Manwell Reyes bio, relationships, career, and net worth

Who is Manwell Reyes?

Manwell Reyes is a singer and an actor famous as the frontman of Group 1 Crew Band. He is the husband of a comedian and actress, Anjelah Johnson.

Manwell Reyes has acted in several movies and sung many songs, which have earned him fame and a huge net worth. He also has his podcast about love and religion, among many other topics.

Quick facts

Full nameJose Manwell Reyes
Also known asManwell Reyes
Height6 feet (182 cm)
Active year2003-present
Marital statusMarried
SpouseAnjelah Johnson
Net worthUSD 1 million
Social mediaInstagram,   Twitter

age, childhood, and parents

Manwell was born on June 28th in Frankfurt of Germany. Generally known as Manwell Reyes, his actual full name is Jose Manwell Reyes.

He has hidden his birth year from the media. So nobody knows the precise information, but generally guessing, he must be entering his forties now.

Manwell Reyes

Although he was born in Germany, he came to the United States at a very young age. He went to the United States after the separation of his parents.

Manwell was born to his father Jorge Reyes and mother, Carmen Bultron Reyes. His father was a military officer, and his mother was a singer.

His parents couldn’t stay together for very long. After they divorced, his mother came to Florida with him and his brother.

Manwell was considered very troublesome in his school days. He is said to be such a troublemaker that no school would want him for long.

During his school life, he was kicked out of three schools. He was a natural troublemaker and wouldn’t listen to anyone.

His entire life drastically changed after he experienced God. Maxwell finished high school and attended Bible College.

The Bible College of Florida was established in 1962 to help young men and women find their right path to God.

Manwell transformed into a new person. He attended churches regularly. He even attended one summer camp named Christian Summer Camp.

In Christian Summer Camp, he experienced the joy of music and singing. He continued singing hymns and gospels.

He grew up around that time singing and attending churches and formed companions with similar interests.

These are the same companion who would team up with him to form a band named Group 1 Crew.

He also attended the Southeastern University layer to pursue his education further.

Anjelah Johnson’s husband – Manwell Reyes

Manwell is a married man devoted to his wife, Angelah Johnson. They have been married since June 11th of year 2011.

Anjelah Johnson is a comedian, actress, and former NFL cheerleader. She has been cheerleading since she was eight years old. At eight years old, she was a cheerleader for Pop Warner.

Angelah Johnson and Manwell Reyes
Angelah Johnson and Manwell Reyes

She was the cast of the series MADtv and Universal pictures in the thirteenth season. She has appeared in several TV series and movies.

Anjelah Johnson arrived in Los Angeles in 2005 to make her career in comedy. She started doing random gigs, eventually making her way to the top.

Anjelah is known for her observational comedy, surreal humor, and satire.

She is still famous for Comedy Central Special That’s How We Do It in 2009.

She has done movies like Enough Said in 2013, The Resurrection of Gavin Stone in 2017. She also gave her voice to the film The Book of Life in 2014.

She has also done a number of TV series which include Superstore released in 2019, Have you Been Paying Attention? In 2018 and so on.

Back in 2002, she also received Oakland Raiderettes Awards 2002 for Rookie of the Year.

Anjelah and Manwell first met at a mutual friend’s wedding. Both liked each other, and often made eye contact, but never talked during the wedding.

Anjelah says that she had a crush on Manwell ever since that day, but never talked about it. That night she even cyber-stalked Manwell. But she never texted him.

Two years later, a friend set up the date between these two. Anjelah immediately knew who he was and agreed to it.

Anjelah describes the date fondly. She says that she felt totally right when she was with Manwell Reyes.

Manwell, too said that he didn’t saw the date ending, unlike other times. Manwell thinks of marriage as ‘another level of service.”

Anjelah dreams of becoming the perfect wife for Manwell. She not only wants to be his wife but also his biggest supporter and encourager.

Manwell thinks of Anjelah and his marriage with her as his final frontier.

The couple got married in Half Moon Bay of California. Anjelah was in utter disbelief when Manwell proposed to her.

