Marcela Basteri: Luisito Rey’s wife biography

Who is Marcela Basteri?

Marcela Basteri is an actress and model who is the wife of renowned Spanish singer Luisito Rey, whom she wed in the early 1970s.

Her early interest in modeling led to her pursuing acting later in life. Marcela Basteri appeared in public for the last time in 1986. A lot of attention has been paid to this topic, but it became controversial in 2021.

It was reported that a part of her right little finger was missing, but her family has kept quiet about the tragedy. After receiving a call from her spouse, it is unknown where Marcela Basteri is as of right now.

Marcela Basteri Biography
Marcela Basteri Biography

Quick Facts

Full NameMarcela Basteri
Birth DateDecember 10, 1946
BirthplaceCarrara, Italy
Sun SignSagittarius
Parent’s NameSergio Basteri (father)
Vanda Tarrozzo (mother)
Height5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandLuisito Rey (Husband)
ProfessionActress, Model

Early Life and Childhood

On December 10, 1946, Marcela Basteri was born in Carrara, Italy. Her father is Sergio Basteri, and her mother’s name is Vanda Tarrozzo.

Young Marcela with her son, Alejandro Basteri
Young Marcela with her son, Alejandro Basteri

Marcella spent most of her early years at Carra Tusly, who also showed an early interest in acting and modeling. She pursued her aspirations of becoming an actress due to all these hobbies.

But, according to some stories, she transitioned from modeling to acting, a usual move for models like Amber Sienna.


Before transitioning into performing and cinematic work, Marcella began as a model. After seeing some success in the field, she started taking on acting parts at a young age. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance in 1986 have not remained a mystery.


Marcela Basteri’s Husband: Luisito Rey

Early in the 1970s, Marcela Basteri and Luisito Rey married and went to San Juan, Puerto Rico. The couple has three kids: Luis Miguel, Alejandro Basteri, and Sergio Basteri.

Luisito Rey
Luisito Rey

But in 1986, her marriage experienced a severe crisis, and she was compelled to travel to Carrara, Italy, with her youngest son, for six months. Her husband insisted she remains in Spain to finish the contract procedure for their son’s career in September.

Her son Luis Miguel was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where Marcela Basteri and her husband Luisito Rey moved after getting married. She also had two other children after Luis, although one of them is still missing to this day.

According to specific sources, Marcela’s husband Luisto Rey may have contributed to her demise. However, it has not been determined yet if she is alive.

After his wife Marcela vanished in 1986, their marriage ended. Then, after battling pneumonia for six years, Luisto died in 1992. His immune system allegedly deteriorated due to AIDS, according to specific accounts. All of these things transpired due to his heavy usage of drugs and women after his wife disappeared.

Marcela Basteri Son: Luis Miguel

One of the three children Marcela gave birth to, Luis Miguel, was a very accomplished artist. El Sol de Mexico is the nickname his mother gave him.

Luis Miguel
Luis Miguel

Despite exclusively recording in Spanish, he maintained outselling his competitors, which allowed him to acquire an insane amount of success in the industry. As a result, he emerged as the most successful Latin performer of the 1990s and is credited with bringing the bolero subgenre into the mainstream.

He has currently sold almost 60 million records globally. Luis Miguel now ranks among the best-selling Latin music performers. He has also received many honors, including the Grammy he won at 14 and the platinum-certified Spanish language album of all time, among many other accolades.

Circumstances of Marcela’s Disappearance

On August 18, 1986, Basteri was last seen in Madrid, Spain.

She moved to Carrara, Italy, with her younger son for, Sergio six months in 1986, while her marriage was in trouble. Luisito Rey requested that she travel to Spain in September to sign documents for Luis Miguel’s profession.

Marcela Basteri photo
Marcela Basteri photo

Her relatives in Italy drove her to Pisa airport on August 18, 1986, where she would catch a flight to Madrid, Spain. Her son, Sergio was missing when Basteri got to Madrid. She called her aunt and informed her that she was leaving in a month with her second kid and husband, Luisito Rey, for Chile.

