Marcel Young Bio- Son of Dr. Dre and Michel’le Toussaint

Who is Marcel Young?

Marcel Young is the son of the Hip-Hop star Dr. Dre and the R&B Singer Michel’le Toussaint. Marcel is the first biological child of Michel’le and the fifth one of Dr.Dre.

Even though his parent is such big celebrities, Marcel tries to keep away from the limelight. 

As you scroll down, you will see the details of Marcel Young and his life.

Marcel Young Biography
Marcel Young Biography

Quick Facts

Full NameMarcel Young
BirthdayFeb 06, 1991
Age31 years old
Sun SignAquarius
TraitsPositive: Intellectual, Independent, and likable
Negative: Distant, Rebellious, and Stubborn
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, USA
Currently residingLos Angeles, California, USA
Nationality American
ParentsAndre Romelle Young (Dr.Dre),
Michel’le Denise Toussaint
GrandfatherTheodore Young,
Verna Young
SiblingsCurtis Young,
Tyra Young,
Andre Young Jr.,
La Tanya Danielle Young,
Truice Young,
Truly Young,
Bailei Knight
Marital statusIn a relationship
SpouseName not revealed
ProfessionArtist and singer
Net worthUSD 1 million
weight143 lbs.
Eye ColorDark Brown
Net WorthUSD 1-2 Million
Quick Facts about Marcel Young

Interesting facts

1. Marcel Young has celebrity Parents.

Both of Marcel’s parents are celebrities. His father is the wealthiest artist Dr.Dre, and his mother is the R&B Diva Michel’le.

2. He has a lot of Siblings

Marcel has a lot of siblings from his father as well as his mother’s side. Summing up, he has a total of 7 siblings.

3. Marcel was featured in a Film.

Marcel was featured in Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge, and Michel’le. The film tells his mother’s struggles and survival from violence from Dr.Dre and Suge Knight.

Early Life

Young Marcel with Dr.Dre
Young Marcel with Dr.Dre

Born on February 6th, 1991, Marcel is the child of two celebrities named Dr.Dre and Michel’le. He has good physics, with a height of 178cm and a weight of 143 lbs.

When Marcel was inside Michel’le, she knew she was pregnant only after six weeks. Michel’le then had the hummer tour and quickly had to wrap up her tour. Michel’le shared that pregnancy can hinder you from growing in the industry in an interview. It will easily take one and a half years off your career, which will be a lot.

Marcel was raised by her mother alongside his half-sister Bailei Knight. Although Marcel’s parents have split up, he shares an excellent relationship with his father and mother.


Born to the famous Dr.Dre and Michel’le Toussaint, Marcel is a celebrity child living a very private lifestyle.

Dr. Dre (father)

Andre Romelle Young (Dr.Dre) was born on February 18th, 1965. He is an American Rapper, actor, record producer, audio engineer, and entrepreneur known as Dr.Dre.

Dr. Dre (Andre Romelle Young)
Dr. Dre (Andre Romelle Young)

He started his career in 1985 through World Class Wreckin’ Crue. He received fame by joining the group NWA (a group that expressed the details of the violence of street life through hip-hop). Dr. Dre has won 6 Grammy Awards for his music.

Michel’le Toussaint (mother)

Born on December 5, 1970, Michel’le Denise Toussaint is an American R&B singer. Michel’le first met Dr.Dre in 1987 when she was 17 years old. 

She worked as a featured vocalist in World Class Wreckin’ Crue’s Turn Off the Lights. Later Michel’le and Dr.Dre started dating & ended their relationship in 1996.

Marcel Young parents Michel'le Denise Toussaint and Dr. Dre
Marcel Young’s parents, Michel’le Denise Toussaint and Dr. Dre

Michel’le stated that one of the reasons for their split up was that he was engaged to someone else. The other was domestic violence.

Because of the above causes, Michel’le started taking prescription pills and alcohol. This worsened her condition even more.

