emphasizing that the scene is secure.

Village Manager Pat Carr also disclosed the recovery of a firearm at the site.

As the community at large grapples with the profound loss of these four lives, the memories of Majeda Kassem.

Similarly, Her beloved daughters will linger, leaving a mark on the hearts of those who shared in their joys and sorrows.

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