Her aunt, who had not spoken to her or her family in nine months, got a call from Basteri’s boys. They were making touch with Basteri in the hopes that she might be with her. After then, Marcella’s husband and her stepmother in Spain were unsuccessfully reached by the aunt.

Marcela Basteri Controversies and Mysteries

As was already established, Marcela Basteri is the subject of intense curiosity and mystery, but her family has remained mute.

One of her close relatives, Rosa, even claimed that she had drowned, but nobody or the authorities have yet to confirm this.

Some individuals have their theories and justifications for why it might have something to do with Marcela’s passing, but none of this is accurate.

Some testimonials claim that Marcela was misled and manipulated into stepping into a trap by some accused drug trafficking organizations. It is alleged that these sociopathic individuals planned an event in Mexico and perished due to a widespread gun rampage.

Additional accounts offer various explanations for Marcela’s disappearance. One of them claims that the Italian mafia abducted her and that her cousin set out to save her.

The testimonials don’t stop there; one even claims that her husband, Luisito Rey, ordered her murder. If true, this would make sense, given that her marriage was in trouble in 1986.

Luisito Rey and Marcela Basteri with Baby Luis Miguel
Luisito Rey and Marcela Basteri with Baby Luis Miguel

Marcela’s close friends and family reported that her marriage had become very problematic and that rumors would inevitably spread, adding insult to injury. However, numerous coincidences went along with this.

In 2009, it was reported that wealthy Puerto Rican businessman José Juan claimed to be Luis Miguel’s father and requested a DNA test to support his claim. However, Luis Miguel publicly disproved this myth and refused to submit to any form of DNA testing.

Marcela Basteri Reappearance

When news of Marcela’s alleged appearance and subsequent craziness spread in 2004, it was reported that Miguel would be reunited with his mother in a psychiatric hospital in northern Italy.

However, this reunion never happened, and Miguel’s siblings reassured him this was not the case. Additional rumors suggested that Marcella Basteri had been accepted into a rehabilitation facility for alcoholics, but those claims were ultimately disproven.

When Marcela Basteri made the cover of a magazine in 2008, claiming to live on the island of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, Spain, things took an intriguing turn.

They even went so far as to publish a picture of Marcela Basteri’s home, some hints as to where she might be hiding, and some hypotheses regarding her presence in Argentina.

It was confirmed in 2010 that Luis Miguel was receiving special treatment in a hospital due to his drug misuse. He might be able to shed light on his mother’s whereabouts and provide a possible location.

Marcela Basteri with her son, Luis Miguel
Marcela Basteri with her son, Luis Miguel

In response to his mother’s rumors, Miguel and the rest of her family remain remarkably silent.

Marcela is currently residing in Italy, according to a family member, Miguel, who also certifies that she is healthy and in contact with her kids regularly. Although we would like to think that Marcela’s boys have not yet confirmed this, it is still a mystery.

The bandoneonist Walter Ros, one of Miguel’s musicians who organized a concert tour for him in Chile and Argentina in 2012, has come forward to confirm that Miguel already formed a bond with his mother while he was in the asylum; this is all related to the news that was mentioned and published in 2004.

“I Always Looked for You” was the name of a song that Luis Miguel was planning to record as a homage to his mother. Rios claimed that Miguel had admitted that he had met his mother, but she had shown no recognition.

Alejandro Basteri Affection For Her Mother

When Alejandro Basteri debuted his very own clothing brand and remembered her mother’s birthday, he became quite emotional.

Luisito Rey and Marcela Basteri with their kids, Luis, Alejandro and Sergio Basteri
Luisito Rey and Marcela Basteri with their kids, Luis, Alejandro and Sergio Basteri

To commemorate what would have been her 75th birthday, he remembered her mother’s presence with a touching but heartwarming snapshot.

Although this may have added some clarity to the Marcela Basteri mystery, nothing it says about her location has been confirmed by her family.

In a heartfelt note to his mother, Luis Miguel’s younger brother said,

“I remember the woman who merits all my love and affection and how you have been my biggest inspiration in life.”

His mother, who had been missing for 35 years, was to be honored with a new clothing line that Alejandro would create. Marcela and her sense of style inspired all the clothes and other accessories that were made.

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