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Malcolm Washington: Early life, Relationship, Parents, Career, Social Media, Personal Life and Net Worth

Who is Malcolm Washington?

Malcolm Washington is the son of popular American actor, director, and producer Denzel Washington. Following his father’s footsteps, he is also immensely popular for directing, writing, and producing several movies. 

Malcolm was very keen on movies and moviemaking from a very young age. But before Malcolm started his film career, he was an athlete who enjoyed participating in sports and was a basketball player in his college days. 

But soon after, he switched his career by deciding to resign from his basketball career. 

His entertainment industry journey started as a production assistant in the hit movie “chef” in 2014.

Since then, he is active in the film industry with various roles. Despite being a celebrity’s son, he has established his career through hard work and dedication.

Here is everything we know about Malcolm Washington.

Malcolm Washington quick facts

Full nameMalcolm Washington
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, United States of America
BirthdateApril 10, 1991
Age30 Years
Father’s nameDenzel Washington
Mother’s namePauletta Washington
Weight75 Kg
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorDark Brown
Marital statusUnmarried
BoyfriendLuke Kuechly (NFL star)
Sexual orientationStraight
ProfessionActor, Director
Net worth$2 million

Malcolm Washington early life and parents

Malcolm is born in Los Angeles, California, in 1991 with his twin sister named Olivia. As for his education, He studied at a private school and finished his high school at the same institute. 

Reportedly, he was a bright student keen on extra-curriculum.

After finishing his schooling, he pursued his further studies in Pennsylvania, where he studied his interest, film making. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in the year of 2013.

Malcolm has three siblings, including a brother, John David. David is very versatile in his career, resonating with his brother. 

He is an actor and was a football player in his early days.

Some of John David’s movies are Malcolm X (1992), The Book of Eli (2010), Coco (2016), and Monster (2017).

Similarly, Malcolm’s sister Katia works the job of an assistant in an editorial production company.

She already worked in movies like Django Unchained in 2012, Fences in 2016, and The Birth of a Nation 2016 as an associated producer and directorial assistant.

Therefore, being persistent at her work has earned her a prestigious Oscar award.

Similarly, his twin sister Olivia is also a member of the movie industry. She features in the movies such as ‘The Butler’ in 2013, ‘Mr. Robot’ in 2015, and ‘The Comedian’ in 2016. 

Summarizing her career, we can confidently assume that Olivia is a popular actress in the present and a prominent rising star prospect.

Although belonging to the African-American ethnicity, Malcolm proudly holds an American nationality.

Malcolm’s parents

Malcolm is the son of famous Hollywood celebrities Denzel Washington and Paulette Washington. Denzel Washington is a popular award-winning Hollywood actor who has credit for lead roles in multiple superhit movies.

Malcolm’s parents are a happy couple presently. Denzel and Pauletta met on the movie set of Wilma for the first time back in 1997. 

Denzel asked his beloved to marry him for three-time. On the fourth time, she finally agreed to walk down the aisle. 

Finally, the couple exchanged their vows on June 5, 1983

Malcolm Washington with father Denzel Washington and mother Pauletta Washington

Denzel and Pauletta have been married together for around 37 years. The massive amount of years may disrupt some relationships, but this does not apply to this beautiful couple, as they tend to keep on living a blissful married life together.

Although, as they say about how being perfect is almost impossible, back in 2013, there was a rumor for their divorce. 

But, the couple stood on their toes and saved their almost failed relationship. So, as of now, the magnificent duo is living a joyful married life with four children.

Moving on to awards, Malcolm’s father received two Academy Awards.

One was for the Best Supporting Actor for his role of a Union Army soldier Private in the historic Movie Glory (1989). Another was for the crime thriller Training Day (2001), which got him the best actor award. He played a role as a corrupt detective Alonzo Harris.

Denzel further acquired three Golden Glove Awards, one Tony Award, and seventeen NAACP Image awards.

 In the year 2020, the American daily newspaper, The New York Times, declared Denzel the greatest actor of the 21st century with a worldwide readership.

So, in short, Denzel is an actor who has redefined the concept of stardom, justifying the characters he plays and defines grace.

Similarly, Malcolm’s mother, Pauletta Washington, is also an actress well known for her work in a 1993 movie Philadelphia, Antwone Fisher, which featured in 2003 and in the movie named Steps.

Pauletta was 39 years of age when she gave birth to the twins: Malcolm and Olivia.

Malcolm, being close to all of his family members, has gained lots of support and cooperation.

Malcolm Washington height, weight, and body traits

Malcolm stands tall at 5 feet and 9 inches and weighs around 75 kilograms. His tall height, along with a sporting personality, tends to make the viewers appreciate him.

However, Malcolm is shorter than his father, Denzel Washington, as Denzel stands tall with 1.85m. 

Malcolm’s zodiac sign is Aries. He is indeed a character of passion and motivation and is a confident leader, as his zodiac sign suggests.

