Malu Trevejo Ethnicity: Is She Latina? Religion And Origin

Malu Trevejo Ethnicity: Discover whether or not she is Latina. Learn about her journey to success within the limited time frame.

María Luisa “Malú” Trevejo is a social media personality and singer who gained widespread recognition for engaging videos on

Alongside Malu’s success, she has established herself as an Instagram sensation, boasting a staggering following of over 11.3 million devoted fans.

Malu’s journey into the music industry commenced on September 22, 2017, when she unveiled her debut single, “Luna Llena,” in collaboration with In-Tu Linea and Universal Music Latin.

This track has achieved remarkable success, amassing an impressive 130 million views on her YouTube channel as of August 2023.

Following the journey of her debut single, Malú Trevejo continued to make waves in the music scene with the release of another hit single, “En Mi Mente,” which has now garnered an impressive 10 million views.

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Malu Trevejo Religion

People’s curiosity and fascination with various aspects of individuals’ private lives can vary.

Followers are interested in knowing even the minor details of the people they follow.

Malu’s religious belief has also been a subject of deep interest to the public.

The growing interest led people to make their assumptions about Malu’s religious beliefs.

Regarding Malu, her religious beliefs center around Christianity.

Malu Trevejo actively practices her Christian faith and takes pride in her religion.

It’s important to acknowledge that the degree of interest in and significance of one’s religious beliefs can vary significantly among individuals, making it a profoundly personal and diverse aspect of their lives.

Malu Trevejo Ethnicity and Origin: Is She A Latina?

Ms. Trevejo is a social media personality who will be 20 years old in 2023, born on October 15, 2002.

Born in Havana, Cuba, Malu Trevejo’s ethnicity has been curious for some, with people wondering whether she is Latina.

However, it’s essential to clarify that Malu is Cuban.

Malu Trevejo’s family background adds an exciting dimension to her identity, as she was born to a Cuban mother and a Spanish father.

Malu Trevejo Ethnicity
Malu’s parents include a Cuban mother and a Spanish father. (Source: Instagram)

During her early years, Malu started on a journey from Havana to Madrid, Spain, when she was just a baby.

Malu resided in Madrid alongside her father for 12 years, immersing herself in the culture and experiences the European city had to offer.

Eventually, at 13, Trevejo underwent another significant move, this time to Miami, Florida, accompanied by her mother.

This transition marked a new chapter in Malu Trevejo’s life as she grew and evolved, drawing from her diverse cultural influences and experiences.

Is Malu Trevejo in a relationship?

Malu Trevejo has consistently refrained from confirming romantic involvement with the individuals she’s been associated with.

Malu captures moments through photos and shares them on her social media accounts.

Consequently, there remains uncertainty regarding her relationship status as she routinely dismisses rumors when linked to anyone.


Malu Trevejo Career
Malu’s current relationship status is hard to predict. (Source: Instagram)

In the case of Swae Lee, Malu took to her Instagram to explicitly clarify that she was not in a romantic relationship with the rapper.

This deliberate action underscores her commitment to maintaining privacy in her personal life.

It is one’s right to keep their matter private, so it is better we do not hinder anyone’s privacy and spread unnecessary rumors on the topic.

It is always best to wait for an official announcement to be made.


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