In essence, it was then that Suge Knight stepped in and helped Michel’le by sending her for rehabilitation. Later, in 1999, Michel’le married Suge Knight while he was in prison.

Suge and Michel’le have a daughter together named Bailei Knight. However, after seven years, Michel’le filed for divorce. 

As the procedures for divorce took place, Michel’le realized that the marriage was not significant because Suge was still married to his ex-wife Sharitha.

In 2013, Michel’le appeared on R & B Divas as a cast member. She was also the subject of the Biographical film 2016 named Surviving Compton: Dre.Dre, Suge, and Michel’le.

Marcel has six siblings from his father’s side and one from his mother’s.

Marcel Young Siblings

Curtis Young

Born on December 15th, 1981, Curtis is the first child of Dr.Dre. He is currently walking in his father’s footsteps and is a renowned rapper.

Marcel Young brother Curtis Young
Dr. Dre’s first child Curtis Young

Curtis knew that Dr.Dre was his father only after he was 12 years old. This influenced him a lot as a child. He met his father for the first time twenty years later.

La Tanya Danielle Young

Born on January 19th, 1983, La Tanya Danielle Young is the eldest daughter of Dr. Dre. She is currently working as a Delivery Driver at Uber Eats and DoorDash.

So far, Tanya is not married. However, she has four children with her previous boyfriends (2 sons and two daughters).

Andre Young Jr

Marcel Young late brother Andre Young Jr.
Marcel Young’s late brother Andre Young Jr.

Andre Young Jr. was born in 1998 to Dr.Dre and Jenita Porter. Unfortunately, he passed away on August 23rd, 2008.

The professionals declared that his death was an accident because of his intoxication with morphine and heroin.

Truly Young

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young's daughter Truly Young
Dr. Dre and Nicole Young’s daughter, Truly Young

Born on August 8th, 2001, in California, Truly is the daughter of Dr.Dre and  Nicole Young. She is an Instagram star, self-taught singer, and songwriter.

On June 28th, 2018, she released her first single called Love Boy. Some of her inspirations include Curve and Nirvana.

Currently, she is studying at the University of South California and is in a relationship.

Truice Young

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young's son Truice Young
Dr. Dre and Nicole Young’s son Truice Young

Born in 1997 in Los Angeles, California, Truice Young is the son of Dr.Dre and Nicole Young. He is also the biological elder brother of Truly Young.

He went to Los Angeles High School and attended the University Of South California. He is a music producer and music creator by profession.

Truice is currently in a relationship and is dating Isabella Pescharlf. Isabella is also an artist.

Tyra Young

Walking in her father’s footsteps, Tyra Young is an actress and producer in the entertainment industry. She made her acting debut in 2015 through Drizzle of Hope.

Besides, she was the assistant producer for Ropes of Silicon and Take 6 (TV Series) movies.

Bailei Knight

Born on November 28th, 2002, Bailei Knight is the daughter of Michel’le Toussaint and Suge Knight. However, she hasn’t met her father frequently because of the frequent legal issues.

Bailei and Marcel are very close to each other, and in an interview, she described Marcel as a caring person. So we can assume that Marcel cares for her a lot through this.

Marcel Young with his sister Bailei Knight
Marcel Young with his sister Bailei Knight

Marcel Young Relationships

As of now, there is no news of Marcel Young being married or in any relationships. However, he doesn’t fancy the limelight yet.

Hopefully, if he gets married or is in a relationship, his mother will tip us off for him because she loves boosting her Instagram galleries with her children.

Unlike Marcel, his father, Dr. Dre, has been in numerous relationships and breakups for decades. Dr. Dre started dating Cassandra Joy Green in 1981. 

Nicole Young with husband and kids

Next, he dated Lisa Johnsons, and in 1988 he dated Jenita Porter. Finally, he got engaged to Michel’le in 1987, but they split up in 1996.