Furthermore, He has a captivating dark brown eyes color and black hair. 

Now, let’s dig deeper into Malcolm’s personal life.

Malcolm Washington personal life, controversies, and relationship

Malcolm Washington tends to keep all the information away from social media and the public. He only likes sharing shares his personal information with his family, or he would rather keep a secret within him.

Multiple sources claim Malcolm to be single. He likes to stay as far away from involvement in any affair or love with ladies as Malcolm is never in gossip about any ladies.

But indeed, the famed artist must be dating someone in private and has only shared the information with his parents. His intense focus on his career shows the intensity of a big breakout in his career like his dad.

Furthermore, he is excellent at keeping his life a private one. Likewise, controversies are not a cup of his tea as he tends to stay away from them.

However, it is pretty challenging to avoid this stuff as a child of well-famed celebrities. But, Malcolm has that particular skill to avoid stories that may attract controversies.

Malcolm is highly concerned about maintaining privacy with a reserved attitude. Above all, he loves to stay close to his family members and attend to family matters.

Furthermore, moving on to Malcolm’s career, it has not been remarkably consistent. Let’s talk about his Basketball career first. 

Malcolm Washington career

Career in basketball

Malcolm is a versatile person who had success in different aspects of his career, not to mention how good records he holds being an athletic, a basketball player. He has competed in various competitions and leagues representing his college.

Malcolm Washington made an early start as a player at Yale in 2009. He replaced one of his teammates who had violated the game rules and came off to the bench. He then got his first number of points in his appearance at Villanova. 

After that, he pocketed three points in his name against Delaware and another three against Davidson, assisting with two baskets. Malcolm was full of spirit when he played the season against Delaware, Davidson, and saint joseph.

Impressed by his passion and performance, he was a scholar for four years in Basketball while he was in high school. With his team, he helped his college in winning lots of titles.

Malcolm preferred to play as a point guard alongside players such as Anthony Stover and Darius Morris, and Anthony Stover. They are popular at the current times.

Furthermore, his contribution and team’s effort eventually led his school to the Division V state championship.

In Malcolm’s final year, he was the captain of his team, and he did his best to lead the team to many glorious titles. His consistency proves how much caliber he had if he had persuaded his basketball career.

But due to his change of thought and plans, he left the ball game.

Malcolm could have a beautiful career if he continued playing. However, after graduation, he decided to pursue a career that his parents had.

As Malcolm grew with Hollywood’s well-famed movie personalities, he had developed a rigorous interest in acting, directing, and filmmaking.

So, In 2013 carrying this interest in his mind and heart, he studied film making and successfully graduated.

Consequently, he decided his true passion was always in movies. Thus, he gave up on his career as a basketball player.

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Career as a filmmaker

With a new mindset, and focus but moreover with his consistent family support, his journey began in his filmmaking career in 2013.

He had the perfect guides to help him hover over to instant success. His first official venture into the movie industry was as an assistant producer for Jon Favreau’s adventure comedy movie ‘Chef’ in 2014, a hit in the box office.

Similarly, he worked as an assistant director in the short movie ‘Trouble Man’ directed by Jackson Young in 2016. ‘Trouble Man’ was highly rated by the critics and reviewers.

Likewise, he worked as an assistant to Spike Lee for the TV series, ‘She’s Gotta Have It,’ in eight episodes. 

But 2017 was the year when Malcolm stepped into entirely different sectors of the movie world, i.e., he started working as a director, producer, assistant director, and writer.

After his entry, he got high appraisals from the audience, and he started to work with even more spirit. Soon after, in 2017, Malcolm produced the comedy-drama ‘summer of 17’.

Furthermore, he directed and wrote a short drama, “Benny Got Shot,” which was a huge hit. As with great determination comes excellent success; he got to screen his movie in ‘Palm Screen Short films’ and several other screening platforms. 

In the same year, the Atlanta Film festival awarded him an award named “Filmmaker to Watch Award,” as he was a fascinating prospect in the movie world.

In conclusion, analyzing Malcolm’s work in the film industry sector, he indeed contains the art, talent, and creativity required to succeed in the competitive movie industry.

Malcolm Washington net worth

Malcolm Washington is very far behind his parents in terms of income and net worth. Hence, Malcolm’s estimated net worth is about $ 2 million.

Over the years, Malcolm has successfully established himself. He could definitely use his father’s connections for a breakthrough, but he chose not to do so and worked very hard.

Similarly, Denzel Washington, his father, holds nearly $220 million, which is a considerable lump compared to Malcolm’s net worth and income.

But, if Malcolm works with similar determination and hard work, we may see him reach the top in the near future.

Malcolm Washington social media

It may sound strange to know that a child of a famous Hollywood celebrity is entirely inactive on social media platforms.

Unlike other celebrities, Malcolm doesn’t have any active social media account on any platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.