Now that they are married, Anjelah compares her husband to a puppy who is ferocious yet faithful. She openly reveals her love to him on the social media platform.

Manwell Reyes career

Manwell has had a long and fruitful career which had provided him not only with money but also with fame and satisfaction. He started as a singer but went on to do many movies as well.

Out of all things he does, Manwell is best known for his music.

The music career started back in his college days when he used to sing in churches and summer camps.

He is a rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is the lead man to former Christian hip-hop/pop collective Group 1 Crew. They disbanded in 2016. After a vocal cord surgery in 2016, Reyes started working with producer LANDA, forming the rap/pop project PANDA$.

Manwell Reyes movies

Reyes has acted in two movies named “Mom’s Night Out,” and “Restored Me”.

Manwell Reyes Band, Group 1 Crew

While singing those hymns, he attracted a lot of like-minded people around him.

Two of them were Pablo Villatoro and Blanca Callahan. The group of three decided to form a band. The band was known as Group 1 Crew back in 2003.

The public adored the band because it mixed Christian hip-hop with modern rap music.

Group 1 Crew became a widely famous band, and it was signed by many high profiles banners like ‘Fervent Records’ and ‘Warner Bros.’

In the group of three, Manwell did vocals and raps while Blanca did lead vocals, and Pablo too did vocals and raps. Manwell was considered the frontman of the group.

It initially started with three people, but later, other members also joined. But at that point, Blanca and Pablo both had left.

Group 1 Crew

Pablo supposedly has left in 2011 while Blanca left in 2013, due to her pregnancy. She returned back to music but didn’t join the band. She started performing as a solo artist.

Blanca is known for her solo songs like, ‘Real Love,’ ‘What If’ and so on.

Several other new band members joined the band in 2014. Sarah Sandoz joined as a vocalist and rapper while Lance Herring joined for guitars. Brian Ramey played drums in the band.

Manwell Reyes’s songs

The popularity of Manwell Reyes grew with the band. In 2007, they had released their debut song Can’t Go On. It became popular and became a part of WoW Hits.

Before that, they had already released their EP titled ‘I Have a Dream’ in 2006.

Their second studio album was titled, ‘Ordinary Dreamers.” From this album, the song ‘Forgive Me’ was the most popular one.

Their 3rd album came out in 2010. They decided to call it ‘Outta Space Love.”

The majority of their songs were used in America’s Got Talent. Maybe that’s the reason it became so popular.

In 2012, they released their album Fearless.

They released their album Power in 2016. This album sold 250k copies.

They were nominated for Dove Awards nine times. Out of nine times, they won five times.

The band broke in 2017, but Manwell had already been doing movies, so there wasn’t any difficulty in shifting the career.

Manwell Reyes podcast

Manwell saw the rise of digital media and decided that he could leverage his skill there
He was always a good speaker. Therefore, he started his podcast titled ‘Nights at the Round Table Podcast.’

In the podcast, he is seen discussing love, relationships, religion, and several other topics that need to be addressed.

Movies and TV series

Manwell has appeared in a few roles in movies and TV Series. Although small ones, he’s had quite a few parts.

In the year 2014, Manwell appeared in a film, “Mom’s night out.” “It’s a comedy film,” and about a night gone wrong.

Similarly, in the same year, he appeared in a TV series called “The Collectives.”

In 2016, Manwell appeared in a drama movie named Restored me. Restored me is the story of an ex-con who tries to rebuild his life.

Manwell Reyes net worth

Manwell had managed to accumulate the majority of his net worth from his music career. He had been involved with Group 1 Crew for more than a decade.

The band sold a lot of copies of its music and made a fortune for the members.

Manwell is estimated to have a net worth of 1 million dollars as of 2021. He also does minor roles in movies and TV Series. He is said to have been earning USD 200 k to USD 750 k per annum.

His wife is a comedian and an actress. She has a net worth of 500 thousand dollars.

Manwell posted in his Facebook profile that the first car he owned was Monte Carlo, with bulleted holes and no AC.

Years later, he says he owns a 650 with his queen. By queen, he is referring to his wife.

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