In 1996, Dr. Dre married Nicole Threatt (the former wife of the basketball player Sedale Threatt) and Divorced her in 2021. Besides these women, Dre has dated quite a few more women whose identities are yet not revealed. 

Health Issues of Marcel Young

As of 2022, Marcel Young has not faced any life-threatening or critical health issues. But, conversely, Dre, his father, recently met one.

On January 5th, 2021, Dre was hospitalized in Cedars’ Sinai Medical Center ICU for his Brain Aneurysm. A brain aneurysm is a cerebrovascular disorder where the blood vessels bulge in the brain (looking like a cherry hanging on a stem).

This condition can worsen and even cause bleeding in the brain. Dr. Dre was released in February 2021 and made an official post thanking the hospital staff for taking good care of him.

When he was in the hospital, there was an attempted robbery in his house. He was supported by LL Cool J, Ellen DeGeneres, LeBron James, Quincy Jones, Martin Lawrence, and many more during his suffering.

Similarly, Michel’le faced many health issues when she was dating Dr. Dre. For example, in an interview, she revealed that her nose was broken because of domestic violence, and she got it fixed surgically.

Breakage of ribs, Black eyes, and beatings were a few more issues she faced.


The field where Marcel works and his work has been kept private until 2022 because Marcel doesn’t like being in the limelight.

However, as we analyzed Michel’les’ Instagram account, there were comments about not seeing Marcel in the studio these days. Therefore, they may be referred to as he works in the studios behind the cameras.

Or it may be the other way, with Marcel accompanying her mother to the studio for recordings. We can assume that he lives a smooth and normal everyday life despite his celebrity parents.

Marcel Young with his father Dr. Dre

In 2016, Marcel was featured in Surviving Compton’s film: Dre, Suge, and Michel’le. The film portrays his mother’s struggles and survival from the violence.

Controversies involving Marcel Young

Unlike his father, Andre Romelle Young, Marcel Young is not a part of any controversies in 2022. Dr.Dre, on the other hand, has been a part of many controversies and accusations.

In 2015, he assaulted the Tv Host Dee Barnes and was fined $2500. He was also sentenced to a 2-year prison probation and 240 hours of community service.

His partners from his former relationships also revealed that they were a victim of domestic violence when they dated Dre. In an interview, Michel’le said that Dre beat her numerous times.

She had black eyes around five times, a broken rib, and a broken nose. Lisa Johnsons also revealed that she was a victim of Dre’s violence during her pregnancy.

Net Worth

Although there are no specifications for Marcel’s career, his net worth is around USD 12Million.

His father, Dr.Dre, has a net worth of USD 820 Million, and his mother, Michel’le, has a net worth of USD 1 million.

Social Media 

Avoiding the spotlight as much as possible, Marcel Young does not use any social sites so far.

However, his father, Dr.Dre, and his mother, Michel’le, are on social media sites.


Who are Marcel Young’s Parents?

Marcel Young‘s Parents are Andre Romelle Young (Dr.Dre: Father) and Michel’le Toussaint (Mother).

What happened to Marcel Young in 2016?

In 2016, Marcel was featured in Surviving Compton’s film: Dre, Suge, and Michel’le. It is a film portraying the struggles and survival of domestic violence

How many siblings does Marcel Young have?

Marcel has six siblings from his father’s side and one sibling from his mother’s side. So to sum these up, he has seven siblings in total.

What is Marcel Young’s Net Worth?

Marcel Young’s net worth is between USD 1-2 Million.

What is Marcel Young’s age?

As of 2022, Marcel young is 31 years old

Who is Ruiz Young Marcel?

Marcel Ruiz is a different person. However, because of the same name, people often get confused. Marcel is a young Puerto actor born on July 9th, 2003. His father is Carlitos Ruiz (Director, Actor, and Writer), and his mother is Marim Perez Riera (Film Director and Editor).

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